Ek Boond Ishq 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 5th November 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with our hero desperate attempts to see his wife. He has a flashback of his friend (Tara in her bindas version) where she tells him her definition of a respectable man, someone who respects ladies. But Tara on the other hand swears to see MJ only after her death.

Tara’s mother opens the door to do Rangoli, when she sees Yug already done with it. She praises him and Diwali greetings are exchanged, after Nandu comes.

Later, Vasu was standing in the backyard admiring the fireworks, when her Bhabhis arrive beautifully dressed. Fhahim Chacha blesses both of them. Vasu asks them when they will burst crackers. To which Tara replies, after decorating the house.

All three ladies start with the decoration. Then, MJ comes and sees them. He walks near, when Vasu asks him to do so, making Tara aware of her Junglee being there. MJ tries desperate ways to see his wife. He says to Vasu about how beautiful her face looks in the water. He asks her, wouldn’t one bowl look better there (where Tara was there). Vasu mocks him about his sudden interest in decorating the house.

Vasu shifts a bowl to Tara and decorates with her. While MJ walks slowly to see Tara through the water. Tara aware of all his attempts disturbs the water. Failing his first attempt.

Second time, MJ tells Mitthi that some Diyas would look better here(pointing one place). Mitthi agrees and says that her are over, so asks Tara to do so. Tara slowly walks with the Diya plate. But the electricity cuts off. Fhahim Chacha asks them not to worry, the fuse blew off and he will see to the matter.

Before the lights come back, Tara walks past MJ. Failing his second attempt.

Tara’s mother, Nandu and Yug do Puja and Nandu asks her mother to bless her to have a rich husbacd with Tara.

Inside the Haveli…

MJ brings a photo of the man in the hospital and places it where the Puja was to be conducted. Mitthi comes and does decoration, followed by Tara who hurries to get past MJ. Tara bends down, the reflection of her dress comes in the glass on the photo. But before MJ could see her face, his mother takes it and asks her servant to put it away.

Rudrapratap comes from behind, and mocks MJ that only the members of the Shikhawat family are supposed to be in the Puja. The hurt MJ walks away, but is stopped by Vasu who reminds him that he has to do fireworks with her. MJ tells her that he doesn’t celebrate Diwali and walks away to his Ujada Chaman.

Tara slowly escapes away to her room. She is thinking about her savior. She decides that the real meaning of Diwali is to bring light in a dark house.

Meanwhile, Nandu and Yug are playing with fireworks. Tara’s mother says that this is the first Diwali without Tara and Bunty. But Yug consoles her.

Mj tells Marium that even in Diwali, they will have to be in darkness. He walks towards his fence, and while going back he falls. Making his Kurta dirty.

Tara takes the idol of Goddess Lakshmi, saying that this year there will be Puja also in that Ujada Chaman.

Tara walks towards that house with the Idol and a bag of Diyas.

MJ walks to the window, thinking to himself that the house means nothing to you without Baba. He says there is only darkness around him, with no scope of light.

That’s when he sees a lady walking towards his house with Lakshmi Idol and Diya. He remembers her dress to be of his wife. He is surprised to see his wife, lighting up his house with Diyas. He stays hidden and watches her, seeking for a chance to see her face.

But he only gets to see her eyes and smile.

Later, Tara finishes up lighting and says there will no longer be darkness in this house. Saying so, she turns.

MJ mouth drop open, when he finally gets the glimpse of his wife.

Precap: Tara prays to Lakshmi Ma for her friend, while MJ has his eyes on Tara only.

Update Credit to: Mithuz

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