Ek Boond Ishq 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 8th January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with MJ getting shot But despite that he rushes forward to Jayraj and out there among the crowd its chaotic. He yells at the family and Jayraj to bend down. He tells Jayraj that somebody is shooting from the building in front of them and he tells him to bend down at all times. He is in deep pain but yet he doesn’t care and sets off towards the building. He looks once at Rudra who looks tensed and leaves.

Tara frees Faheem and he tells her in the adjacent room another guy has a gun and he is aiming at Rudra at stage. He tells her to get both Rudra and Jayraj away from there. Tara tells him that MJ has gone there and she cant leave him alone but Faheem tells her he is fine and its important that Rudra and Jayraj are safe and urges her to go.

Tara comes rushing

down and on the other hand Radha is also walking towards MJ. Jayraj is shouting at the authorities to help MJ but everyone are busy in sorting the chaos. MJ falls down but he gets up with difficulty and starts limping forward and Radha is walking in his direction and the assassin is trying to get the shot again. Then Aradhana also starts shouting for MriAra. Aradhana sees Tara running and she tries to call her but Tara doesn’t hear her and Yug asks her to stay there and goes after Tara. Rudra calls the assassin and tells him to kill the person who is in the way of the bullet. He says he is coming to catch you. So kill him. He is aiming at MJ and Radha comes forward. MJ is not able to see anything clearly. The assassin shoots again and this time it hits Radha and she falls on MJ and at the same time MJ too passes out. Tara is shocked to hear the second gun shot. In all this chaos Rudra spots Radha. He calls up his men and asks them to get Radha out of there.

Faheem goes to the next room and starts hitting the assassin with his sandal (Sorry I know the situation is serious but it looked funny to me ) thinking he is trying to kill Rudra. The assassin pushes him roughly and tells him he is such a fool that he doesn’t even know whom he is trying to kill. He laughs like a maniac and Faheem tries to stop him but he runs away.

Here Tara is running towards MJ. On the opposite side Yug spots Radha lying down and he runs towards her. On the way he is knocked down in the trampede and before he could get up and go, Rudra’s men come there dressed as doctors and take her away on a gurney. By the time Yug gets there they are gone. Tara passes by Radha who is being taken away and she notices that even she has been shot. Aradhana is shocked on seeing MJ shot and is worried too. Tara rushes to MJ. Yug is searching for Radha and shouts out to her. Rudra’s men call him and ask what they should do with Radha once they are headed out from there in an ambulence. He tells Rudra that she is still alive and what should he do? Should he kill her?

Tara is trying to wake him and everyone come there. Tara is crying badly telling him he cant leave her. They are trying to wake him up (Uff cant someone call a doc Rona dhona can be done later as well ) Jayraj feels his pulse and says that his pulse is still active and asks someone to call for the doctor (chalo, atleast someone used their common sense ) They sprinkle water on MJ and his eyelids flutter slightly and they are relieved for the moment. MJ says Tara and passes out again

Kalavati is burning the campaign posters cursing fate. She tells her to forget the dreams of victory and burn the pyre of her desires. Faheem comes there and thinks she is feeling bad for MJ. He comforts Kalavati saying he knows how she must be feeling as the rally and all the preparations were a waste as Kala wipes her tears But he thanks Allah for saving hers and Jayraj’s life. Kala laments that its the work of his enemies who are not letting her live in peace. Faheem swears that he wont let them stay in peace to which Kala asks him what he will do and what does he know anyways? Faheem says how much ever he knows he will tell police and Kala is tensed. Faheem says that after killing you they wanted to kill him too and its good that Tara came at the right moment and saved his life (OMG! What has Faheem done now? Kala will focus on Tara now too ) He adds that Tara called MJ and asked him to save you and Jayraj and if it wasn’t for her then God knows what would have befallen on Shekhawat family and he prays that MriAra’s bond is protected by God. He tells her he hopes nothing happens to MJ and leaves for the hospital to check on him.

In the OT operation is going on and everyone are tensed. Mithi nudges Tara and gives her a cue to go console Jayraj. Nimmo too seems to be feeling a bit bad. Tara consoles Jayraj telling him everything will be ok.

Aradhana is climbing stairs in the hospital and Yug is with her. She says that she was so happy to be reunited with her daughter and when did this happy moment turn into a sad one? Yug is lost in his own thoughts thinking that he was sure he saw Radha and his eyes cant be betrayed. Aradhana feels guilty for dragging Yug along ans asks him if he had to go elsewhere but Yug isn’t listening. She brings him out of his thoughts and asks him if everything is ok and he just nods mutely.

Tara tells Jayraj that MJ will be all right and he shouldn lose hope. Jayraj says he is fine but if anything happens to MJ then what he will do. He says that MJ isn’t just his son but his life. He will accept death anybody but not seperation from his son. Tara asks him not to say like that and that MJ will be ok.

Kala sinks into a chair worried at first but starts laughing and chides herself calling herself ullo ki phatti (If u ask me I’d say a lot many bad stuff ) and continues ranting that that is why you entrusted the work to such fools and those morons spoilt all your plans and a girl spoilt everything along with her husband and starts shouting and just then something strikes her. And she is stunned and gleeful too. She remarks that in 33 crore gods, atleast one God is happy with her and thats y she found Radha. Forget get, she landed straight in her lap. If not Jayraj atleast MJ is injured and Rudra will get the prasad

Aradhana and Yug reach there. Yug is wondering that he thought Radha was dead and if she is alive then where was she till now and where did she disappear again? He thinks whether he should feel happy on seeing her alive or feel bad for losing her again and wipes his tears

Jayraj is crying badly and in between sobs tells that his son wants to embrace death. Nimmo looks guilty too. He says that without bothering to save his own life, he rushed forward to save others and how can such a person kill anyone? Tara nods crying and Jayraj feels bad that the world treats him as a murderer. Aradhana says that she knows MJ is a criminal, so y is she feeling bad for him? (the best thing u ever did was get ur daughter married to MJ so stop cursing the poor soul ) He took a bullet to save someone and Yug wonders y Radha took the bullet to save MJ who had spoilt her life and commited such a heinous crime. Tara tells Jayraj that whether anyone accepts it or not, but they know MJ is innocent and not only will MJ be saved from this bullet but he will also be saved from his death sentence in whose fear they are living right now. Aradhana comes there and hears Tara say that she knows her MJ is innocent and she will prove it before the world. Nimmo looks worried.

M is being operated and they take out the bullet. Rudra comes there and says that Thanks God, nothing happened to Jayraj. Nimmo thanks MJ that he intervened at the right time else it would have been bad (Damn you selfish woman See where it landed him ) Rudra says its the work of his opposition party and assures he will get this investigated. Police come there to take MJ’s statement and asks about his condition. Just then doc comes out says he out of danger but he is sleeping for now coz of meds. He needs to be in observation for the night. He hands the bullet they had taken from MJ’s body to the police for investigation and Rudra looks tensed. The doc assures everyone that MJ will recover. Tara is emotional to see her mom and rushes to her but a nurse comes and says that MJ is conscious now. Rudra is tensed and cusses out mentally as he is not sure what MJ got to know and how much Faheem knows either. If they open their mouths then it wont be good and they both need to be stopped.

Precap – Tara is telling MJ that day two bullets were fired. One struck him and the other hit the girl who took it to save him and donno where she disappeared in that crowd.

Update Credit to: mandy

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  1. tara’s mom is really fool,she is not getting that mj is innocent even when mj save jairaj and not think of his own life

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