Ek Boond Ishq 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara says kalawati is behind all this, jairaj ask what connection she has with us, is she the one who kidnapped rudra, nimmo says yes, jairaj says then we should go to court against her, rudra says yes but hw we can believe that tara think mj is real now, if she is playing some game, tara says I am not playing any game t prove this I will sign the papers then all property will go to my mj, nandu comes to her and says what game yu are playing now, tara slaps her hard and says stop, now I will be instigated by you, on your saying id did wrong with my family, I got my husband, I don’t want anything, nw you also come on right path, be happy in what you have.
tara and all are in mj’s room, meethi says why you accepted mj as your husband, mj says we had to change the plan as rudra and nandu saw me in mandir so we decided to make rudra believe that I am bablu and tara will accept that I am mj. adi says but tara doing fast and you doing puja with tara, now rudra willnt think you as bablu, mj says he will as I have something, he shows some diary to them and all smiles.

Scene 3
nandu says what game is tara playing, rudra says he is real mj, as he knows everything, mj comes there and says tara wants that I sleep with her but its sin hw can I, its sin, rudra puts gun in his head and ask him t shut up, rudra aks hw do you know things which only mj knew,

Scene 2

tara is sleeping, she remembers her bad dram and gets up shouting mj, mj gets up and ask what happened, tara hugs him tightly, tara she will kill us all, kalawati, mj gives her water but tara throws it and says she will kill all, mj ask her t come insenses nthing will happen, mj says we are close t fight then why are you worried, soon kala’s real face will come out, tara says I lost you once, I cant lose nce again, mj says you will not lose me because I am your shadow, sometime shadow is not seen in dark but that desnt mean its not with you, tara says promise, mj promise I will be with you always. mj and tara are hugging, mj gets rudra’s call, he takes it, mj ask why he called, rudra aks him to come down along with tara, he says okay and ends then the call, tara says he asked us to come for signing on papers, mj says property will go t rudra,,,
nandu ask what happened, rudra says he was talking like bablu, nandu says he will but he is mj, rudra says if he is mj then he will have to pay for this, but if you are playing game with me then it will be bad with you, nandu says It will not happen.

PRECAP- rudra says to tara and mj that I think you both should go to some holiday spot, i have booked hotel for you go. in his room, rudra says to nandu that I have placed camera in their hotel room, they will show their real face in loneliness.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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