Ek Boond Ishq 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
rudra ask tara to eat if she is not fasting, mj comes there and says this test is disrespecting our family, tara takes sweet and puts in mouth, all are shocked, nandu says she may havnt eat it, tara looks at rudra and goes from there, jairaj says I kew it that she will eat it, I don’t have any hopes from her. all goes from there, rudra thinks I don’t know who is playing game with me, tara or nandu.
tara comes to her room and throws sweet from her mouth, mj comes there, tara shows him sweet and says I am fasting, mj says okay I will go with you to mandir, tara says no I think rudra have doubt on me, mj says let him have doubt, it will make him confuse, he ask her to get ready, I am waiting for you.

Scene 2
mj waiting for tara to come, tara comes wearing red saree, mj just keep looking at her, tara closes his mouth and laughs, she ask how I am looking, mj says some poetic lines. nandu sees them going out and thinks something. mj and tara are walking on road, nandu is following them, tara mj comes to mandir, pundit tells about savitri’s faith on her husband, tara listens it, nandu calls rudra and says what I thought I happening, tara is with mj for fasting puja in mandir, you come here, he says yes I am coming, pundit finishes and ask them to do the puja, tara does the puja and ties thread around tree looking at mj, he smiles. tara fells dizzy, mj ask what happened, tara says I am feeling dizzy, mj says you haven’t ate anything that’s why, mj takes her in arms, tara says what about puja, mj says we will do it together, mj takes round around tree, taking tara in arms. nandu smirks, rudra comes there, she goes to him and ask him to look there, rudra sees tara in mj’s arms and taking round around trees, rudra says some lines about revenge.

Scene 3
in his room, rudra is angry and breaks things, nandu says breaking things will not change truth and truth is that kala is being fooled, they fooled you as all family members are with them, you may break mirror but It will not change truth, rudra grabs her neck, he says I will break all family members into pieces, nandu says see you played game without me and see result, I would have recognized that he is mj not bablu, nandu says remember this day. mj comes there and sees things broke in room, mj says whats all this, he says wow nandu, I think you all did this, I thought you have some shame so you will not come here, you lie a lot, how many people kidnapped you, meethi adi, me tara or rudra, nandu says stop these dialogues, mrityunjay shikhawat now you game is finished, mj laughs and says your game is finished, mj says how all these broke, he says to rudra that have you beat nandu, I know she did mistake but she is women, rudra says who betrayed who I will tell you, you played good game but couldn’t hide truth. rudra says I have seen you with tara in mandir doing puja, mj says I was telling you only, rudra says stop this drama, I don’t know how you saved that day but I will not leave you, he is about to attack mj but mj shouts, jairaj comes there and ask how things broke here, mj says nandu did that, she was showing anger to rudra, jairaj says come what we not thought has happened.

Scene 4
all come in hall and see tara in red saree with sindoor, tara says to nandu where were you, I was worried for you, nandu whispers in her ear that your truth is out now, tara shouts what truth you are talking about, actually your truth is out now, I was wrong that I said that he is not mj, I thought mj is dead and what you told me that he is bablu but when you all went to mandir, so he came to me and said that he can answer my any question who only me and mj knows and he answered them, rudra says what questions, tara says it was related to radha’s death, he told me that he took blame on himself for what adi was guilty, adi says yes mj took my blame, tara says but that crime was not committed by mj or adi, they both were framed because real culprit is someone else and only me and mj know about him, jairaj ask who is that culprit.

PRECAP- rudra says to his goon that all things are prepared? goon says yes and what you asked.. rudra says enough

Update Credit to: Atiba

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