Ek Boond Ishq 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 2nd December 2013 Written Update

MJ and Tara are welcomed with lots of love and affection by Aradhna. Tara the detective finds out that her hubby has gone to Indor yet again, she swears to find the reason behind it.
Tara scares MJ that she has found his secret stuff.. MJ kinda freaks as to now what is she up to!
Then she clears the air saying that its his wallet..she hands to back to him.
As they move ahead, Aradhna brings them together adoring their jodi while MJ feels SIL’s warmth and keeps on looking at her in awe.. MJ chapoys a dialogue that he is family now when Aradhna tries to show her hospitality bring tea. SIl never budges and goes to get some tea for her dear don in law.. MJ is taken aback seeing such kindness.

Kallo freaks out hearing her dad is freed from her hiding place and almost

gets a mini heart attack She thinks who dares to lay hands on her prisoner.. she doubts if its the works of MJ, if he has done this he’ll have to pay its price for sure!

Back at Tara’s mayka MJ is given tea by MIL.. he sips it and is surprised to know that she has given him his fav salt flavored tea… she too is surprised to learn this and feels Tara has quite a spell on him..
Tara becomes a child.. she wishes to drink the tea from her mom’s hand.. MJ has a gentle smile on his face seeing the homely environment. MJ tells his MIL that she is very kind, her daughter is very lucky to have you as her mother. (what her daughter.. sedhe seedh meri biwi nai bolsakta tha?) Aradhna says mothers are always like this.. MJ gets back to the harsh reality.. Tar gives him a knowing look.
Aradhna reminds Tara of their temple visit, Yug tells MJ that they both will be together so that he won’t feel lonely ..Then Arashna inquires abt the preparations.. Tara says she is all set.. the MIL asks MJ to rest.

Kallo inquires on phone if MJ is at Tara’s house.. the guy tells that he is at Tara’s place.. Kallo is now confused as to who is the new person after her.. she gulps down a whole glass of hard drink and throws the glass.

BAck to out much awaited KHIDKI wala room.. Tara struggles with the bolt of the door..seeing this MJ helps her do soo…

MJ unpacks his clothes and doesn’t find his vest.. when asked wify says this is why I asked you to let ME do the packing.. then she arranges for one from her brother’s clothes

He gives her a look holding the vest (how on earth did she come to the conclusion that this tiny piece of cloth would fit me..Tara gal surely seems to taunt him.. didn’t she measure him the umpteen number of times they had some physical contact )

Now she is indeed doing her fav pass time.. interrogating hubby dearest saying he must rest now as he must be really tired of his journeys to Indro n back in such short span.

He recalls how he fought the goons in the attempt to save his grand dad..eat some punches too.
Grandad seeing MJ shouts at the goons to leave him..
Grand dad hears echos of a child saying “dadu aap kidar ho”

MJ gets back to present with a finger snap by Tara… she is on the roll with her detective giri and is hell bent on knowing why does he always go to Indor.he better say the truth as she can read his eyes..he tries not to face her. she recalls even that day he was talking abt Indore when she got to know his truth, what was his connect with the place. Mj tells that on taht day he never got to go to the place..she knows it. She tells now when he has gone there why did he hide it from her.. she is so not gonna accept any false statements as she has seen the petrol pump receipt from Indor.

MJ recalls how he succeeds in chasing the goons off and rescuing his grand dad.. they show flash back of the same situation where MJ as a child sees his granpa tied to a chair as he is now..how the man brands this child as royal as he is by putting on his broach onto his shirt.
Mj frees his granpa of those ties.. those memories he remind himself of and now his nudging wife constantly asking him what was his purpose to go to that place.

MJ gets vexed up and shouts at her that its non of her concern.
Tara asks him to lower his tone, as its his mom-in-law’s house… and all those hnours he been bestowed with by her mom would at once vanish if they know the truth (there.. gal is sucha dumbet.. dediyana idea MJ ko apne say dor karne ka)

MJ, what he cares for.. he is more worried abt his grandad’s plight..how he was kept away from them all these years.. poor man must have gone through so much of pain. Thinking of this he sits on the bed… Tara is worried seeing him worried all of a sudden.

Tara sits near him and asks him to share his pains..he’d feel better… she again persuades him to tell her why did he go to Indor..he gets super annoyed and shrugs her hands off him..he shouts at her to stop troubling him.

Seeing him so frastu she is sure that there is certainly something worrying him… but what is he hiding and why?

Where as Mj recalls the past n present situations where he saved his grand dad and the grand dad embracing him with affection they shed tears. Radha’s dad asks MJ to control himself and take the man from there asap.

MJ tells that they can’t his grand dad home as RP would know their plan.. he cries seeing his grand dad in that position. They take him away from the place in his car.
Mj gathers himself and leaves.. Tara asks where is he heading to.. he gives a look (stop bothering me) and leaves.

TAra feels his pain for the first time and ponders what troubles him. ‘life main life partner ka raaz na jana toh kya kiya!’ Tara plans something for M for not telling her the reason.

Aradhna asks Yug to take care of MJ. Aradhna forgets to grind dal for vada..so she asks Tara n Nandu to carry on and she’d finish the work n come.. MJ comes and tells that he’d help. A sweet MJ tells that he loves to make food and if she wants proof she can call up his baba n know.
He adds that he makes the best Jalebie.. Tara silently laughs at this. Aaradhna feels kinda embarrassed to let her SIL work .. eh says its just putting things into the blender…and she shouldn’t postpone the temple trip. The wife thinks that he has melted her mom.. but she is hard NUT to crack (indeed a NUT of the first order)
They carry on with their trip.

Yug starts his plan by short circuiting the wires to the metal handle of the door of MJ’s room..
Mom-in-law’s rajkumar MJ walks towards his room.. but before he could touch the door a portray hung near by falls..he hangs it back and before he could touch the handle the power cuts.. its Tara the wife yet again saves her husband (though childish)
She takes off the fuse wanting to teach him a lesson for keeping her in dark!

TAra shows MJ the fuse and laughs.. Yug is shocked to see his plans ruin she challenges him to do the grinding with a chakki to impress her mom as she has seen many such ‘Adiyal tatu’(silly gal giving him lesson on chakki pissing from his sasular itsel..which will be handy when he goes to his another sasural -jail)

MJ goes into their room and lights the candle.. (ee engineer viffy)finds the shorted wire to the door handle..e is shocked to discover it..
The masked goons with a gun enter MJ’s room.. Mj gets a hint of it and waits for them..

In a filmy way Aradhna akss Tara to pray for the well being of her husband..where as MJ fights the goons..Yug observes this

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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