Ek Boond Ishq 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
kala meets her goon, she says flowers have good smell but pricks too, those who come in my way gets killed, she ask her goon did you give flowers to tara, goon agrees.
mj throws bouquet from tara’s hand, nothing happens, tara says maybe it was for someone else and wrongly came to me, mj looks at bouquet and thinks.
kala says they must be sacred seeing flowers, I didn’t put bomb in bouquet because first I take their peace then I will kill them, she says tomorrow they are going to Shimla, how sweet but this journey can be their last journey, I had tapped their phone.
tara comes in room, mj ask where were you, I was missing you, tara says I was in house only, why you were missing me, mj says actually, he comes closer to her, tara says I am going to see pari, mj stops her and says I am trying to come closer to you but you are not interested, cant you give me your 2 minutes, mj says whenever you go away from me, my hearts stops beating, tara stops him as pari comes there, pari says I am feeling sleepy and I will sleep with you both, tara says why not, go on bed, tara says to mj that you became fool, mj sadly sleeps on bed.

Scene 2
kala says they might sleep today but tomorrow is their last day in world.
in morning, tara and mj are leaving, mother ask them to not worry about her, tara says how cant I think about you, tara ask rani to give medicines to mother on time, pari comes there with her bags, she says I cant live with you both so I am coming, mj says we wont leave you alone, vidant comes there, tara ask did you find nandu? vidant says yes she is living in orphanage, tara says we will come with you, vidant says no, I want to go there and make her agree to come in my life again, he ask them to go now, mj and tara touches mother’s feet, tara ask mj to take luggage, mj says to mother that see why she is taking me on honeymoon, he takes the bags, tara starts leaving the house, tara recalls how she met mj and nandu in om’s house and is in tears, mj wipes her tears, they go from house.

Scene 3
mj tara and pari are in car, car suddenly stops, driver goes out to check the car, mj checks his card, mj says I am not feeling good, call vidant, she says he is not picking the phone, mj ask her to open the gps, suddenly goons comes and take them away from there.
kala says bees are difficult to kill but when they get proud about it then they are killed, mj tara and pari comes there, they are shocked to see kalawati alive, kala smirks, seeing them, she says now came the lord of bees, now your honey moon will be filled with blood, what you thought that I died, PRECAP, mj acts like bablu, tara acts like susela, tara says we thought that kala went from our life but this witch comes in our life again and again, mj cries and acts like bablu, kala does fire in air and ask them to stop this drama, mj says we want this too that you stop this drama, tara says what will you take for leaving me, kala says everything was mine, my father gave everything to young brother and then he gave property to mj, what I got, the FIR against me, mj says what if give you back everything? think kala, property went to trust as they thought we are dead but what if we go there and take property from them, kala ask what about FIR? tara says there is wayl, we can say to police that kalawati and rudra are two different people then they will leave you, tara ask kala to think, kala starts thinking, mj takes gun from kala and points gun at kala, mj says we could have thought about giving you chance but what you did after that you cant be given any chance, see you death now, police comes there and says don’t kill her, mj says I wont kill her, inspector says good your gps was on so we traced you, inspector ask policemen to arrest kala, kalawati is arrested, mj, tara and pari goes from there, inspector puts his gun down and says how can I arrest you, you are our voice, inspector is eunuch too, she says you are our leader, kala hugs her and says we are for each other, we will change the world together, she ask inspector to go from there, inspector leaves, kala sees her bangles and sings saiyyan ji mora chehra na dekho.. she says she shouldn’t have come in mandir…

The End

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. sooo is that the end aww at least mriara are together but they shouldve not killed the family memebers

  2. Moss u tara mj

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