Ek Deewana Tha 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivani sees Mystery guy’s eyes

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Ek Deewana Tha 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

KK, Akash and Radhika discuss about the strange events that they have experienced since they came here. KK speaks about Suvarna. Mrs. Bedi got so upset the other day when Akash cracked a joke. It is as if you stepped on her nerve. I saw her locking a particular room at night. Don’t know what is hidden there. Akash suggests breaking it but KK shares that he has checked it already. Radhika says I saw Rajan Uncle and Madhvi aunty putting that old lady in the trunk of a car. The door which they used to escape was not at all there the next morning. KK nods. It was covered as Radhika had found out about it. Radhika says it’s happening in our presence and we don’t even realise it. KK says how they can do it by themselves when we are around. Someone is surely with them. Akash is positive it cannot be Shivani. Radhika also says the same. She is like a kid. She wouldn’t even know about any of it. What to do next? Akash says we 3 must be in this together. Radhika says we need you too. She asks KK about it. KK is thoughtful for a moment. Radhika extends her hand. Akash experiences some past flashes. Akash keeps his hand over hers. The mystery guy is watching them all along. Radhika asks KK to forget everything for her sake. KK also keeps his hand over theirs. We have to first find that mystery guy who attacked Akash.

Madhvi says it is equally dangerous for them. Rajan tells Madhvi he is only concerned about Shivani. She has gone blind in Akash’s love. She cannot see or understand anything. A trap is being laid for her after all.

Someone enters in Shivani’s room while she is sleeping peacefully. Her duvet is slowly pulled down. The windows open suddenly. Shivani wakes up startled. She walks towards her window scared. She reaches out for the window door when someone holds her hand. She shouts in shock. She shouts Akash’s name for help. The guy isn’t ready to let go. The mystery guy’s eyes are shown. She shouts loudly for help this time. KK hears her and runs to her room. The mystery guy lets go of her the moment he enters. He asks her what she is doing here. She tells him that there was someone outside. He was pulling me to him. He asks her if she saw her face. She denies. He peeks outside but sees no one. She is sure he was outside only. I couldn’t see his face but I saw his eyes. He says it might be a bad dream but she denies. He says whatever is going on in this house is affecting your mind. Relax. She shows her hand to him. This does not happen in dream. He looks at her mark on her hand because of the struggle and thinks that Mr. and Mrs. Bedi can even hurt their daughter. He says sorry to Shivani. I couldn’t see anyone outside. Just relax. Calm down. She requests him to call Akash. Don’t tell anything to Mom and Dad though. He agrees. I have closed the window. Calm down. She nods.

Akash and Radhika are happily talking. He holds his head. She advises him to rest but he wants to tell her more about Shivani. Radhika speaks happily and positively about Shivani. There should be someone in life who is able to bring smile on your face anytime. He nods. She hopes that their decision of finding the truth wont bring out Rajan Uncle and Madhvi Aunty in bad light. It will break Shivani’s trust. She loves them so much. He says the same. I cannot see her getting hurt. Radhika spills coffee on her dress. She goes to change her clothes. Will you make another coffee for me? He agrees.

KK does not find Akash in his room. He broke his head but he wont change. I know where he is! Someone is standing behind the curtains.

KK finds Akash in Radhika’s room. What are you doing here at this hour? Where is Radhika? AKash refuses to answer his every question. KK taunts him for not resting even when hurt. Akash says you care a lot for me. KK again asks him why he is not in his room at this time. Akash asks him the same question. KK tells him that Shivani is very scared. I only came to tell you.

Shivani chants Hanuman Chalisa to keep her fears away.

Akash doubts KK. I know you are trying to keep me away from Radhika. KK insists she shouted as she was really scared. Akash tells him not to make an excuse using Shivani’s name. I have to protect Radhika. KK and Akash argue again.

Shivani does not find Akash in his room. She chants Hanuman Chalisa and heads to another room.

KK tells Akash he does not need to make excuses. Shivani did send me here. Akash says she would have come here herself if she wanted to be with me. She wouldn’t have sent you.

Radhika realises she will have to change the dress. Someone’s shadow is seen on the glass.

Precap: Shivani finds a wedding photograph of Vyom and Sharanya. She confronts Akash if he knows Radhika from before. You both are married to each other?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. The way shivani tells hanuman mantra was sooooo cute.and by the way it was an interesting episode waiting tmrw’s

  2. Ohh…Shivani scared so much. So cute. And exciting precap. Hope it is not today’s precap….

  3. Those eyes look like vidhyut .

  4. I height of the shadow is same as vyoms height

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