Ek Boond Ishq 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 26th September 2013 Written Update

So nothing exciting happened except that Mriara sat beside each other during reception and Tara spilled ink pot on Jay’s sketches and when Jay sees that, he is furious and he holds Tara’s arm tightly leaving marks and tells her that they have no relation except being strangers and she should never touch his things again. He leaves and Tara cries.

The scene starts off with Kala getting off the car and advancing towards the house whilst here Tara was trying to escape.

Undercover Bhai Sahab has plans to check out the celebrations at Thakur Jairaj Singh’s house.

Kala says to herself, “Where have these people come from (servants) hadd hogayi, chup ke bhi jashan nahi dekh sakte”, irritated that he can’t check out the bride…and leaves! Huh!

At Tara’s house, Nandu returns…and Aradhna enquires about Tara’s wellbeing apart from wanting to know all about the groom. Nandu remarks, “She is fine and enjoying herself…and yeah that would have been my place…had you not said no for me.”
Nandu dreams of landing in a house bigger than Tara’s and that she would some how force and find a way for Aditya to marry her. Aradhna notices the jealousy spewing out of her older one.
Nandu continues, “Sorry mom whatever happened has happened. What’s the point in thinking about it. BTW your pet is very happy there. She was asking about you. Only one regret, if only I had met Jijaji” This comes as a surprise to Aradhna, so Nandu explains, “If I had been asked to stay a little longer then I would have met him.” Explaining Jay’s mother attitude towards her.
Tara is tracked down, found and brought into the house back again!
Jairaj questions Tara, “Why are you so scared, where did you go?” Nirmala dismisses off the servants and begins her bhashan again as usual…about her dignity and blah blah… Then instructs Daijaan to take her away and get her ready again.
Mrityunjay enters his father’s room, who removes a satin cloth inside which there are two beautiful gold kangans. His father explains, “These are a family heirloom, which has to be passed on to the bahu at muhh dikhai rasam, now you have to continue with the tradition and will ensure to give them to Tara.”
Jay stands in stoned silence. Father says, “I know you will not say no to me for anything. This marriage too is against your wishes, which proves that for you my command is bigger than your own desires. Thanks for trusting my decision. Whatever I have done it’s for your own good. And whatever I do in future its only and only for your own good.”Mrityunjay averts his face…Father takes his hand and places the kangans on his palm asking him to get ready.
A beautiful song is being sung by a singer at the reception… Meethi brings Tara down the stairs, with Mrityunjay following them. She made a beautiful bride…yet her face has that sadness…gone is the chirpiness…instead walks a young woman…towards an unknown, daunting and scary future … Behind her walks Mrityunjay like a zombie… complete strangers…two bruised souls…hurting…

Meethi takes Tara away to their room which is decorated beautifully in red and white. On noticing Tara’s anxiety assures her that everything would be okay and leaves.
As soon as Meethi leaves Tara begins to grumble over her unaccomplished escape due to the function… And then resigns to her fate… Accidentally whilst getting up from the chair she spills ink on his sketches. A sketch of a woman’s eyes is smeared with ink. She decides to clean up but then simply tears off the page, crumples it and throws it away. And then goes and sits on the bed in a dulhan position pulling down her ghunghat.
Mrityunjay (This guy walks like a model!) walks towards the room holding the kangans in his hand, enters and bangs the door shut. Recollecting those words about his heinous crimes, she stiffens and is terrified with his presence. Tara clutches at her ghagra tightly…fists clenched… panic stricken, she prays and averts her face from his gaze. Still standing he throws the kangans on the bed…and turns away. He then turns back and moves towards the bed…heartbeats racing she moves further away, shuts her eyes…frightened to death. Jay picks up the cushion and goes on to sit on the recliner with his back turned to her. Tara heavesa sigh of relief, glad that the storm had passed.
Jay notices a ball of crumpled paper on the floor. He gets up and picks it up. Something sacred was tampered with…his sketches…he advances to his table opens the book and finds that ink is spilt on all of them…a sketch of a woman’s face…a pair of lips, a side frame of a woman… He is horrified…screams…walks towards her, roughly pulls her arm and roars at her, “You don’t have any right…neither on me…nor anything in my room…you are here only because of Baba… and there is no relationship between us…and if even there is one then it is of strangers and strangers do not touch one another’s things… He flings her on the bed…she cries out in pain…Mriyunjay walks out in fury. He bangs his hand against the railing. Tara sits there BRUISED and broken… crying bitterly…looking at her hurting arm. She says, what a mess you have you got yourself into…trapped with a stone-hearted monster of a man.”

Precap: Meethi comes to Tara with a naughty smile asking about Mrityunjay. Tara is still hurting…

Update Credit to: ddFan2012

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