Ek Boond Ishq 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 6th January 2014 Written Update

Jayraj n RP travel in da care for the rally…RP gets a call from the assassin that all is ready…
Back at home MJ feels board as wife has gone to the rally..(his Tara’s souten no longer amuses him I believe) He sits near his closet and observes his wife’s purse… he holds it in his hands..and no sooner he does that FC cries his name asking him for Tara’s purse.. but before FC could utter a purse.. he find’s it in MJ’s hand already…

FC says ‘kya baat hain bolne say pehley hee dey diya..pehley dupatta aur ab purse… pyaar bhaut badh gaya hain dono main..bacjhpan main bahut achey dikhtey they,, daadi shevkaralo’ (handy tips from FC to woo wify..v good MJ.. take them u’ll be needing them in da future..)

At the rally.. the places echoes with praise of

‘RP jeeteyga’ and like… the police and security personals do a security check and allow ppl to enter the venue… it is all very grand… too grand for a rally.
Raghu kaka puts the gal he looks after to sleep.. MJ calls Kaka and shares that he has a bad feeling on things.. just like he had when Radha was killed.. something doesn’t seem right.. kaka assures him nothing is gonna happen.. meaning what worse could happen now…and he is facing the charges for such terrible crime.. someone has done the crime and someone else if
paying for it..Kaka feels guilt.. if only he could help MJ from the hanging.he prays for MJ each day.

MJ had no connection to the case at all..yet he gets a death sentence..what could be worse.
MJ feels saddened by this..Kaka laments and hangs the phone.

RP, Jayraj and family reach the venue…they are welcomed by the party people with garlands.. and media.. and common ppl.. they all move towards the stage.. Tara seem to enjoy all this..

The gal wid kaka gets up seeing kaka go.. she speaks to herself that it can’t be true that MJ is gonna be sentenced to death for Radha’s murder n assult.. she won’t let this happen..she better go to RP’s rally and expose him.. prove MJ’s innocence. This would be the best opportunity to get RP’s evil face forth all..
Aradhna talks to MJ… she says that they are ready to proceed for the rally.. she reminds him the promise he made.. he says he certainly does remember his promise, that after this rally he’ll go back to the jail.

Nandu gets ready and asks Aradhna where were they exactly heading too.. Aradhna tells that they are going to the rally as Jayraj has invited them himself and everyone including Tara would be present. Nandu is shocked to hear this..after all that has happened she still wants to be related to the Shekwatas… she is upset wid Arashna and refuses to take part in the Tara madness of hers… Yug comes and tells that he’d take Aradhna to the venue.

FC sees the same mute guy from sadhu baba place at the rally… he sees the guy talking to someone on phone..he wonders how ca a mute guy speak!

Back at the rally..RP iis buys giving interviews..and Jayraj waving n giving poses to the media.. where as the ladies settle themselves in the VIP area… Tara then gets up and meets a few old women and touches there feet… Jayaraj sees this and is impressed..he shares this thoughtful act of Tara with RP.. Nimmo is kinda vexed wid Tara’s nautanki. Jayraj tells that Tara is a sweet gal.. its always less how much ever she is blessed.. RP replies him that he can bless her now itself.. who knows if eh can’t do it tomorrow.. Jaya exclaims.. RP tells that from the next day they’d be busy wid the election thing..so won’t find time for that.

MJ washes his SOB face and cleans his face.. he finds the books near their closet and keeps them in the rack.
MJ while getting ready.. searches for his wallet..

FC follows the guy…and at once misses him…he again searches and finds the guy giving instructions to someone… he is shocked to see the same verbally impaired guy talk all of a sudden.. he has see this very guy near sadhu baba place. FC smells foul play here.. and follows the guy.. the guy tries to move away observing FC.. FC sees a gun tuck in the guy’s pocket…and is shocked. Being the faithful one he swears to stop the ploy and peril to RP’s bug day.

MJ opens a drawer from his dressing table.. he finds handkerchief and socks where he keeps his wallet.. he utters to himself ‘jab say Tara ney biwi bana shurukiya hai tab say mere cheezey idarki udar rakhei hain.. kuch bhe pehley jaise nahi.. puri life palat key rakhdi’
He then puts them back and his head bumps into the hanging lamp.. he pushes it aside and sees Tara’s dupatta on the chair…
FC chases the guy…
And… FC chases…
Fc then blurts it out to RP.. that he has seen a weird guy who pretends to be mute n deaf,.. he best that he has seen the guy at sadhu baba’s place.. FC gives RP every possible reason to act.. and save his life.. FC feels that RP’s life is in danger.. he suggests if he can g to the police.. RP seeing his plan ruin asks FC to stay calm and his men would handle the situation or else the place will be in a mess.FC insists to do something..or let him.. he can remember the guys face from a crowed of lakhs…RP without listening to FC further hangs the ph.

Rp calls the guy and bashes him for letting FC doubt… RP asks the guy to take care of FC…

MJ back here..finds Tara’s green dupatta and talks to himself ‘all this looks different yet so beautiful..tumhari ishq ki ek boond kya agayee zindagi main.. saari kadvahat mitgayee- Tara’
And his mobile rings.. and he sees the caller id he utters ‘think of the devil and the devil calls’
The wife calls to inquire if he has taken milk wid protien or does she has to remind Joseph abt it.
The husband complains why did she misplace is stuff.. Tara replies that she has kept his things in their right place..
Tara asks what does he seek… MJ tells he can find NOTHING!

Tara directs him to the closet where could find his clothes..after he wears his clothes.. he’d find his wallet in the left hand side drawer on the dressing table..And after that if sees his drawer where he sued to keep his wallet he’d find his socks n kerchief..and after that when he looks down he’d find his shoes..wid the stool around he can sit on it and put on his shoes..

MJ finds everything as said by his wife.. a smile graces his lips..n throws a THANK YOU at his adorable wife.
MJ inquires abt Tara’s happy mood.. Tara tells the rally is well organized and she feels a part of such big family.. she tells the only thing missing is HE. But RP would accept him too very soon.
Mj tells that she thinks a lot abt him… she blushingly says ‘mere barein main sonchey key liye tum ho na..’
MJ ‘hmm.. aaj kal tumharey barein main sonch ney maye hee saare din beet jata hain’ (ayee hayee ISHQ wala LOVE)

ANdd… MJ is almost caught RED HANDED!
She asks ‘[email protected][email protected]
He realizes what he has just blurted out..and fumbles.. no nothing..I’ll tell u in the evening..
Tara .. why is she gonna leave him now.. she’d make him repeat things a hundred times
She tells he did say something.. her ears heard something..
MJ tells ‘humari khaas jaga par milna..main ph rakhta hoon.. (so if the rally mess wouldn’t have happened, he was to wear that KHASS KUDTA of his well thats gonna happen in our dreams)

Tara thinks abt MJ..and feels that her adiyal tatu can speak such sweet things too.. meanwhile Vasu comes and wishes to take a snap of hers.. Tara says that Vasu herself looks so pretty she’d take her snap instead..
Tara insists that she is the family photographer today and after all she is the photographer’s wife.. and they busy themselves with the clicking business..

MJ finds a note from Tara near the mirror ‘o mere lehratey zulphon waley patidev.. baal idhar udhar girey na ..toh zulphay kaat dongi’ (now that’s a direct threat to MJ) he takes the comb and brushes his hair.
At the rally FC is worried abt RP’s spl day… a few goons try to corner him from the crowed.
Tara clicks everyone’s pic at the rally..
MJ finds another note under the perfume… which reads.. ‘ yeh wala nai ..woh.. kasturi ki mehek wala perfume lagayee.. pati ko ussi kushbhoo main mehekna chahiye jo patni ki pasand ho samjhey!’

MJ sighs at his wife’s sweetness… his heart is filled with warmth of her love n care..

He utters ‘tum, tumhari cheezy, tumahri kushboo.. zindagi uthal puthal karkey rakhdi hain.. phir bhe kahin na kahe mujhe samet liya hain.. merey dayre main jagahee kaha thee kisi ajnabe key liyee.. par tum zindagi main kasie sama gayee bina koi ahat kiyee’ he thinks to himself..adoring hs wife.. acknowledging her presence and most importantly her love in his life, he watches her kadas on the side table which once was empty.. and the shadow of a lamp moving behind.. he hallucinates a noose hinting him that all these dreams are never gonna be of his own.. his serene face turns into a terrified man, whose abt to lose everything.
He utters ‘Main tumharey pyaar ko apney ane wale kal main shamil nahi karsakta Tara.. mujhey tumharey ma ko diyahua wadey ko nibhana padeygaa.. ‘

As Tara clicks the pics of the rally ..FC is threatened by the goons with a gun..they corner him …Tara observes FC being kidnapped..and is terrified to see it.. she wonders who would want to hurt FC.

RP calls a guy and asks him to keep the anti rally ready..
A gun is directed towards the stage camouflaged in RP’s poster..
Mj reahces the rally venue..

Update Credit to: Sankalp

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  1. Wow,its really amazing epi,mj itna romantic h,muje pta hi nhi tha,now i love him more than before,thanks Dilsha soo much.

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