Ek Boond Ishq 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 4th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra runs car toward aradhna, tara is shouting to see here, rudra is about to hit her but stops the car, aradhna is tensed, she goes from there, rudra makes fun, he says this time i softened my heart but not next time, he says if you go to give money to jaraj then he will be killed 1st then your mom.
in jungle, guruji says to mj that only one day is left in kala’s jashn and we dont know venue, he says why you are writing letter to kala, mj says she will think that i dont know her and she will be at ease, she will do some mistake and we will take adavantage of it, mj puts letter in flute.
kala gets flute with message, she says who is sending me this, she reads message which says that i am only ending your sins for now but when i will know you then i will finish

you too, she says who is he, doesnt he thinks himself as God krishna, we have to tell him that we play with swords not wth flute, suriay says will we do jashn? she says celebration will be held for sure, suriay says you didnt tell venue, she says i will tell you on time, she says they knew about drugs in ambulance, they know about my celebration so someone from us is with them, it is clear from message that they havent seen me and i will take advantage of it.

Scene 2
aradhna comes in hospital, she says i couldnt withdraw money from account because tara and nandu have sealed it, she ask about adi, nimmo says he is trying, she says we cannot sale stable as its on jairaj’s name. aradhna says i have one way from where we can get money.
in villa, tara is praying, rudra comes and says one needs medicine and treatment along with prayers, tara says are you not ashamed that you are not helping your brother, rudra says yes i am feeling bad that i couldnt kill him from m y hands, he took that opportunity from me, he says its good that he is dying other then living beggars life in stable, he sees aradhna coming in villa, he starts pretending and sits in tara’s feet and says please give me money for my brother, you have much wealth,tara is confused, aradhna says dont be so selfish, he is your baba, you have all this because him how you can be so mean, give us 2.5lacs else he will die, tara wipes her tears and turns to aradhna and says you done with your drama, i am going, she goes to her room, aradhna says i curse you that you will not be happy in your life, tara cries and says forgive me mom.

Scene 3
adi comes to someone’s office, he ask for some loan, man ask what can you give me in return of money? adi says what you want, he shows him divorce papers of meethi and him, adi says why you want that, nandu comes there and says o want that, she says if you want to save your dad then you have to divorce meethi, adi says i will never divorce and will arrange money for dad, he leaves.
suriya says to her workers that we have to send gun powder to someone before celebration, she says kalavati herself will be going and she will go from jungle. all says okay, suria calls rudra and informs that i told full information about you going to deliver gun powder, rudra says now we will know about betrayer.

Scene 4
in jungle, one man comes comes to mj, he is the same man who was driving ambulance, he says to mj that kala is going to deliver gun powder from jungle way, mj says take care about yourself, he says she doesnt know about it.
Meethi gives Aradhna a sheet and says you never care about yourself. Aradhna says tara used to say this as well. Meethi says weather is weird. Aradhna says tara would have said God is confusing us. I can’t believe its the same tara. I feel like this is all fake. Can’t this happen that I wake up from sleep and everything is okay. Nandu comes and say what you are thinking is a dream. Tara has changed just the way sameer changed. Aradhn says who Sameer ?Nandu says the same old sameer. He has cahnged a lot don’t know how just like tara he became what he wasn’t. Aradhna says who is he ? Nandu says the sameer from nadan parindey. I forgot to ask about jairaj how is he ? Look how because of tara you all aere suffering. Don’t know when will she be punished. Meethi says very soon, every sinner will have to pay. This time will go away and all the evils will suffer.

Scene 5
rudra comes in asking for tara and says look what I have got you. I went to market and brought some thing. Tara says what drama is this ? He say its a documentary actually. There were a lot of photo frames. He takes out some frames holding jairaj’s picture. He says jairaj is about to go up. He puts it on the wall and places a picture of glass. He says this is mj, all of his pictures are burnt and you drank them. Look how good the three look on the wall. He place a garland on the photo of jairaj. tara says tell me what to do to save baba except for signing the papers. He says just a little make over.
Nandu comes in looking for rudra. Kala is doing make over of tara and making her the bridal dress and jewellery. Kala has dressed as a bride as well. Nandu comes in the room and asks whar were you doing ? KAla says dressing the new kala. A new one a younger one. Kala moves aside and tara is there in a bridal wear. Nandu is dazed. Kala says my enemies wanna see kala so tara will be my new face, World will know her as kala. She will be the target of my enemies. I will be on the back and she will be shown to the world. Tara says what will it give you ? Kala says don’t think too much. Tara says first submit the money. Kala says first do my work then I will submit the money otherwise go and wait for jairaj’s death. Tara says okay I will go. Kala calls surraiya and asks her to take the takeaway pack of kala. Tara says listen if you don’t pay the money and something happens to my baba I will kill you and this time there will be real bullets. Tara leaves. Kala says what a threat. Nandu says I will kill you if you pay the money. Kala says I ahve become a sandwhich between you two. Should I kill jairaj or not. Nandu says how will I blackmail adi. Rudra says I am not gonna pay its you who is gonna pay when your work would be done. Nandu says then what is this all for. Kala whispers her plan in nandu’s ear. Nandu says so this plan is to catch those enemies of yours.

Precap-Mj says to his workers that kala has two ways to enter the jungle. We have to get her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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