Ek Boond Ishq 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
all sit on dining table, tara thinks to act like sia infront of kala, she says to om that she will serve him food, she says to om that I made your favorite dish, kalal looks at tara, mother says to pray baba that they remain loving to each other, kala says they have much love between them, tara says to om that he will make him eat, she makes him eat with her own hands while mj is hurt to see this, om gets call and goes to attend it, its manager from sunshine resort, manager tells om that one person came to resort and asked about you and sia, om is stunned and says to give him information, if he gets some.
at night, tara comes to mj and ask what was information he got from sunshine hotel, mj says I showed receptionist the picture of om and sia but she didn’t recognize it but there was one waiter, he got afraid seeing the pic so I grabbed him, flashback shows waiter sayin he will tell mj everything., mj says he gave his number and asked me to call later, mj says now go to your room, tara says yes, mj says stay away from om, tara ask what? mj says if he is not your husband then you shouldn’t be close to him, tara says as you say husband.. I mean friend, she leaves. tara is going when she strikes with om, om thanks her, laado hides and listens to om and tara, tara ask om thanks for what? he says for understanding my mother, for making this home happy, tara says don’t forget for what we are doing all this, she leaves while om goes to other room, laado thinks that whats wrong, why they are sleeping in other rooms, I have to find it out.

Scene 2
vidant sees sia’s pic in his wallet, nandu comes and takes wallet from him, nandu runs, vidant runs behind her to get the wallet, vidant grabs her and they get closer, they share an eyelock, nandu says lets go to your sister, if you fought with her then go to her and solve it, I cant see you in pain so go to her and says sorry, I know how much it pains to be away from your family, vidant says after coming out of coma, sia doesn’t recognize me, she didn’t tie rakhi to me and now I decided to not go to her house till she recognize me, she will come to me when she will remember me, he thanks nandu for supporting him.
tara is in her room when she listens some noise, she comes in hall to see kalal doing weird pooja, kala looks at tara, she comes to tara and puts hand on her forehead, she touches tara’s hand and says that God help you out, she says that only god can save this house now, mother ask why are you saying this, kala says the future is adrk and I don’t have solution for that, mother ask what dark future? kala says I saw your house burning in future, your house will finish, I cant handle this future, mother says there must be some solution for it, please do something, kala says only one person can save this house from dark future and that person is your daughter in law sia, tara is stunned, kala says she will save this house, kala says that this house must get a heir(child of om and sia) only then future can be bright, tara is stunned, mother says that tara will fulfill this, its my desire too, kala says that your son and your DIL stays in other rooms, om says we stay on other rooms as sia was in coma then she is under observation, mother says now she is fine, from now on sia will be in om’s room, tara is shocked and cant believe this, kala ask om not to be shy, mother says from this darkness will remove from this house.

Scene 4
tara is crying in her room, mj comes to her, she says this all is wrong, mj says don’t worry, tara says why not, this is wrong, I cant stay with him as I am not his wife but your wife, you don’t remember it but you know I am not sia, I cant do anything, I cant tell truth to mother, I have to act like sia infront of her, she cries. mj feels awkward but wipes tara’s tears, tara hugs him and cries, mj hugs her back, mj says don’t worry, without your consent nobody can touch you, its my promise to you, mj hugs her tightly, tara says when all this will be finished? when we will becomes one, mj breaks the hug and says don’t worry, I am here, tara says please mj find sia soon, I cant live her life, mj leaves from there.

PRECAP- kala says my this trick also became void, she destroyed my game, she is definitely tara, now I will play the solid game.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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