Ek Boond Ishq 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 3rd December 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with goons enters in the house and MJ feels someone behind him. He comes out of the room; blows out the candle and hides there.

Taara and her mom are in the temple, mom asks Taara to pray for long life of MJ. Taara replied that she will do whatever she wants. *FB: Taara reminds some moments she suffered and then the hospital scene, MJ in unconscious, blood donation etc.* Taara prays to God that she is unaware of MJ’s truth and if MJ is culprit God should punish him but if he’s innocent to protect him.

Goons come out of the room, one of them is with a gun… fighting scene… fight and fight… and, all of them runs away. But before that MJ removes mask of one assassin and finds a Kinnar and also spot them wearing Ghagra. MJ is shocked and wonders why a

Kinnar is trying to kill him. He finds the gun that goons left there. He also spots “K” initial carved on the gun.

Yug witnessed the fighting and surprised by seeing someone else also trying to kill MJ. He becomes happy and makes plan to befriend them as enemies enemy are friends.

Shekhawat House
Adi comes to Nimmi and asks for more money. Nimmi refuses but Adi makes an excuse that one of his friends was badly in need of money, so he helped him. He instigates Nimmi saying that, it is not he but MJ, who is lying to her.

Kalawatii’s Den
Kalawatii’s dance. She is in anger and wonders how every time MJ get saved. She takes a gun and points it on herself. She asks all to close their eyes. All do the same and she shoots 3 Kinnars who failed to fulfill their task.

Taara’s House
Taara, Nandu and their mom return from temple. MJ arranges a candle light dinner. Mom impressed with arrangements and praises the Kheer. She remarks Kheer is just like his heart – pure-. Taara takes a Jalebi and starts teasing MJ by saying this is just like MJ’s attitude. Mom asks her to keep quiet.

Next Morning
MJ is on phone and tells Uncle that he will be there in some times. Taara spots MJ going outside and thinks herself it is the right time to find out the truth. She follows him and entered into a house.

Kalawatiis Den
Someone informs Kalawatii about Adi that he is going Kotha regularly. Kalawatii becomes happy on knowing that.

Taara’s House
Yug enters MJs room, searches his bag, and finds the gun which those Kinnars forgot there. Nandu spots him there. He makes an excuse that he came here for a shirt and runs away.

On the other side, Taara enters the house. But MJ was not there. She finds her scarf and thinks this scarf proves that MJ was there.

Precap: Tara faces up to MJ and asks him about Indore tour. MJ says, “it is not necessary to tell everything to Taara”. Taara reminds him that she is his wife. MJ says he doesn’t accept this relationship. Taara says nothing depends on his acceptance.

Update Credit to: Princess

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