Ek Boond Ishq 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
baba ji is son angry. Tara says I don’t know how this cockroach got in there. Baba ji says the soul will never be in peace. It will rot in hell.
Adi goes in, where nandu is standing. he asks what are you doing here ? Nandu says what are you doing here with meethi ? Why don’t you divorce meethi and I will divorce my husband. Adi says we will never be one. Before I get mad at you, get lost. She faces meethi at the door. Nandu says won’t you ask what was i doing in there with your husband ? She says there is no need to ask. You must be trying to get closer and he must be throwing you away. I have been thinking about us lately. I got to the point that you are just his past. nandu says what made you think that there is no place in his present for me ? Meethi says he could

live there with you but he preferred staying here with me. You sisters won’t be able to separate us.
Guru ji says we will be in form of groups. Kala is so celevr she hasn’t decided the location of her celebration yet. Our minister will take the weapons with him. He decides everything. He is hidden in this jungle.
Nandu says your husband was apologizing me. meethi says another lie. Nandu says he showed me your and his divorce papers. Its in his bag, in his file. The same file he takes when goes out looking for a job.

Scene 2
Baba ji says I am going hungry from this house. This house will be in trouble. Tara begs him not to leave the pooja but he leaves. Nandu asks what is this ? Rudra says she called swami so we couldn’t do anything. i put a little cockroach in her food. Nandu says wow you are so clever. Nandu says I have placed a time bomb in the relationship of adi and meethi.

Meethi checks adi’s file and finds the divorce papers. Adi comes and says I know seeing nandu must have made you think like that again. She is just myu past you are my present and future. She cries and says why are you playing this game with me. When you have decided to divorce me why are you doing this.
At the house Rudra and nandu make fun of tara. Rudra says you said you will do pooja in this house. Tara says yes pooja will go on and will do it. Rudra says do you know anything ? SHe says I don’t know but God has goven me strength.She starts doing pooja herself reading from a book.
Adi says I never made those divorce papers. Meethi says how they got in my file. Meethi says you didn’t even know what you were doing in nandu;s arm in that hotel room. He says yeah I don’t. tara bhabhi gave me tea and said you are reday to meet me when I went there it was nandu then i fainted later. When I woke up you were there. I am trying to fix it and they are trying to break us. SHe says I don’t know whom to trust. He says listen what your heart says. Adi says please don’t think just let everything go with the flow. Everything will be okay but if you leave me nothing will ever fix again. He hugs her.
Tara is reading the mantars and doing the pooja. Nandu says don’t worry I am here to ruin it. She puts some water on the fire but its not blwoing. She brings more water but it doesn’t work. Tara ends the pooja. She prays for mj and says please God accept my pooja. Rudra says pooja only gets accepted when you bring some food to a hungry baba. There is one at the door. Tara says I am coming. She goes to him and gives him some food. She says its was my husband’s pooja. Please pray for his soul. Just don’t eat this sweet. Nandu says yeah a cockroach jumped into it you can’t eat it. Baba ji says we are good humans. Its doesn’t matter. Can’t i just eat it for the peace of mj’s soul. He eats it and prays for mj.

Scene 3
In the jungle Guru ji is making his me ready for training. They say we won’t train until we don’t get to know who is our leader. Guru ji says thats the tarining for today. Your leader is in this jungle find him and take him to me. He has some lightening on his face that is on the face of some rare people.
They all go to find him.

Scene 4
Nirmala, jairaj, aradhna and faheem see tara distributing some food among the poors. They wonder why is she doing that ?She didn’t allow rudra to do the pooja. Jairaj says maybe she has realized her mistake. I should talk to her. nirmala says she has insulted us already. You should not go. She should come to you. They wait for her to come suddenly a car stops by and points a gun towards her. SHe sits in that car. Nirmala sasy looks she has gone. Jairaj says she proved me wrong again.

Scene 5
The car drops tara on a cliff. SHe wonders why have they taked her there. A car stops anndu and rudra come out of it. Tara asks why have you brought me here ? Rudra says to celebrate you win against me. His soul got the peace. Nandu takes out mj’s asthiya. Tara says don ‘t you do anything to them Please return them to me. Nandu says she loosk so good this way. Rudra says I will blow them in the air. Tara runs after him. They go at the edge of the cliff. Tara is crying hard. Rudra drops it on the ground and all the asthiya are on the ground.
A man gets up from ground his body is all covered with leaves and mud.
Rudra says what would you do now ? You talked about revenge you couldn’t damage us a little. tara says laugh as much as you can but the good will win over the evil. You will be punished like ravan. Rudra says you are the one who is gonna punish me? tara says if its written with my hands. You will see it Rudra.
That’s man sits, his body is covered with mud.
rudra syas you mean he is gonna send some angel. Let me appeal please God send her some help. Its the rule of evil. No one is gonna help you. There will be no miracle.
The unknown man stands up.

Precap- tara asks faheem where are baba and other people. He says don’t even call his name. He is fighting for life because of you. Tara asks what happened to him ? He says heart attack.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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