Ek Boond Ishq 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 29th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
tara is changing injections, rudra blabbers that your habit of eating in night will not go thinking its nandu, tara thinks that she cant go back now. in jungle mj is punching punching bag hardly. he recalls how tara said that she trust, guru ask why is he punishing himself, mj says i have to lie to tara, i hurt her everyday, i am hating myself, i put him problems, i asked her to change injections but what if she gets caught, guru says when you fight for right everything helps you, tara is fighting for right so nothing will happen to her. i villa tara changes injections and goes. rudra turns and sees nandu sleeping, he ask did you go to almirah, she says no key in beneath your pillow, they see key in cupboard, nandu how it came here, they see everything at its place.

tara is tensed, nandu ask why injection is not affecting him, tara thinks adi try to understand that i have given you wrong injection please act like you are unconscious, she says to nandu that maybe he havnt eaten anything thats why injection is not affecting him, nandu says weird and it may happen, tara ask her to go and bring food, she goes, tara says to adi to listen to her, she says please act like you are unconscious, i am not playing any game, you will get to know the truth but please act like unconscious, nandu comes and sees adi unconscious, tara says dont worry i will keep check on him, tara leaves to, adi thinks is it new plan of tara or she is saying truth.
nandu tells rudra that tara gave injection and she said that she cant trust people who ditched her, she is changed, rudra says dont believe her. rudra gets a call and says okay, nandu ask whose call was this? he ssays i am not answerable to you, you brought adi here and now asking me questions, i will grab your tongue, ara comes there and thinks leader was right that because of adi they are fighting, rudra leaves, tara says to nandu that rudra treat you like servant, he made property on his name and you are working for him, ypu would have made half property yours. nandu ask what?

guruji runs from there, mj searches for him, guru comes to nimmom he says i told you to not come here, she says i couldnt stop being a mom, do you have any news of adi? he sayws i cant tell you about adi but you all will soon enter villa because of adi, nimmo ask so kidnapping adi was your plan? he says no it was of enemy, but your son mj planned good, you should tell him that you are his mother, nimmo says i am afraid that after knowing me he gets weak, i will tell him after he wins war against kala, mj listens to them hiding behind tree but couldnt see her face, nimmo says soon i will tell him that i am his mother. mj is stunned.

PRECAP- tara says to adi that you know that rudra can make wrong into right or can make right into wrong, this way he trapped mj in case of radha, adi ask what you wanna proof, tara shows him pic of kala and makes mustache on it, adi is stunned to see that its same like rudra.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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