Ek Boond Ishq 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 28th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
kala shouts on nandu that because of you a man came in my pink room, nandu says i dont know how he came here, kala says should i also shoot you by mistake, i was happy to roam freely in house but now i will be scared that he can see me, nandu says i will tie him tightly this time, kala says no go to jungle with him, nandu says no dont that, kala says what else you can do, nandu says i have one way that we should give him same injection which we use to give to dadu, so he will sleep whole day then you can roam freely, kala says what if he sees me? nandu says then give me any punishment you want, nandu says should give him 1 injection per day, kala says can give 2 but he will die then, adi gets conscious nandu gives him injection, tara sees this stunned and thinks to tell

this to guruji.

Scene 2
tara is walking in the jungle. She sees footsteps of a man. The same she saw before. She hears someone reciting the mantra. She says this is mj’s voice. She follows the voice and goes in the alcove where mj is reciting it. His head is on the other side. Tara moves forward. She says mj.. He opens his eyes and stands up. Tara says that was you. You were in front of me in face of that leader. I could feel that my mj is near but you concealed that you’re alive. I was so wrong. Guru ji comes in and tries to control her. She says please baba let me talk to my mj. She says you knew baba that mj is alive you still lied to me. Guru ji says what are you saying he’s not mj he’s our leader. Tara says this isn’t mj? He says yes. Tara holds his hand and turns him on the other side. Its someone else. Mj has replaced a man in his place and goes out while she was talking to guru ji. Tara says how is that possible i heard mj’s voice. Guru ji says i can understand our leader’s voice resembles with mj a lot. That’s why you felt like it was mj. He is our leader not mj. Tara is in tears. Mj is looking at her from behind the window. Mj says that’s better for you tara.

Scene 3
rudra comes to jairaj and says what have i been listening that adi left the house and says meethi comes there in villa with police, jairaj says we thought nandu kidnapped adi, meethi says nandu wants adi and when he denied so she kidnapped him, rudra says i know i did mistake to marry her but she is not that bad, she cant think of doing this, meethi says you can believe on her crocodile tears but i dont, i fully believe that nandu is behind this, rudra says you can think what you want, i will stay with my belief, he says i pray that adi comes back, he leaves, jai says innocent rudra, he will be shattered to know that nandu and her sister are fooling him, nimmo thinks that soon everyone will know who is innocent and who is culprit, my mj will set everything right.

SCene 4
in jungle, mj says thanks to his man, he says we have same height and we give dodge to many people, he leaves, mj says dodge hmm. inside guru says to tara to let it be, tara says it is my maddness that i think mj is alive even though i saw him dying infront of me, mj listens to this, he comes in and says have tea, tara drinks and says it is same like mj, mj says tea have taste of tea bag and sugar not someone’s hand, mj says i have one rule that i dont work with people who dont trust me, tara says you cant do this, i faced your bullet to get your trust, i signed on property papers as you said, you are my only hope dont do this with me, i need your help most, adi is in problem, nandu is giving same injections to adi which rudra used to give to dadu so he came candihapped, only you can help me, please, guru says i say sorry on her behalf, let it go. mj says okay but dont do this mistake again, tara says never. mj says listen then, nandu can do anything to keep adi in villa, taking advantage we should bring family people one by one in villa, tara thinks is this possible, mj says dont ask this qustion, i will tell how it will happen, he tell her his plan which is muted.

SCene 5
tara comes back in villa and looks at injections, she recalls mj giving her and saying that these are normal glucose injection which you will replace with injections nandu is giving to adi, tara says then nandu will doubt, mj says you have to make adi partner in your plan.Tara goes in remembering when leader asked her to make adi part of his plan. Tara says nandu must have placed the injections in closet. She goes towards it and tries to open. The closet is locked. Tara says the key must be beneath kala’s pillow. Tara is sneaking in the room. She takes the key from kala’s pillow. Tara opens the closet. Kala says in slumber your habit of eating midnight hasn’t changed.


Precap- mj is hitting punching bag. Guru ji says you started punishing yourself again. Mj says what if she gets caught while replacing the injections.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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