Ek Boond Ishq 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara reads the chit that she have to come to construction building and don’t inform police, inspector is also there, he says we will give you fake money and will catch that gang, nandu says do something and save rudra. guruji comes there indisguise of beggar tara indirectly tells him about the place where she have to go with money while talking to inspector.
in jungle, guruji says to mj that they have to go to that place before police, we may find kala there, mj says no she wants this only, guru says if we go there than that problem and if we not go there then its also problem, this rudra is problematic for us, mj says I have one way I will go there, guru says no as I promised your mother that I will protect you, I will go with you, mj agrees.

Scene 2
inspector gives fake bag of money to tara and says have trust we will free rudra, tara thinks mj must have got the news and he must have thought of some plan, tara sits in car to go to site. mj and guruji reaches the construction site, tara is on way and prays, mj guru comes in building and checks here and there, they comes out and listen someone knocking on door but couldn’t fnd the man, they see the voice coming from beneath sand, they remove sand and finds coffin in which man is tied and bomd is tied to his belly, both are stunned.

Scene 3
in villa, nandu comes to nimmo and says if we help di then tara will hurt him. nimmo says then we will not free adi from here, nimmo thinks what is cooking in nandu’s mind, nandu thinks I will put water on plug when nimmo will put in socket then she will get current.
at site, guruji says its surriya, surriya comes out of coffin and says kala was right that you both will come here and see you came, now your game is finished, mj ask what you want? surriya says show me your face, mj holds her hand, guru says don’t you dare to touch her hand, she says kala is playing same game which we played earlier with her, fb shows how mj had fooled kala by placing fake bomb, surriya says its not fake bomb but its real this time, she says you have two way 1st show me your face and get killed by kala otherwise don’t show your face and get killed by me here itself.

Scene 4
nimmo is cutting veggies in kitchen, nandu puts water in plug of blender, nimmo goes towards blender, nandu is excited that she will get current.
at site tara comes ther with fake money, police is at roof of building and they see mj with surriya and think its rudra with mj, inspector says they placed bomb on rudra, it will be dangerous fro tara to go there, I am going down. mj says to surriya that you have put timer on china bomb, I am not afraid by warnings, we are going. tara comes and is stunned to see mj and guruji there with surriya, surriya says I will blast it then you will know what kind of bomb is this, she says show me your face and go from here then kala will see you. surriya says to tara that 1st mj show his face then rudra will come otherwise I will press button of this bomb, tara says what all this foolishness, I came with money, free rudra, surriya ask mj to show face, mj says don’t press I will show you my face, mj removes cloth from his face, surriya cant believe her eyes that it cant be possible.

Scene 5
in villa, nimmo gets current from plug, nandu is happy but hten helps her, nimmo falls unconscious, nandu think did she die?
at site, surriya is terrified, mj says now your wish got fulfilled, . inspector from roof informs other inspector that one man removed his veil but he has put veil again, surriya says it was you in kala’s celebration, surriya says now I understand that you are leader of this gang, don’t know how you got saved from kala that day and now you are playing game with him and tara is also involved in all this. mj points gun at surriya as surriya holds tara and puts gun at her forehead, inspector ask other to take target of fake rudra. mj and surriya are pointing gun at each other.

PRECAP- police comes there at site and ask them to put down the guns, inspector fires at mj, tara shouts no, mj jumps.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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