Ek Boond Ishq 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara thinks that I have to make mj my body guard, I have to do something, tara says to om that you have thrown out my body guard so appoint another guard for me, om ask why are you asking for guard, tara says that I want freedom so It will come when there is body guard with me, please appoint good guard now, he shouldn’t be like that johny, tara says we should appoint that person as guard who won the match, tara says his name is balli but I don’t think he will accept this job, he will say no to you, om says no one can say no to omkar, I will appoint him, mannat thinks that what if balli tells om that I gave him order to kill tara, she says to om that balli is a cheap down market guy, he is a goon, don’t appoint him, tara says that your johny was same like him, om says I will take decision of it. he leaves, tara thinks that I have to do something solid.
mj is thinking about tara, he thinks that this girl calls me mj, she comes to see my fight, she gets happy in my win, she is not understanding that I have no relation with her, pari comes there and sees balli lost in thoughts, she takes out her doll, balli ask what are you doing, why are you packing your toys, where are you going, she doesn’t answer him, he stops her and ask, pari says that girl always give you wounds and you always gets lost in her thoughts so I am going to mom’s house(maayka), mj ask what is maayka? she says that must be some place, I will ask some lady, mj laughs, mj says I am sorry, don’t be angry, pari says you are not my friend anymore, mj says are you nad, I went to fight to get fees fro your school, I am your friend and our friendship is solid, pari is pacified.

Scene 2
mannat calls johny, she says I am so disappointed, you lost to that cheap balli, I don’t know anything but you have to become johny, you have to ask forgiveness from johny. mannat comes and sits with om, om ask are you tensed, she says nothing, they listen to tara screaming in her room to save me, don’t kill me, om and mannat comes to her room, the room is locked from outside, tara is screaming inside to save her, there is no one in her room, she cuts her wrist, om breaks the lock and comes in, tara says somebody was trying to kill me, he ran away, tara says this is you call security, my life is not safe here, mannat thinks who can do this, tara says please appoint body guard for me who is like balli, mannat says johny is best, tara says no he cant protect me, only balli can but I know he will not take this job, he will say no to om, om sees blood on tara’s hand and does 1st aid, he says now I cant take risk, I will appoint body guard and that to best one. he leaves, tara smirks.
om comes to meet balli, laado looks at om and thinks that who is he? her servant says that he is omkar agnihotri, laado says oh he is brother of mannat, tell him that I am busy, laado beats some man who burned her iron, om sees this.

SCene 3
laddo says to om that all the ways to balli go through me. Tell me why you wanna meet him. Omkar says i wanna make him my wife’s body guard. Kala says this isn’t a security office its laddo’s home. Omkar says no one ever said me no. Laddo says talk to me in my language. Omkar says i can but today you’ve to talk to me in mine. He takes out the money and gives it to laddo. Laddo says i didn’t know you bring rain fall of money. Laddo says balli’s name is balli body guard now. Tara says mj has to come here. Balli says i can’t be bought by money. Take your money and leave. Laddo says in heart why are you kicking the bliss. Omkar leaves in anger. Laddo says it was such a good chance to enter that house. Laddo goes to balli and says why did you kick the bliss. Balli says i can’t do that job. Laddo says why? Can’t you do hardwork. Laddo says look at these hands they’ve refrained from hardwork. Laddo says what is the reason then ? laado says think balli, balli says that don’t force me, I never stayed away from pari and neither I will do that now, he leaves, laado is angry.
tara ask mannat where is om, she says I don’t know, mannat says what, are you feeling suffocated here? don’t worry, om will bring johny here, om comes there and says I went to meet balli and offered him job of guard but he said no to me, mannat says that we should give one chance to johny, om says ok we will give him one chance till I find another good guard, mannat sasy ok, mannat thinks that I will apply my plan in these days.
tara sits sadly, she thinks that I know why you said no, I know that you don’t remember me or anything but today you decided to stay away from me, today I feel like I have lost the battle, I have lost the hope.
some man stops the bike and comes to om’s house, guard informs mannat that sia’s guard has come, manta says seem like johny has come, call him inside, tara is going back to her room sadly, om comes in hall, mannat informs that johny has come, the new guard is coming in house, he comes in hall, tara turns to see his face and its none other than mj in guard’s dress, all are stunned while tara smiles.

PRECAP- om says to mj that you are guard of tara now, you will be given shelter and food here, mj says there is more person with me, om ask who?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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