Ek Boond Ishq 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
nandu hides from adi, she comes to villa, she says she will call rudra and tell him truth, she calls rudra, rudra puts phone on speaker while driving with mj, he says to nandu that now you are not angry with me so come home, nandu says I am talking from home only, mj puts on music on full volume, rudra ask him to put volume down, mj puts down. nandu says i wanna talk to you, rudra is dribving with mj, rudra says i am coming home only, nandu says they will not let me talk to you, you must be thingking where i was, truth is that i was kidnapped.. mj pulls hand break, car just slips and phone falls from rudra’s hand, he scolds bablu, he ask him to find his phone, mj breaks it into pieces pretending that it slipped from his hand, rudra says now how will I talk to her, mj says if she is kidnap then how she was calling you, rudra says she must have ran from there, it is not easy to kidap her, she is witch, mj says yes she is witch, rudra says shut up she is my wife, mj says okay lets go home and see.
nandu in villa thinks to hide somewhere otherwise they will see me, she says kala’s pink secret room is best to hide, she hides there, tara comes rudra’s room and tries to open kala’s secret room but it doesn’t get open, she says maybe nandu is not there insde, maybe she didn’t come here. she comes to adi, adi says she was coming here but don’t know where she went, meethi says what if she calls rudra and tells him truth, tara says then we have to make rudra believe that nandu was lying. rudra comes there, tara shouts n him and says where is my sister, she called me and said that you kidnapped her, rudra says what I didn’t kidnap her, jairaj ask what is happening here, tara says you both kidnapped my sister, jairaj says why would I kidnap her, tara says nandu was telling me he is fake mj and bablu so you kidnapped her, nimm and adi meethi were also involved in it, mj thinks that good tara now we will confuse rudra by our own stories, mj says nandu also called us and said to rudra that she is kidnapped, tara says you all are behind my property, mj says I can swear on jairaj, tara says yes you can as he is not your father, mj says enough, 1st your sister was saying I am bablu then she was saying I am mj and now this drama, I am not fake but you are fake, you both sister are destroying us, jairaj says leave it, jairaj says to tara that nandu went house of on her own, and she called three different people and told three different stories, she is doing drama only. they leave, rudra thinks that what nandu is planing, is she trying to get whole property.

mj is with tara, he says now whatever nandu says to rudra he wil not believe, tara says but he will have doubt on you, mj says why are tensed, he says lets talk about puja, all family member will go to mandir near lake, we will go to other mandir, tara says no, she says I feel like something bad is going to happen, she recalls her bad dream of all family dying, mj sees her sad and makes her sit, he says why are you tensed, everything is going fine, now we have to bring rudra’ truth out infront of jairaj only, we have to think about our plan, he says I love you, tara says I love you too.

kala is in her pink room, she finds nandu sleeping there, she wakes her up and ask what are you doing here, nandu says leave it, I am hiding from tara, she says mj.. rudra says mj kidnapped you and you ran from there, you called me and came to house, she says how do you know all this, kala says you told this story to tara 1st and now telling me, nandu says I just told you and I called you only, kala says what game you are playing, she says mj is alive, kala says that mj which I killed and saw his body shaking infront of me, nandu says yes, she says how can he be alive, nandu says I don’t how he is alive but… kala scolds her and says nothing is like that, nadnu says okay don’t believe me but give me one chance, kala says okay I am giving you one chance to prove yor story, nandu says let me stay in this room and don’t tell family that I am here, pretend like you don’t know where I am, tomorrow you will know everything, rudra agrees.

in morning, all are in hall, tara says I will not fast for this fake mj, rudra says he is our son, you agree or not, he is your husband, tara says I will not fast that’s final, jairaj says leave it, the bahu who doesn’t care about our respect, we don’t need her fast, nandu from upstairs looks at rudra and points him to tara, rudra says I feel that tara believe him mj, that’s why she is fasting for him, she didn’t eat since morning, did anyone saw her eating? tara says I do breakfast in room only. tara says I didn’t do fast, rudra says okay then eat this sweet, mj and all are tensed. nandu smirks.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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