Ek Boond Ishq 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
mj says I listened that voice somewhere but where, he gets laado’s call and thinks what to tell her, why I didn’t kill her, he takes the call and its pari, pari says I got hurt, I am afraid too, mj ssays don’t worry, I am coming, pari smiles. after some time, mj comes, pari does acting that she got hurt in foot, mj sees it and says there is no wound, pari says I got sprain, mj says okay I will bring aid, he get the aid and says why you didn’t tell me before, she says it was difficult to take laado’s phone, mj says sorry, pari says you beat all but that jerk laado surpasses you, mj cries, pari ask why are you crying, he says don’t know, pari says one minute and runs inside, mj sees her running fine, pari comes with water, mj says why you lied to me that you are hurt, she says I know you don’t want to work what laado asked so I called you back, she says you will not leave me? he says rabbit and bear always leave together, he kisses her and hugs her. mj thinks that nobody should hurt pari because of me.

Scene 2
om is asking for laptop, pa comes and says to sign the papers as you are going, one girl comes and says its the tickets for you and your wife for Bhopal, om says I am not going anywhere, he is about to throw it but tara comes and says good morning, come have breakfast then we have to leave for airport, I thought that before leaving I should make breakfast, look I have many things come eat, mannat thinks I have to eat this oily food now, tara says to om that I asked mannat to pack your stuff and laptop as I don’t know what you need when you go out of town, I will bring tea.

Scene 3
laado is in beauty parlor, she says my balli did jackpot, so I am splurging, balli comes there, laado says my loin did a great work, I am so happy, balli says laado I couldn’t do the work. laado says what, he says I couldn’t do the work, all parlor people leaves.
om and mannat having breakfast, om ask mannat why you packed my stuff, she says I had no option, you have to take her to Bhopal, tara serves tea, tara sasy I will need you in Bhopal as I have to find mj and pari, he drinks and spits, she says oh I gave you my tea it have salt, he say what who drinks salted tea, he recalls his past moments with sia looking at tara. pa comes and says its time to to leave for airport. they come on gate, tara meets mannat and says I am going only because of you, thanks, tara goes with om, mannat smirks.
mj is tied, laado comes there with pari, mj pleads to leave pari and gives punishment to him instead, laado brings pari infront, laado takes the money from a man and laado is giving him pari in return of pari, mj says don’t touch pari, I will break your hand, man who bought pari is coming near pari.
mannat says finally, tara is gone, now I am the queen. she drinks wine and says love you brother, man is approaching pari, mj tries to open his rope, he breaks and stops man, mj ask pari to go inside, man says to man that I told you I will break your hand if you try to touch pari, mj beats the mans and breaks his hand, mj fights with all laado’s men, laado is angry, mj throws all the men infront of laado, he says to laado that I thank you that you saved my life but my breath is in pari and never try to hurt her. laado gets the call of mannat, mannat says why you didn’t take my call, laado says its my choice, mannat says thank god you didn’t kill her, I am taking back my deal, laado says what about my money, mannat says you will get it, she ends the call, laado kisses balli and says good you didn’t do the work, but remember don’t take my words lightly, I won t spare you if you do that again.

tara and om are in car, tara says I never came to dehli and I came in this state, she ask how did I reach here, my accident happened on Bhopal,i know you still think that I am your husband sia but I am not, when we will reach Bhopal you will know the truth, that I am tara, om thinks that you will never reach Bhopal, I will not let that happen, he drives the car in full speed and does accident deliberately, he gets injured. tara sees him and is shocked.
mannat is eating food, servant says I have seen you eating this food 10 years back, you do deiting, mannat says I am so happy so it will be metabolized, go from here now, mannat sees time and says tara would have reached her house and would be settled till now. just then tara comes in with injured om, tara calls for mannat, mannat is shocked to see them back.

PRECAP- mannat pretends to call some doctor, tara is listening to her, mannat says thanks doctor you talked like om is really injured, even I was sacred that om is injured but he did good drama, tara also thinks that he Is severely injured but he pretended all this, tara is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i lost interest in ebi SINCE THE LEAP – – writers run out of ideas then take leap – delay truth coming out just drag and drag the programme unnecessarily

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