Ek Boond Ishq 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
pari comes to mj, she ask what is going on here? balli says marriage preparation is going, sia is marrying om again, pari says you are sad, you don’t want her to marry, you like her, mj hugs pari and goes from there, pari comes to ganpati and says please do something that smile comes on balli’s face, please make him unite with sia and bring smile on her face.
mother calls everyone and ask them to start the puja, all do the aarti of ganpati, mother says when ganpati visarjan time comes, it feels like some member is going from house but hope remains that ganpati will come next year too, she ask om to take idol for visarjan, tara thinks to go out with om and run from visarjan spot, tara and om are taking ganpati murti to go for visarjan, kala is babaji’s disguise says that sia cant go outside, in two days, its her marriage so she should stay at home only, mj recalls how tara said earlier that laado tried to kill her, tara thinks why kalal wants me to stay at home, she want to kill me. tara says to mother that she never saw visarjan, she says she will go out today only and then will stay at house, mother says no, babaji is right, marriage is near, you should stay at home, she ask babaji to come, babaji says that I have to pray a lot for visarjan so I have to stay at house, mj says then I have to stay at house only as I am sia’s guard and I will stay with her, babaji says you brought idol in house so its good that you go to visarjan, mj says I will stay with sia only, om says what if balli brought idol, its my house and I asked him to bring it so I will go for visarjan while balli will stay with sia, aal leave for visarjan, kala thinks that now mj is with her, I have to think other way to kill tara, tara says I going to my room, she goes. mj ask laado why you wanted sia to stay in house, laado ask I told that’s its not good if she goes out, mj says don’t tell me your learnings, I know tried to ill her, laado denies, mj says I am sia’s guard and I will protect her from every problem, tara thinks to run from house while they are busy in talking. tara stealthily goes out of house.

Scene 2
nandu recalls how tara told him that mj is kalawati’s clutches, she recalls how kala use to hurt her, vidant comes there, nandu gets afraid thinking its kala, he ask what happened? nandu says I saw a dark dream, she says I saw a wolf who was biting me, killing me, beating me and nobody was there to save me and was saying that mistake is mine, I went to wolf, vidant hugs her and says this is wrong dream as you cant be alone I am with you, he says that he is going for work and he will meet sia, nandu gets tensed, he says I have to ask sia what she talked to you, he kisses her forehead and goes.
tara is on road, she tries to take the lift, one car comes and stops infront of her, its mj inside car, tara tensely looks at him, mj comes out of car, he looks at tara and opens gate of car, he ask her to sit in car as where ever she wasnts to go, he will take her, tara sits in car, they go. tara smiles at mj, she says so you believe that I am tara not sia? she says I was worried that you don’t trust me after listening to nandu but now its all ok, she says if we spend time together then you will remember everything, she says for now its ok that you trust me, she says we will go to Bhopal, we will live there as there are many memories there.

Scene 3
mj comes back to om’s house, she says why did you bring me here? oh pari, we forgot pari, go and bring her, we will go from here, mj says get down from car madam, your house has come, tara says you made me sit in car to bring me here, mj says its your house and its my responsibility to bring you back home, tara says its not my house, mj tightly holds her hand and ask her to not do this, tara says you don’t do this as when you will know the truth then you will regret a lot but it will be late then.
mj and tara comes in house, mother ask where were you sia? mother says you went to see visarjan? you wanted to see it, you were tired but went out, tomorrow is a big day for you so go and take rest, tomorrow I will make you my DIL again, tara and mj goes from there. tara and mj are going up-stairs, tara says you are doing wrong, you don’t remember anything and you are accepting this house people’s talk, she says I wont marry om as I am your wife and even if god ask me to marry someone else, I wont do it, tara says to mj that she will run again from house, mj says I will bring you back to house again, you fulfill your stubbornness, I will do my duty, kalal listens all this, tara leaves from there. kala thinks that today mj brought her back but before she runs again I have to kill her.

Scene 4
nandu has made many dishes in dinner, vidant ask do you want me to die eating so much, nandu says I didn’t prepare breakfast for you so made dinner for you, she ask about sia? vidant says I tried contacting her but she must be busy as marriage preparation is going on, nandu ask what kind of man is om? vidant says he is a very good person, we doubted him when sia went missing but sia cameback in coma state but om never said anything to me, he is a good person, nandu thinsk sorry tara I couldn’t help you.
kala and amrapali are gossiping, amrapali ask why you didn’t kill tara yet? and you are preparing for her marriage? kala shows her dupatta for marriage, she then shows her a remote, she show bomb fixed in dupatta, she says sia will wear this dupatta and I will trigger the bomb with remote and tara will turn into ashes.

PRECAP- nandu gives bridal dress to tara, tara throws it away, nandu finds letter in dress, she reads it, it says that ready soon otherwise your pari will made ready like a deadbody, tara is in tears thinking that pari is in danger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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