Ek Boond Ishq 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
tara is still tensed but mj pacifie her, tara says i feel like somehing bad is going to happen, mj says only good will happen, mj says i will go 1st then you come home, its time for separation, tara says say that we will meet soon, mj says we cant be separated, now lets go, mj kisses her goes from there. tara comes to villa, she calls out to meethi but finds no answer, she says where are all, she calls adi and sees food half left in plates at dining table, tara comes to dining table and says where all went leaving half food, she listens some noise and goes to see, she sees blood stains on floor like somebody dragged injured person on floor.. tara is afraid, she follows blood stains, she comes in room and sees dead bodies there, she with fearful heart goes to see bodies, face is covered, she sits and takes off sheet from one body, its jairaj’s body, tara is shocked, she tries to wake him up, she goes to other body and its nimmo, then adi’s body, then meethi’s body, she finds mj’s body in last, she runs to him and ask him to get up, she says you promised me that you will not leave me, get up, kala comes there. tara sees him and ask why you did that kala, kala says how you are feeling, didnt you fear to lie me, you know that i like lake of blood even then you fooled me, kala points gun at tara and says punishment of murdering them all will go to leader of covered gang, nandu comes there, kala says now i will be owner of this property, nandu says not me but us, kala turns to her, kala says i said me thats means only me, she points gun at nandu, kala kills nandu too, kala then points gun at tara and shoots.. it all turns out o be bad dream of tara, mj and tara are still at resturant, tara is afraid, mj ask why are you shivering, nothing will happen i am with you, tara hugs mj, mj puts red saree on tara and shows her in mirror, he says look my tara is so beautiful that i feel my eyes will cast bad eye on her, tara thinks that mj said exactly same what i had seen in my dream.

SCene 2
nandu finally is able to open ropes of her chairs, she gets up and says i will not leave adi and meethi.
tara and mj are infront of mirror, tara sees rudra standing there and pushes mj, she says enough of this mj dram, 1st you came behind me in shopping then helped me in shopping but my mj never stays in one shop for more than ten minutes, then you brought me here and ordered all the dishes which i dont like, then you choosed that saree which i dont like now listen to me that never come close to me, you are not mj, tara goes from there, mj says there must be someone here. rudra comes in resturant aqnd ask mj what is he doing here, mj says what you are doing here, mj becomes bablu and says i was going to suseela and saw tara in shop so i thought to impress her, but this tara was taking my test, she is impossible, rudra says all like different colors, you should have told me that you are selecting saree for her, theni would have told you her fav color, mj says i am not your worker but kala’s, rudra says you will not meet suseela, you will come with me, mj cries.

Scene 3
adi meethi finds nandu missing, meethi calls tara and tells her that nandu ran from here, meethi ask her to stop rudra from meeting nandu, tara says mj is with rudra and they will come late, meethi says adi went to catch nandu. outside adi is searching fro nandu, nandu hides.

PRECAP- nandu calls rudra and says i wanna talk to you, rudra is dribving with mj, rudra says i am coming home only, nandu says they will not let me talk to you, you must be thingking where i was, truth is that i was kidnapped.

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