Ek Boond Ishq 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 7th November 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Tara talking to Mithi musing over Jayraj getting them both married to his sons. Mithi says even she cannot figure out y Jayraj did that but she trusts his decision. Tara nods and says she has a friend who is just like Jayraj and outside MJ is heading out but halts when he hears Tara say this. Tara says he is good at heart and truthful and he cares a lot even about animals too but the only problem is that she could not see a smile on his face and maybe there is some tragedy in his life that he is trying to hide. She says she doesn’t know the reason but she will pray to God that all his problems disappear and the smile comes back. MJ is distraught at hearing this and feels bad that Tara has started liking the shadow of a person she hates and says firmly in his mind that she can never catch hold of the shadow and he will never let her see his face. She hates MJ and her well being lies in that hatred He is about to go but by mistake hits the vase and it shatters. Tara calls out asking who it is and looks outside the window and sees MJ’s retreating back. She fumes that she was thinking about a God but saw the devil Mithi asks her who she is talking about but Tara brushes her off saying its no one.

Nandu is going to the jeweller’s when she runs into Yug. She doesn’t see him at first and yells at him asking him if he is blind. She stuffs the bangles that would have fallen on the road and Yug notices this. Nandu sees its Yug and steals a glance at him while keeping the bangle in her clutch. She asks him what he is doing there to which Yug replies he had some work showing her a bag. Nandu walks away in haste leaving behind her handkerchief. Yug picks it up and calls after her but she doesn’t hear him. He follows her where she goes to jeweller and mortgages Tara’s bangles (Ugh I so hate her ) Yug wonders as to what she is doing and whose bangle could it be.

MJ is pacing in the office room mulling over Tara’s words from the conversation she would have had with Mithi. Just then someone enters the room and he hands that person a file labelled Rudra Pratap Singh. He tells him to tell some Rahil or Rahul(couldn hear it properly ) that he has little time and he should start the work ASAP as he can go back to jail anytime now. Just then Rudra enters the office and here MJ tells that person he wants to know the detail of every single transaction Rudra made – how much was taken, from where and where it went to immediately. The man assures MJ his work will be done and MJ nods. Rudra comes in his direction while the other guy leaves from there. MJ is tensed if Rudra will notice the file and to distract Rudra greets him. Rudra gives him a dirty look and asks him to come to the point Rudra tells him not to think of this office as his and he is just working there till Jayraj comes back and its better if MJ focuses on his work. MJ replies that he is doing his work and that work is important to him Rudra taunts him that he doesn’t have time and he can finish the rest of it in jail to which MJ replies that he has to finish this task before he goes to jail (I loved the way MJ back answers Rudra ) and assures him that he will complete the task and takes his leave. Rudra says to himself that Kalavati’s 6th sense is warning him that MJ is upto something but whatever it is, he has to ensure that MJ goes back to prison

Yug fixes the iron box for Tara’s mom and she thanks him for that. Nandu comes back and when her mom asks her where she went she says that she went to her friend’s place. When her mom goes inside, Yug asks Nandu if this is her childhood habit or its something else altogether. Nandu asks him what habit he is talking about to which Yug replies that telling lies and forgetting things. Nandu gets tensed and Yug tells her he saw her at the jeweller’s and before he can say anything else Nandu tells him to speak softly and requests him not to tell anything to her mom. Yug tells her what can he tell her when he doesn’t know anything. Yug adds that he hopes she is isn’t doing anything wrong and Nandu shakes her head in a NO and thanks him. When Yug leaves she heaves a sigh a relief and he looks on from behind thinking that he has won mother’s heart and now he will win hers too by taking her into confidence and she is the key to the lock of the destruction of the house (OMG this was a shocker!)

In Thakur mansion Nirmala is building a castle of cards that gets scattered and Rudra walks in telling her that now, only the house of cards is scattered but if she doesn’t wake up sooner, then this house will also be scattered. Nirmala asks him what he is trying to say to which Rudra replies that he sees MJ sitting on the throne he had built for Adi. He hopes that MJ doesn’t take control of everything leaving Adi with nothing. MJ has to be sent to where he came from and say MJ takes Adi’s place then she will suffer the most. He warns Nirmala that if it gets too late she will have no choice. Nirmala looks tensed and Rudra thinks that he is an expert at igniting fire and nobody can be better than him when it comes to blowing winds to a mother’s fire. He mocks at MJ that now he is gone and walks away from there leaving Nirmala behind who is deep in thoughts. She says to herself that she has to do something and send MJ back and she needs to think of a ploy such that her work is done and nobody suspects her (Haath dhoke sab MJ ke peeche pad gaye )

Tara is playing the blindfold game with Vasu and Mithi and she is trying to catch them with the blindfold on and just then she collides into MJ who is coming down Tara thinks its Vasu or Mithi and she is about to fall but MJ holds her and Vasu teases her that she caught hold of MJ Tara is shocked and straightens herself and turning her back to MJ removes the blindfold. Tara is feeling scared and MJ walks from there and Tara is relieved. Mithi teases her that she landed straight in her husband’s arms and Vasu adds that this what they call Mauke pe Chauka MJ smiles and just then he gets a call from the jeweller telling him that a girl mortgaged their traditional bangles. MJ is shocked but just replies in affirmative and cuts the call. He thinks that he gave the bangles to Tara after muh dikhai. He is surprised she mortgaged it and whatever reason it may be he got a good excuse and now he will make his next move after which Tara will be left with no choice but to leave She will go far away and never come back

Mithi is making jalebi in the night and MJ walks into the kitchen and tells her its smelling really nice. Mithi smiles at MJ and MJ asks her why she is making jalebi at this hour to which Tara replies hesitantly that she is doing it just like that but MJ catches her lie and asks her if she is thinking about Adi. Mithi says yes that she is feeling a little sad and MJ says making jalebi is the best stress buster and eats one and compliments Mithi for making it well and asks her to hand it to him as he wants to make some and Mithi is surprised. MJ starts making them and Mithi asks him if he knows to make them to which MJ tells her he will share a secret with her. He says that before she came into this house he used to be the ‘Mithi’ of the house He says that whenever he felt sad he used to make jalebi too. Mithi says that its same with her and even she makes jalebi whenever she feels like and MJ says right now he feels like doing something and Mithi asks him to do what he feels like doing and its not like he has to break stars and moon. MJ says he doesn’t want moon but he wants Tara(star) and Mithi is perplexed for a moment. MJ adds that he wants to take Tara out on a date and Mithi is excited. Mithi tells him to take her out and MJ says that Tara won’t come with him He says that only she can convince Tara and requests her. Mithi tells him that he doesn’t have to request her and MJ hands her a jalebi and Tara exclaims its tasty after eating it And compliments him that he makes it even better than her and assures him that Tara will surely go out with him. MJ thanks Mithi and before going asks Mithi to tell Tara to wear the traditional bangles he gave her He tells Mithi to smile while making jalebis and when he turns back he has a serious look on his face.

Mithi is getting Tara ready for the date and Tara cribs that why is she forcing her and she doesn’t wanna go with him Tara thinks that how can she tell Mithi that the person she wants Tara to go with is not a human but a wild animal and he wants to take her life and Tara cannot trust him. Mithi tells Tara that she is looking very pretty and all she needs to do is smile a bit but Tara looks too tensed. She adds that agreed that a case has been filed against MJ but his guilt has not been proven yet. And till such time no one can conclude him to be a criminal (Mithi teri muh mein ghee shakkar ) Tara doesn’t look convinced and she tells Mithi that she doesn’t understand but Mithi tells her that its her who doesn’t understand. MJ isn’t what he appears to be and he is very good at heart but just that his time is bad. Tara tells her that she just doesn’t wanna go to which Mithi reminds her that once she had told her that she will solve her life’s puzzle and today God has given her that chance and don’t snatch it from me and begs her to go with MJ. She tells Tara that MJ had come to kitchen and made jalebi and he requested her to talk to Tara about this. Tara wonders how could a bittergourd become honey Mithi tells her that its not good to get suspicious over everything and if MJ wants to give their relationship a chance then Tara should also give him. And before Tara could argue more Mithi remembers that she needs to give Adi some file and goes from there and tells Tara to wear those bangles. Tara is cursing Mithi for putting her in a fix and now she wonders whats going on in MJ’s head. She looks for the bangles but can’t find them (Woman how can any belonging of urs be safe till that greedy sister of yours is around? ) Tara is tensed and thinks what will happen if she doesn’t get the bangles and is scared thinking what will MJ do with her and anything can happen with her.

Precap – Mithi is asking Tara to hurry up as MJ is waiting for her from a long time and tells Tara that she is looking good and asks her if she fulfilled his request and wore those bangles and Tara is frightened

Update Credit to: mandy

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