Ek Boond Ishq 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 28th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with, Dai maa and nirmal tara comes there and dai maa says that all these things are to send with you when you will go your home.tara saya whats the need of all n this.. nirmala says I am doing this because we have an reputation in the society. MJ comes there and nirmala sees tara’s dupatta in his hand and say good you are ona good line and MJ says its not like that and nirmala says its ok and gives some bad comments about tara’s family and MJ defends tara and goes. Yug is shown in tara’s house with nandu and aradhna. Yug suggest ardhna to give nandu room to them as it have a window and aradhna agrees to it. MJ and tara is shown arguing that MJ will not go with tara and baba comes there tara asks him to make MJ understand. Thakur asks hima and he says no I have work Rudrapratap comes there and says I was expecting this I knew you would deny your father and says to Thakur that today he has said no to you once and then will do this again. MJ agrees to go with tara and leaves… Rudrapratap thinks that you will go there onnyour feet but you will come back on your arthi. Tara is packing her things and MJ givea back her duppatta and she says its not mine… MJ says really… Tara says now I have to tell you about a duppata too I dont like duppatta while working now let me pack your stuff, She packa his stuff and MJ says that you say you are my wife soo you should keep in mind my likes and dislikes. Tara says you havnt told me soo I would I know.. I want to know everything about you.. MJ takes back his bag and packs it.. Tara says you are arrogant and al and MJ says I am like this and qill be like this. Aradhna and nandu meets Rudrapratap on the road he asks to drop them till house.. They agrees and Rudrapratap asks that are the preparations going for welcoming of MJ. And says do you knwo that if a newly married couple lives in a room witha window it is great and asks her the direction of door… Aradhna asks him about tea but he denies. Tara is in her room and thinks about how will she ask about radha to MJ and remembers the scene when she kept Rudrapratap’s file in his room and Rudrapratap slaps him. Tara says that there is something in the file that MJ gone to tayaji room to get it. Tara goes in Rudrapratap’s rooom and stars finding the file… But Faheeem comes there and asks tara that what are you doing there? –

Tara says I hot yo find something.. Faheem says to tara that I knwo you are finding some anseers but if some questiins remains unanseered it is better soo…and the answers will arise soo much questions that you will be burdened in them.. And says that today what happened has happened it ahould not happen again… And tara leaves from there… Kalawati is shown playing with a toy rat and orders her men to capture MJ…

– Tara is shown going down the stairs and thinks that there is some secret which everybody is hiding.,. She collides with MJ and his papers falls.. They bend downs together to pick them up but thier heads collides.. Tara hands him over all the papers and they share an eye lock… MJ is leaving tara says I helped you atleast say thank you… And he drops all the papers again,, and picks them up… And goes… Tara says that MJ is karwa krela neen chada (bitter)… Next day tara is ready to leaves and takes blessing from evrybody.. Thakur asks where is MJ and tara says I dont know baba.. Thakur asks Joseph that has he seen MJ he says no..



Update Credit to: WingsOfHearts

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