Ek Boond Ishq 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 9th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with, Faheen giving his statements to police about the killer, and inspector asks him does he remember his blooks and he says yes and tells them his looks. Rudraparatap comes and faheem says I am going to meet MJ. Inspector asks faheem to come police station whenever called and faheem says I will surely come, I also want to know who is the rival of our family. Rudraparatap says to inspector that this case should be solved. Faheem goes to MJ’S room and everybody is there. MJ opens his eyes and thakur asks him what was the need of doing this? You should have let me die have you ever thought if something had happened bto you what would be my condition, why were you going to give me this punishment. Till when you will try to play with death what you got from it, tell me. MJ holds his hands and says I would have not forgiven me if something had happened to you infront of my eyes. Tara is going towards reception and asks that another person was brought here from the rally round and receptionist says that no one isnt here except MJ. Yug is also finding radha, and sees Tara talking to police about radha and they says thy also dont know about anyone. Yug goes to tara and sys if you want I will help you to find that girl, tara says that will be a great help. And they goes. Nurse comes in MJ’s room and ask everyone to go out. Aradhna is talking to MJ and tara sees that she goes towards her and MJ asks her that have you met yara and she says that before that it all happened. Aradhna asks everyone to ho out as she wants to talk to MJ alone and they leaves. MJ says to aradhna that I will complete my promise after going out from here. Doctors are treating radha at a different different place and she starts sinking Rudraparatap’s man says to doctor that the girl should be alive. Rudraparatap calls doctor and tells him that radha should be alive. Nurse tells the doctor that radha is dead, doctor gives her shocks to revive her but she dosent. Tara sits beside MJ and says maa and me saw each, she came to met you that was enough for me, and says she has came till here she will soon talk to me. Tara gives MJ his medicines but he turns his mouth, tara powders the tablets like MJ did once whenn she was unwell and mixes them in water and makes him drink the water. Tara says dont you remember the girl who saved you, two gun shots were there one was on you and other on that girl who came infront of you. Dont know where she is, and sees that MJ has slept.


Press people are asking rudrapratap about the attack and asks him who can do this, he says that I think my opposition persons did that, I would like tobtell them that I for my supports I would take 100s of gun shots on me. They ask him about the girl who got shot at rally and he ignores them. Nandu asks Aradhna who was the girl who saved MJ. She says dont know but she saved him. Nandu asks when he will go to jail he will get death sentence then also he will die. Ardhna says if MJ dosent had this blame on his name how happy tara would have been.


Tara is sleeping on the couch and remembers the scene where radha saved Mj. MJ is awake and tara goes to him, thakur also comes there and asks him how is he. U know baba he is afraid from that small tablet. Tara says I made him eat his medicines with soo much difficulty. IMJ asks thaur about that girl and he says no nothing till now, tara says see she saved my husband and I wasnt able to thank her. Thakur says I have talked to Rudrapratap regarding this and they will find her soon.

Kalawati is shown trying to kill radha.

Update Credit to: WingsOfHeart

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