Ek Boond Ishq 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
om says I lost the one whom I loved so much, tara says to mannat that you didn’t get you love and you destroyed so many lives, if om didn’t like vaibhav then there must be some reason behind it, you didn’t try to find it, you thought your brother as your enemy for whom your happiness was everything, vidant arrests mannat and lady inspector takes her away, vidnat says to om that you used to love sia a lot but how could you doubt her on mannat’s saying, I am sorry I have to aresst you too as you attacked sia first, om says yes I should get punished too, om says to tara that I am sorry, I have hurt you a lot, you had to bear much, tara says you said that you love sia a lot but what kind of love is this which went away just by listening to the words of others, mannat just murdered her but you lost her by your doubt, you killed her by your words only, om is in tears, om comes to mj and says I am sorry mj, I separated you from your tara, please forgive me, mj says I forgave you the day when I saw tension in your eyes for your mother, I knew your problems, om says today I have to leave my mother, can you do me a favor, my mother loves her children allot, we are not worth her love, she has criminal children, I re1quest you to please take care of her, mj says don’t worry about her, we will take care of her, om goes from there with inspector, vidant says to tara that I was living in lie that sia is alive but she died 5 years back only, I thank you both for bringing out the truth, he goes from there. tara says to mother that don’t cry, we didn’t know that when truth will come out, you will be so much hurt, we are sorry, mother says why you are saying sorry, I had tainted children in my life, mj says don’t say like this, I promise that we will become best your son and daughter in law, mother says good happens with good people, your enemies had to expose, tara says our biggest enemy was kalawati and she has gone away from our lives, mother blesses them.

Scene 2
mj and tara’s picture is placed at dart board, dart is thrown at their picture and its is kalawati who did it, she comes from darkness to light and angrily looks at mj-tara’s picture., Kala starts singing, she says in end of story evil wins only and if evil is not winning then this means story hasn’t finished yet.
in morning, mj and pari are asleep in om’s house, tara is singing bhajan, pari gets up and makes mj get up, she says tara is singing bhajan.
in lounge, tara is singing bhajan with mother in mandir area, mj and pari comes there, mj smiles seeing tara singing bhajan, after bhajan, tara gives aarti to mother and touches her feet, mother says earlier you were sia DIl and now you are tara DIL for me, the thing which make me sad is that because of my children you had to bear so much, I am sorry, tara says don’t say this, you are our elder, look because of mannat and om we got you, pari says to tara that be always with me, tara says I promise I will be with you always, mj says to tara that I feel like its all dream, tara ask him to touch her then, he touches her.
mother says to tara and mj that you are starting a new life so I thought that you should go to some other city, it will change your weather, tara says we cant leave you alone, also we are going America for treatment, mother says no, I don’t want to go to America, I want to die in india only, mj says we cant leave you alone, mother says I knew you would say this only so I booked tickets for you and tara for Shimla, you both are going, pari will live with me here, mj says she? she will make your life hell, tara says paro wont be able to live without us, mother says ask pari, pari recalls how mother gave her chocolates and said that when she will ask tara and mj to go then she would not ask to go with them, they need to spend time alone, pari agrees, fb ends, pari says to tara that I will live here with grandmother, you both go.

Scene 3
mj is making mother agree to not send them, vidant comes there, tara says brother come in, vidant gives letter of nandu to tara, tara reads the letter in which nandu says for world, I am wife of kalawati, after meeting you I got new life, now you know the truth and I wont be able to bear your harsh words so I am leaving you, you made my life fill with happiness thanks for that, vidant says how can she think like that, how she thought that my love is so weak that I would not believe her, I love her in present, I will find her at any cost, he leaves. from there.
mj and tara are about to kiss but pari comes and ask what is going on, mj makes distance, tara ask pari tell me truly, you really don’t want to comme with us, pari is silent, mj says if she doesn’t wanna come then don’t force her, tara says what are you saying, she ask mj to talk to pari while she goes from there, mj ask pari you really don’t wanna come with us? pari makes puppy face, mj smiles.

Scene 4
someone brings flowers for tara and goes from there, tara says mj must have brought it, mj comes there and ask who sent you flowers, tara says don’t act, you sent me these flowers, mj says I send you one rose with difficulty, how will I send you whole bouquet, mj says I didn’t send flowers, tara ask then who send it to me?

PRECAP- kalawati’s goon are pointing gun at mj and tara, kala says even death comes infront of me and ask whom to kill and for today I asked death to kill you three.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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