Ek Boond Ishq 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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SCene 1
mannat looks at injured om, om smirks at her, she gets to know that he did that deliberately. doctor checks om, he acts like its paining him alot, mannat says you should have been careful while driving, tara says its my fault, I took him to go to Bhopal, om says I will take you Bhopal, tara says no, I will go myself, om says no its not save, tara says no I will go, om points to mannat, mannat says I want you to go to Bhopal but let om be fine, you had accident so we are care for you, you should not go alone, om will take you there, tara says ok, mannat thinks I wanted her to go and now I have to convince her to stay. mannat ask tara to go and rest, she leaves, om stands up, doctor says you will get pain, please sit down, om says now you will tell me about pain and injuries, I like pain so go, he leaves. mannat says good acting brother, om says we have to cross the limit to make this stubborn stay here, mannat says you should take rest, om says no, I have to go to hospital. she says okay.
tara thinks that till when I will be away from mj.
laado is buying guns, man ask 5 lacs rupees for gun, laado checks the gun and says I was seeing where is gold in it as you are asking too much money, man says you can use it then you will know its worth, laado takes and points to pari who is playing there.
mannat pretends to call some doctor, tara is listening to her, mannat says thanks doctor you talked like om is really injured, even I was sacred that om is injured but he did good drama, tara also thinks that he Is severely injured but he pretended all this, tara is stunned..
laado says to man that if the apple(which is near apple) get saved then I will not give any penny, she is pointing near pari when mj comes and takes pari in her hands, he says give me kiss, she kisses him, mj puts her down and looks angrily at laado.

Scene 3
tara comes to om’s room and doesn’t find him, mannat comes there. tara says I listened all what you said to doctor, tara says now don’t lie to me, I have listened it, where is your brother, mannat says he went to his clinic, mannat says you don’t how he is feeling, he thinks that his wife has become conscious after 5 years, he loves his wife a lot, tara says I am not his wife and this is not love but obsession, and I love mj more than he loves sia, I am tara and I will be tara, mannat says you remain tara but you don’t know him, he is very short tempered, if he gets to know that I told you that he did his accident deliberately then he will not leave me, tara says ok I will not tell him that I know because I will not be seen here now, mannat says don’t run from here, tara leaves.
laado says to mj that you don’t trust my target hunting, mj says it was about pari’s life, anything could have happened, laado laughs and says tell you love pari more or me? if you love me more then kill pari and if you love pari more then kill me, decide today, mj says I love you both, laado gives him gun and says choose one from us, its your test, mj says I cant do this, laado says you can, take it, mj takes the gun, laado ask him to choose, mj looks at laado, laado says you will kill me, your mother, mj looks at pari, laado says I lost my leg because of you, will you kill me, kill me.

SCene 4
tara comes down and ask security guard to leave her way, he says om has ordered us to not let you go out, tara goes inside, mannat thinks that I know tara you will run from here and I will help you as I am sister of om.
tara comes in her room and thinks that these people are weird, there is too much security, how to go out, mannat thinks how to help tara to make her run, she sees fire alarm and puts fire around it, alarm starts ringing, all guards come in room to blow off the fire, tara sees all guards inside and thinks that she can run now, she stealthily goes out.
laado makes crying face, mj looks at pari and recalls their sweet moments, mj puts gun on his head, laado is shocked. mj is about to fire but laado snatches gun from him and says I was just kidding, mj says don’t do this again, I love you both a lot, I can die for you, laado says now go, rest, you have win tonight. mj goes in, laado’s servant says what if balli fired at you, laado says he is my balli. she smiles.
tara is going out when one guard stops him, tara attacks him with pot and runs from there, all guards come to him, he says sia ma’am has run, catch her, all guards runs behind her.

PRECAP- mj is busy in club fighting, he fights with some fighter, laado cheers for him, tara is running from home, she comes there where mj is fighting, mj sees her and runs behind her leaving the fight.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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