Ek Boond Ishq 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 9th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
tara is being taken to huts by mj to the place where mj’s gang live. guru sees her face and says she is not kala, she is taa.. mj stops him, one gang member says then kill her, guru says nobody will touch her, guru says she will help us to reach to kala, guru ask all to come out, tara ask mj who are you, he leaves.
in hospital, doc comes out and says operation is successful he is out of danger now, all are happy, meethi informs adi, he hugs her, she says all were worried about money but i had full trust on you that you will come with money, she says if mj was there he would be happy to see this.

Scene 2
at her place, kala is angry on her men that they didnt catch that gang and gave tara to them, she says there is someone from you who is betrayer and i know

him, she says i helped you all to grow up, i use to serve you all but i never knew that one day i had to kill you all, i never knew it, she pretends to be sad and says i have to finish that betrayer, she moves gun from all and shoots surriya, the man who is actually with mj have sigh of relief, kala sees it.
in hospital, meethi says to adii they from now on they will not say word divorce, adi says i signed on divorce papers, you were right our relation is over, you also sign on them, he leaves.
kala says to her men that you all were worried till i didnt fire but after shooting surriya one man had sigh of relief she points gun at real betrayer, he says i am sorry please forgive me, kala ask surriya to get up, kala says i will forgive you but tell me who were they , he says i never saw their face as they covers it by cloth, kala says then whats your need, she stabs him with knife, he dies.

Scene 3
in jungle, guru ask man to prepare for dinner, he comes to mj and ask whats all this, whta was tara doing in kala’s dress? mj says i wish i had answers for all this, guru says its not safe for tara here, mj says it was my mistake to think my enemy fool, kala make tara kalvati because i said that i havnt seen kalavati, guru says she chose tara so that we will kill tara, mj says innocent tara, if we send her back kala will use her again, guru ask what to do now, mj says we will do our attack now. man gives food to tara, she pushes him, mj comes, man says she is not eating, mj with covered face comes to tara and holds her hands, she ties her hands, he takes food plate from man, tara says leave me, mj thinks that i know you will not eat and i cant see you hungry, he sits infront of tara, tara says i will not eat, he gives bite to her tara throws it, he then gives her rice, he holds her face and makes her, she looks at him, he makes her eat food, he recalls how once tara made him eat an apple, tara coughs mj gives her water, she looks at him with hatred. he comes out after making tara eat. he uncovers his face and looks on, he wipes his tear.

Scene 4
nandu comes t rudra, she is happily singing and tells him that adi signed on papers, he says shut up, you always keep blabbering. nandu cries, rudra says oh my baby doll crying, this rudra is very bad, he made kala’s friend crying, nandu says its ok, she ask why were you tensed, he informs her that they took tara with them, she says so why are you worried for her, he says lawyer said that for this property tara’s deadbody should be found or you have to wit for 7 years, she says now what will you do, he says my men are searching for her, dont know they have kidnapped her or she ran away from there.

Scene 5
in night, tara gets up, she tries to open her ropes, she gets glass piece and cuts the rope, mj is sleeping outside. she comes out of hut,she stealthily crosses all men sleeping. she looks at mj sleeping but his face is turned on other side so couldnt see him.

PRECAP- guru ji ask tara to calm down, she takes steel galss and says i will attack you be away from me, she throws glass at him, he says i am.. he uncovers his face, tara is shocked to see its guruji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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