Ek Boond Ishq 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mj recalls tara asking him to bring sia back. I can’t live her life any more.
he recalls the waiter who gave him his number. He calls him but his number is not reachable.
omkar comes home. Pooja I on going. tara says in heart I have heard that God gives the power to deal with problems long with them. Give me strength God to come out of this problem.
pari looks at laddo. she squeezes her cheek. pari goes to bali. Tara gives the parsad to maa. maa says you have given me the hope to live. now I am asking God to give me some more time so I can play with my grandchildren.
Maa says bahu gives the atri to baba ji and receive prayers from him. tara goes to laddo. Ladoo says rudrakal keeps everything in his fists. She givs him a medicine and says drink it in the milk at night God will give you a son soon. Maa says bahu touch his feet tara says yes maa ji.
tara drops the arti of laddo’s feet. Laddo screams its burnt its burnt. maa says pardon her baba ji. She did a mistake. tara is about to leave. maa says today go in om’s room. tara says okay. Laddo says I know you did this deliberately. You proved me right. I will get more proofs when omkar will come to you.

Scene 2
Tara is in the room. she is tensed. omkar comes in. She is in tears. She locks the door. tara says listen please don’t do this to me. omkar comes forward. tara says you know i am not your wife. We just look alike but we are different. You know that. Please don’t come forward. she takes the knife and says i will stab you if you come forward. omkar holds her hand. tara says leave me. suddenly they hear the door knocking. its maa ji. tara swipes her tears and opens the door. maa says i know everything now. omakr says what everything maa ? maa says i didn’t expect this from you. you concealed everything from me. Omkar says its not like that. maa says i was doing such a blunder. she has promised to God that she will stay away from her husband for a month. baba ji thought well for us but your belief can’t go in vain. you can complete your fast too. but when you are done with this fast after a month you will have to do as baba says. Baba says yeah she has to fulfill the fast. i will look for another solution.
maa says you are doing this for whole family. GO to your room. tara stares at laddo and leaves. maanat says baba ji you should go to your room as well.

Scene 2
laddo breaks a glass in anger. She recalls all her plan and how it got ruined. he says this trick is over as well. this girl is tara for sure that is why she escapes from all my plans. She sits on the bed. Laddo says the pigeon is escaping every time. this time i will come up with an intact plan. You won’t be save this time.
tara is going to her room. she feels like someone is following her. She stops and looks back. no one is there. She goes in her room. Mj is hidden behind a pllar. tara comes to her. he says you wre in your room. tara says the only one who cares for me is you. he says i just came to find if you are okay ? tara says i am okay and that’s because of you. he says i knew that only one person can save you and that’s maa ji. he tells her he went to maa ji and told her that sia has given a chit. maa asked what is it ? Mj said i don’t know she said only a woman can say that to a woman. maa read the letter that said that she has vowed for a fast for the peace of the house. tara says i knew you would save me.
mj says its too late you should go and sleep. tara says what if i say i am not sleepy. i wanna spend some time with you. mj says please its too late. tara says just some moments. he says no. tara says okay i am going to roof. you go to sleep. He says what is there is some danger there ? tara says what if you don’t spend some time with fear.

tara goes up. mj stands in the stairs. tara says will you be able to save me from there if someone attacks me. He comes forward. tara sits. she says sit down, it doesn’t cost. tara says you know sometime i feel like everything has changed then i feel like nothing has changed. Mj says means ? She says you were the same in past. rude. he says can we go now ? tar says no. Don’t you wanna know how you were in past ? you were the best. as a husband, as a son, as a brother. tara says i feel like he knows i am not sia but there is something he is concealing. I wonder how and where will sia be. what would have happened to her in that resort ?

Precap- rani asks tara is sir going with you ? How can he go sunshine resort management has come to meet him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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