Ek Boond Ishq 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 27th January 2014 Written Update

The epy starts on a lovely dovely note EBI
MJ talks to himself worried about Kaka and dadu..on asked by biwiji…he fumbles..and on TAra’s alert he almost gets saved from an accident.. a few vehicles stop behind them with a jerk.
He shouts at a moterist shouting at him to go an answer his call somewhere else…in the process his wallet slips and falls out of the car when he opens the door…
Tara with her famous Bhay of Bhopal tongue says ‘abay oh…dunya dekh kar sadak pay ati hain..par tu toh sadka pay bhe nai dekhra hai..teri toh..’Before she could move out of her seat..her flocks gets tuck in her husband’s brooch (tabhee sonchu yeh scene abhee tak aya kyun nai..quite romantic I say.. these two extremely good looking people just raise the heat!) She tries

to unknote it but in vain… then he gently untangle… biwi ka haat chodney ka koi irada nai thaa iss adiyal tattu ka..han!

Then a man breaks their moment saying ‘Areey aa..Ashiqui ka SRK’ But Taar shows the man away… but wait..what did we see here? MJ actually liking the whole thing- the COMPLIMENT… he was indeed foolishly grinning hearing the comment he has that glint of herogiri shining on his face…(it was as if…Mj is hinting.. hey that’s right..the guy is tight.iss ko bhe samjh main agaya meeri dambo ko kab samjh main ayegaa….) And the hunk says why was she mad at the guy, he was right..she replies that Ashiqui didn’t star SRK.. these two smile at that! awww love this subtle hint he gives her kya romance hai) Then they move on.

At the SHikhawat ville…everyone has their dinner..Jayraj seems to be busy in his thoughts.. wonders if MriRAa have reached the place safely… on asked by RP, he says they have called him they after visiting the darga will be going to the makhbara place too..
Meanwhile RP gets a call from his gang informing that MriRaa has not reached the Darga yet..they must have gone some place else..he smells fowl that Jayraj is up to something!

Backk here Radha rests at night… while the guards play cards… the lights get off…and the next moment they hear a baarat (n I thought it was Radha’s baarat) on hearing the drum rolls and all the guards go out and enjoy the dance.. seeing this an opportunity Radha escapes…but she gets caught later.

The next morning.. MriAra in the car… Taraa sees a dhaba and asks MJ to stop by to eat something…after the wife’s constant request the hubby agrees..
Mj parks his car by a side and is shocked to know that his wallet is missing..he searches the whole car but realizes that he lost all his money (I wonder what must have happened to wify’s bag… guess dargayee hongey..last time toh gn nikla usmainsay ..iss baar bomb hee na nikaley usmain say! And spl mention to her hair… whats wrong with it… god Taara seems to have this Bad hair WEEK this time!)

Aradhna, pampers Yug by making him gajar ka halwa… Yug gets FBs of his hostel days when Radha would send him gajar ka halwa on his b’day… then Aradhna takes Yug to the hall ..Yug gets a surprise B’day party by Nandu n Aradhna.. they cut the cake and Nandu and Yug share some sweet moments… painting each other’s face wid the cake.

( EBI has always shown the concept if there is some lose then there comes *instant* filler to it… first it was Taara who got Jayraj knowing at her door when she lost her father like Chaat shop..and now its Yug who gets a mother in Aradhna the day after he loses his father..!Irony reloaded)
The Tv flashes a news regarding the gal who got shot in the rally … it has come to light that the gal must have been taken out side of Bhopal as the police discovered a car in which a similar looking dupatta is spotted and the police is desperately searching for more clues..(MJ hears the same news at the dhaba) He tells Tara that they can’t eat at the dhaba… If the place is not hygienic then its not a pt to be concerned as she can digest stones too..MJ says that asks Tara to make thing moving..

Radha is trapped at the place…and searches a way to escape..then a woman comes and gives her some clothes and food.. she keeps the door open and sits in the veranda.. Radha sees this as her only chance to escape and slips from there wid the clothes she was given… the guards call Kallo and inform her that their plan has worked and Radha has escaped ..Kallo asks them to follow Radha, as they can reach MJ through her.

Then Tara goes to a new by chaat stall and orders Alubonda…on constant nudge by his wife on why was he standing their with chiller …he says that he lost his wallet.. she asks the price of the bonda and returns them back kkeeping one to herself.. On offering him to eat he refuses..she explains that when a couple promises to share their pain and happiness, it includes hunger too… the wife amazes him even more saying ‘lets share our hunger too’ She then first gives it to MJ… after her persistent persuasion he takes a bite of it..and she eats the next…after finishing the bond they move on… MJ is touched to see his wife’s affection.

Kalavati plays the chess game..she finds the horse of the opposite side is too smart…the next move would have been her check-mate..but better late than never..she kills the horse piece…in the game.
RP calls Nimmo..(saasu ma ka naya wardrobe cool.. her DIL’s ways her rubbing off her..her suit resembles Tara’s suit Nimmo is lookin really pretty) so moving on RP poisens Nimmo and inquires if Jayaraj tells her everything..or is he hiding anything.. on inquired by Nimmo, RP shows his doubt that Jayraj has conspired something along with MriAra..he asks her to be careful. RP resolves to end the horse n the queen.

Radha successfully escapes and gets on a bus..(wonder where did she get the bus fare from) At that very moment MriAra walk from the opposite direction and gets on another bus… Radha n Taara are about to see each other.

Update Credit to: sankalp

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