Ek Boond Ishq 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 9th September 2013 Written Update

Kalavati steps out of the car and goes inside his temple where the other cross dressed people like her, shower her with flowers. She performs a pooja and dances in circle in devotion. Tara is riding her cycle with earphones stuck in her ears. She takes out the keys out of her pocket and suddenly stumbles upon something and falls down and the keys slip out of her hand. Some roudy locales pick it up and ask her not to do men’s job and leave the market because she ruins their business. Tara slaps one of them and asks for her keys. The men pass the keys to each other until one of them runs off and Tara runs behind him. The man throws the keys over the walls, where it lands at Kalavati’s feet. Inspite of the warnings by everyone, Tara decides to go inside the temple to get her

keys. She stealthy makes her way and gets the key while everyone else is lost in dancing. She hits a plate and everyone notices her. Kalavati notices her and quickly hides her face to hide her identity. Tara looks shocked by and quickly throws gulaal on her face and runs off. Kalavati says nobody has ever done this and interruption in her pooja and devotion will not be forgiven and she would’ve to face the consequences.

A police van is shown moving across the roads. It goes in to Central Jail and Mrityunjay steps out of it, rugged and chained. In a parallel scene, his father is shown going across his house’s corridor. Mrityunjay is taken and locked in his cell.

A pundit meets Mrityunjay’s father, Jayraj Singh and says he’s sorry that the court gave the same sentence to Mrityunjay. Jayraj Singh asks him not to worry as he’ll soon get Mrityunjay out of the jail with dignity. He asks him to find a girl for his son and to finalise the proposal if he finds the girl good enough. Pundit says he’s about to go to meet girl’s family and asks him to join hin to which Jayraj agrees.

Scene shifts to Tara’s chaat stall where her regular customers ask her about the morning incident and she tells them everything. They warn her, not to be in trouble with local goons. Tara replies that this stall is her livelihood. She’ll get her sister married, her brother graduated and bank installments payed from this chaat stall. After her father’s death this stall became her father and it is too much to lose for her.

Pandit reaches Tara’s home and tells her mother he has brought a wealthy proposal of Jayraj’s son for Nandu. He rmother finds suspects something fishy and rejects the proposals inspite of Pundit’s various attempts and asks him to find a rich girl for his son.

Nandini is in a boat and Aditya calls her. She lies that she’s in her new SUV and they agree to meet on VIP road. Nandini tells her friend that she wants to become rich in life so she lies to Aditya for being rich in first place. Aditya meets her and she lies that her SUV has broken down and asks him to go for a long drive in his car.

Kalavati is lying on a dewan and a man asker her about what happened in the temple in the morning. He asks her if that girl has seen her face? Because if she has, then his secret would be revealed and he might lose the coming elections. Kalavati is furious and says that she’ll wear a necklace when she wins the elections.

In the Central Jail, some convicts are playing football while Mrityunjay sits in a corner making a hut out of small sticks and hay. The ball hits the hut and it’s broken. The convicts asks for the ball and when Mrityunjay doesn’t reply, they mock him for the murder he did. Mrityunjay gets angry and beats them until the policemen come and take him away to his cell.

On the other side, a bulldozer arrives in the market and it is announced that all illegal stalls will be pulled down. Tara protests but isn’t able to do anything and her stall is pulled down by them. She’s heartbroken and worried about her family’s future. She returns home and her mother offers her tea to which she refuses and asks her mother if bank people called? Her mother replies in no and tells her that Jayraj Singh came with a marriage proposal for Nandu. Tara asks if she agreed and her mother says no. She gives her reasons but Tara doesn’t buy it and asks if they had gone too far? On hearing that they just left, she dashes out of the home and spots Jayraj’s car after much efforts. She goes upto him and says she’s ready to marry his son if he solves her financial problems.She says she’ll be a good daughter-in-law and would love his son very much and even keep a Karwachauth fast for his long life. By which Jayraj Singh is both impressed and amused, and despite of Pundit warning that Tara isn’t good enough for his son, Jayraj agrees for the marriage proposal. A chunri comes flying out of nowhere and lands on Tara’s head and she comments that even God wants the same for them. She turns to leave and finds her mother staring at her.

Precap: Tara’s mother disagrees with her decision to marry Jayraj’s son and Kalavati orders her people to find Tara.

Update Credit to: city-musings

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  1. I like the most best role of tara and mirtyanjaye

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