Ek Deewana Tha 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Krish experiences flashes from the past

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Ek Deewana Tha 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

People / Reporters click photos of Shiv’s look alike while Shivani drools over him by standing far. He extends his hand towards her. She looks at him in disbelief. Rajan and Madhvi gape in shock. Shivani walks up to Shiv’s look alike in trance and keeps her hand in his. I cant believe this! Is this a dream? He pulls her hands and says a romantic shayari to Shivani. We share a relation that goes beyond this birth! I have waited for years to confess my feelings to you! He kneels down as he says I love you to her. Reporters click their photos and record everything. Akash smiles from far while Shivani is pleasantly surprised. Shiv’s look alike leans closer to Shivani’s ears and whispers that this is just for her. He sings a song for her. Madhvi and Rajan remember Vyom singing the same song in the past for Sharanya. Shiv’s look alike dances with Shivani. Vyom is all smiles. The familiarities between present and past strike in Rajan and Madhvi’s mind. Everyone claps at the song / dance comes to an end. Shivani too cannot believe her stars. Shiv’s look alike says I too cannot believe it. I never thought I will work with a new heroine. Papa says we should never say to money. She asks him what he means. He holds her hand as he turns to the reporters. This is Krish Khanna’s new leading lady – Shivani Bedi! Shivani smiles broadly as she poses with him for the pictures. Madhvi leaves from there followed by Rajan.

Krish tells Shivani that it was all her boyfriend’s plan. It was his words and emotions only that I expressed. Where is he? I have never seen him! We have been only chatting / conversing over E-mails. Shivani is all the more surprised to hear this. She calls out for Akash but cannot find him around.

Akash is speaking to the security guy about the arrangements. I hope our rockstar has to face no problems. Shivani tells Krish Akash is somewhere around. Krish poses for pictures with reporters and everyone. Shiv’s dream (about how his life should be filled with all the paparazzi and him earning fame) echoes in the background.

Rajan tells Madhvi it’s just a coincidence. She begins to say something when Shivani walks up to them with Krish. Krish goes blank for a second seeing Rajan. He turns his attention to Madhvi next. The past flashes in the background. Shivani introduces KK to her parents. He needs no introduction. Everyone knows him. my parents don’t see any social media, news or anything. They have cut themselves off from the world. She introduces them properly. KK extends his hand towards Rajan. They shake hands and he sees some blurry images of the past. He withdraws his hand in shock. Shivani asks him if everything is fine. He nods but is bit lost. Nice meeting you (Rajan). He extends his hand towards Madhvi who is holds his hand hesitantly. He experiences something again and steps back stunned. He looks at Shivani’s parents in confusion. Shivani again asks him if he is fine. He nods. Shivani tells her parents she wanted to work in films always. Akash fulfilled my dream! Akash says it was bound to happen. Everyone turns to look at him including Krish.

Akash keeps his arm around Shivani. I always told her to dream. I will fulfil them. Krish looks at Akash in shock. Akash extends his hand sharing his introduction. Krish looks upset. Flashes of the past are shown. Shiv falls flat on the floor experiencing all the blurry images from the background. Shivani gets concerned as he loses conscious.

Krish wakes up with a start seeing more flashes. Shivani switches on the lights. He is startled to see her. Are you feeling better now? Thank God you woke up. I was scared you fell unconscious. His nod of the head relieves her. I am glad you are feeling better but you missed my engagement. I will show you my engagement ring though. She shows her ring to him but he imagines the ring with S initial (which Sharanya was wearing when she died) in her hand for a slight moment. He blinks his eyes in confusion / shock. Shivani says Akash exactly knows my taste. Everyone is praising the ring. Akash keeps surprising me always. He will bring whatever I would ask him to in a day but he will make sure all my wishes are fulfilled! Krish tells her to shut up. Can you not see I have a headache? Can you just leave? Stay right there ok? He takes her out of the room and closes the door on her face. Shivani notices Akash standing outside the door. Akash looks unhappy. The shadow is seen on the curtain.

Akash refuses to let anyone misbehave with Shivani. He might be actor at his home. We pay him here and he cannot misbehave with you here! She stops him from barging inside the room. Will we fight with that 6 feet 4 inch? No right? Let’s go. Akash stands rooted to his place and looks ahead blankly. Shivani asks him what happened. He says I felt as if this same conversation has happened with me before. Flashback of Sharanya stopping Vyom from fighting with 6 feet 4 inches tall Shiv in the past is shown. Screen keeps shifting between Akash, Vyom and the shadow on the curtain.

Precap: Suvarna sees Krish and mistakes him to be Shiv. My son is back! She tells Rajan and Madhvi to wait and watch now. I will reveal all the secrets. I wont keep quiet anymore. I will break my silence and tell everyone everything!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Brilliant and beautiful episode. Thanks pooja for the updates.
    Actually I felt Akaash as Atharv’s rebirth.?
    and shivani is so cute. She is so bubbly and talkative. Krish Khanna..stunning performance. Looking forward…(mainly for shikash scenes??)

    1. Who is Atharv.?

      1. Character portrayed by vikram in Jana na dil se door

    2. Pooja

      You are most welcome Sweety 🙂

  2. So, I checked and Donal is still part of the show. She’ll play Radhika a journalist and probably Naimik’s love interest while Shivani will be with Vikram

  3. Lokesh

    That shadow is of freedy then, leave it for some day, abt epi I m loving it, full illogical things, punar Janam and all bt I m loving it. Shivani is very nice and talkative.

  4. When Shivani was telling Krish about her boyfriend I heard name Atharva instead of Aakash.dont know this is my imagination or reality.

    1. Its ur imagination dear.. She said aka ash only.

  5. Nice episode?

  6. Sayhi

    I juz miss donal….she was a cutie pie… Actually it should b donal nd namik…plsss

  7. Namik is just wow. And what I think if shivani is rebirth of sharanya,she will get to destroy Radika look alike original sharanya to get Kirsh with the help of Akash.soon she fall for Kirsh,once she remember her past.But krish fall for Radika who look alike original sharanya.May be my guess is wrong.

  8. Current track reminds me of om shanthi om movie…any how show is going good waiting for Donal’s entry….

  9. Shivaniii I love u..I love u..I love u.
    Krish Khanna really looking like Super star. And the superstar will be interviewed by journalist Radhika. If Kk got this much flashes when he met Rajan madhavi and akash then what would be when he meet radhika. Excited!!!

  10. kuchh bhi karlo yar… bt plz namik n donal ki pair hi rakhna plz… i thnk shrnya ki death hui tab uski ring uske haath se chhut gai thi… n sum how wo ring shivani k pas mili hogi n usi din shivni ka born hua hoga…. isiliye bedis thnk dt shivni is sharnya… n i thnk dt shadw persn is vyom… wo aankhe vyom ki hi lag rahi hai bt fr kuchh kaha nahi jaa sakta ki wrtr kya likhenge…

  11. Aakshi Awesome pair. Loved the episode.

  12. Nothing will be revealed to kk in today’s epi. They will make suvarna a mental case for sure.

  13. i think shivani is not Sharanya becoZ if she is sharanya than Shiv (krish) could hve got flashes of past…like he got past flashes with Rajan n Madhvi …..n here Aksah is vyoms rebirth…. as he repeats the same dialog like vyom….but still that old man hve all mystery hope ….

  14. I don’t understand. If vyom is not dead then how does Akash feel the connection of hearing the same thing .Also how do the parents not know that vyom is alive .confusion .

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