Ek Boond Ishq 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 8th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
nandu says to kala that you threw feed to birds, they will come to attack feed and you will catch the brids. nandu says what about tara? kala says they havnt seen me so if my plan fails they will attack tara, kala says you go to adi. nandu says i love kali and leaves.
in jungle, mj makes map of how kala can go through jungle, he says we will be hiding behind bushes, we will not take out gun powder from car we will hijack the whole car and will kidnap kala, he says just remember have sanity with passion.

Scene 2
in hospital, adi comes and says i aranged money, he will send money and it will take one to two days, nimmo says doctor was saying we have to do operation now. adi says i know. nurse comes and says doc is calling you all inside, jairaj’s health is deteriorating, all are tensed, jairaj is sinking,
tara is in car and says i accepted this thing of kala, i only need that baba get safe. they are on their way. mj along with his troop is hiding and waiting in jungle, they see truck coming, guru says remember she should not go from here, this is our chance, he ask mj what are you thinking, mj says i am feeling strange, guru ask should we stop attack.
in hospital, doctor gives shocks to jairaj’s heart and he is revived. doc comes to adi and says operation should be done early, you deposit money, adi says i will do that tomorrow you please do operation, doc says should i take risk of one day, adi says no no i will bring money today only.

Scene 3
tara along with surriya is on way, mj says no we will do our work, he puts cloth on his face, in way of truck, bomb explode and truck gets disbalance,
Nandu says that meethi doesn’t deserve you sign these divorce papers and I will give you this cash. Adi relives all the moments he has spent with meethi.Then he recalls what doctor said. She says I can’t wait to marry you. He asks for money. Nandu gives it and laughs.

scene 4
Guru’s men get surraiya out of the truck and point a pistol at her. Then they tara out of it her face is covered. Mj points a gun at her she gets up and he recalls the way she was crying when kala was killing him. His face is covered. The theme song plays. Guru’s gun is pointed at surraiya he asks his men to look inside when they open it so many of kala’s workers come out and cross firing starts.
There in hospital adi is looking at the papers nandu says you signature are so powerful. Congratulations your dad is safe. I know that you must be thinking how evil of a lady am I. I took benefit of your problems but Its not like that. I just madly love you. I couldn’t share you with her.
There in the jungle firing is on going. Tara is hidden under a rock along with mj. Surraiya says they took fake kala with them look for them everywhere.
Nandu says to adi I did this all for you. I never wanted to hurt you, I just wanted to give you all my love. I could not forget you. I can’t see down now show these papers o your wife and get her sign over them. He says no. Nandu says you vowed, don’t force me to do anything wrong. Your dad just got a heart attack by seeing those papers what will happen if he sees you signature over them. Adi says I just need some time. I will show her on the right time. Nandu says why are you so good. Okay take your time but them those signature later this day.
In the jungle, guru ji says she played a trick with us. We should kill her. Guru ji says that won’t be good. A prick gets into tar’s feet. Mj takes it out and holds her. She says who are you and where are you bringing me ? He says in his heart I have to do this for you but I can’t let you know that I am your mj.

Precap- a worker tells kala that he couldn’t see the face of their leader. His face was covered. Kala says what else are you for ? SHe hits him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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