Ek Deewana Tha 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: KK tells Radhika everything

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Ek Deewana Tha 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shivani shows a photo to Akash. It is the proof of your marriage with Radhika. He looks at the photo. It turns out to be some other photo instead. Shivani is teary eyed.

KK asks Radhika if she will listen to him. She ask shim if he thinks she is trying to come between her best friend and her fiancé. How could you even think of that? KK says he can spend the night in this room but I don’t even have a right to ask you this.

Shivani says I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want Radhika, KK or this movie anymore. Let’s send everyone back asap. I just love you! Akash says I love you too but this does not mean that you leave your dreams in between. What’s Radhika and KK’s fault in this? What should I do to gain your trust again? Shivani says I know you love me after whatever happened. I love you too but I don’t want this anymore. Let’s get married. He says we are getting married in a few days. She insists upon getting married tomorrow itself. Mystery guy is looking at them.

Radhika says he did spend the night in my room. Who are you to me though? We know each other since 5 days only! We will go our separate ways the moment this project is over. KK experiences some old flashes.

Akash says how we can marry tomorrow. she says you wanted to do it in London. Now you have a change of thought? I thought you will be thrilled at the idea. He agrees for it. I was waiting for this day since forever. I love you. I wanted to fulfil your dream first but if you want this to happen first then we will get married first. She cries as she hugs him. Thank you so much Akash.

Radhika asks KK what relation he has with her. Why are you so concerned? He replies that he is concerned for her. I have never ever felt what I felt after seeing you. The peace I felt when I saw you first is something that I have never experienced before. I don’t see any other face than yours and neither do I want to! It is because I love you! Their past meetings flash in the background. KK’s words echo in Radhika’s mind. Romantic song plays in the background as they share a long eye lock.

Akash says there is a problem. Now we will tell everyone we are getting married tomorrow. Everyone will think you are insecure of Radhika. Shivani says I am not insecure. I love you and that’s it. I just don’t want to lose you. He says you can never lose me. I am only yours forever. She nods. You are right though. Everyone will surely think I am jealous or insecure of Radhika if I speak of marrying you tomorrow. What will Mom and Dad think? I have an idea for that. You can tell everyone you want to marry me. He looks at her. Mystery man looks on. Shivani says then no one will feel it was my decision to marry you tomorrow itself. No one will then feel that I am insecure about Radhika.

Radhika says how dare you. I know rich spoilt brats like you! You change girls like clothes! KK hears some words from the past. Radhika says love will be a game for you but not for me. I don’t love you Shiv. KK is puzzled. She begins to walk away when she stops realising what she just said. Title track plays. Some blurred past images of Shiv’s accident are seen. Radhika says whose name I took just now. KK says you just called me Shiv. She wonders why she did that. KK says that’s what that old lady called me. How is that possible? Who is this Shiv and what’s our connection with him? I understand something. Surely we have some relation to this house. This started since we came here. This cant be coincidence. We can end it! She tells him not to take advantage of the situation. I just took a name. You don’t think you got a chance? He reasons that she only called him SHiv. How can I take advantage of this? It is the same name that that old lady called me. She tells him to shut up. This is some cheap idea to trap me because I rebuffed your attempts to lure me! He asks her if she recalls that he called her Sharanya when she was leaving the house the other day. Do you remember something? She goes mum. He shows the painting to Radhika which he had made before meeting her. This is your face. I made this when I had not even seen or met you. Can you explain how that happened? I don’t even know how to paint! I used to lie in interviews. I cant even draw a straight line. You can ask Shivani if you don’t trust me. She asked me to make her drawing and I made this! Will you still say we don’t share any connection? Is my calling you Sharanya and you calling me Shiv a lie? Is this painting a lie? Is this a way to trap you? All this is driving me crazy since I came here. I am sure all this is related to you! She tells him she trusts him.

Precap: KK says I don’t think we should tell all this to Akash. I don’t think we should trust him. A guy is standing near Shivani dressed as a groom. She has her back to him and thinks him to be Akash. Shivani says I told you we cannot see each other before wedding. You have come at the wrong place at the wrong time. The guy standing there says the same to her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Is that akash is going to kill shivani? ? so sad for shivik ????????

    1. Akash or vyom kya paata…we dont even know if they are the same…who is that shadow….shadow and akash are not the same as they have been seen together too many times…but how can vyom be both Akash and the Shadow…

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