Ek Boond Ishq 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 25th November 2013 Written Update

Tara comes out of her bed still feeling weak looking for the person who rescued her. She sees a guy lying in bed and being attended to. Realizes it’s not him who gave her blood…she moves to the next bed, doctor around and nurse discuss about him being very weak and yet did not hesitate to give blood to the girl… The nurse explains that he hadn’t eaten before donating…visible is his hand…nothing more. She strains to see a glimpse of the person… Once the doctor and nurse moves away she sees his face…the man who risked his life to saves hers…she is shocked and feels terrible and begins to cry seeing his state all because of her…in his hand stays his lifeline…she recollects what he had told her that he would only eat when she would nourish him with Love…and then remembers that throughout the day he had refused to eat despite Joseph and Vasu telling him to do so. He had been waiting for her to come to him…and she had stayed away…she says to herself, “I have not seen a person like you, I don’t understand whether you want to protect me or destroy me? On one hand you try to kill me on the other hand you risk your own life to save mine! I have never known a friendly enemy like you.” She stands there and cries her heart out…Who are you Mrityunjay?

One of the women from the clan applies henna on Kala’s left hand whilst she is sleeping. When she gets up she realizes and is very upset as to how could she hide it from others.
Tara’s mom gets to know from Nandu that MJ & Tara met with an accident and so is worried crazy about them and wants to meet Tara. Due to the strike Yug opts to take her there. Yug glad at last he gets to meet Mrityunjay.

Mrityunjay and Tara are brought home. The whole family gathered around them. Baba asks how the accident occurred, he looks at Tara, whilst Tara is about to explain that it was due to her fight, Mjay takes the blame and goes on to explain that he did not take care of her as he was told to do so. Father finds it hard to believe as he knows Mjay is a cautious driver.

When asked about not eating his meals, Tara takes the blame saying he did not eat because she did not serve him properly. They keep looking at each other…he objects and wants to take the blame for that too. Nandu latches on to their nok jhok…and the way they were defending each other. When all leave the room she looks towards him, still miffed with her he looks away ignoring her presence.

Tara’s mom and Yug come to see MJ & Tara. Tara and mother hug each other. Yug keeps giving a continuous dirty stare at Mjay. Mj watches Tara and her mother sharing some nice moments and sees the genuine concern of a mother for her child and for him too. Jayraj sends juice for MJ. He looks at Tara and says, “take it back I don’t need it now.” Aradhna tells her son-in-law, “Damadji please drink it. you’ll feel better.”He looks at Tara and replies, “I don’t feel like it now. Joseph take it away.”

Nanu introduces Yug as their neighbor. Tara says to Yug that she has heard a lot about him from her Mother. MJ as a true gentleman extends his hand of handshake towards Yug. Hesitatingly Yug accepts the handshake but remarks, “I have been waiting for this meeting for a long time.” MJ looks at him point blank and says “Really?”

Rudra arrives home trying his best to hide the mehendi hand…he goes up to his room when Fahim Chacha insists that he wishes well to the couple who have just returned home after a traumatic accident. He comes in and greets everyone. Fahim asks him to extend hand to receive the blessed petals…he first bring up one hand, but then Fahim chides him that he has to accept the offering with both hands. He extends the mehendi clad hand, Nandini notices and openly asks him about it. The gorgeous looking Nimmo is passing by and she too is curious to know how what and when. MJ looks at Tayaji’s hand. All look upto him for an explanation. He cooks up a story about a little girl selling mehendi blah blah and had no choice but to let her apply for him. All feel very proud of him and his gesture but MJ looks at him strangely. When Tara’s mom tells him it is because of his good deeds that nothing has happened to Tara and her son-in-law (MJ gives him a look that said, awww…you prayed Tayaji? Thank you…I am alive and ready to kick some ass!)

Eventually Tara enters whilst MJ has his eyes shut, she coughs to make her presence known, knowing its her he looks away. Hmmm so bajjar battu is playing hard to get. Loved this scene…She cuts an apple…and offers it to him in a plate, he pushes it away saying I am not hungry. Says Tara, “but only if you eat something will you be hungry.” They keep stealing glances at each other. She tries again, “please eat it I cut it myself. He pushes the plate away again saying, “take it away…or should I say I don’t want to eat when served by you?” Tara now realizes this man is quite stubborn…like me..chalo I have to patao him…so says, “But darling I remember you had said, that if I feed you with love you would eat,”and lifts the plate to him. He pushes it away like a stubborn child, wanting her to feed him with her own hands. Oh boy…Tara …why did you not sit a bit closer to him…why that distance…a few days back you were all over him? Abb Kya hua? Anways…she then takes a slice of the apple and feeds him herself He takes a bite out of it… she tells him to clean his face, now for sure naughty MJ did this on purpose cleaning everywhere but that little particle… eventually yet hesitatingly she wipes off the particle from the side of his face..leaving both flustered… he is affected by her touch on his lips… Now a shy Tara brings down her gaze…both are very conscious of each other.

The wrong was in yielding to the desire to know good and evil. Implicit in this was finding maturity, wisdom, and the meaning of life through autonomy and by way of humanism. She would experience life. She would know both sides. She would rationalize her experiences and decide, what was right and do that which was right arbitrarily and autonomously.

It’s the middle of the night, Tara on the bed, gets up suddenly and finds MJ not in the room. The recliner remains empty…she looks around can’t find…wonders where he was…sees the door ajar…
MJ goes down the stairs, Tara follows him…MJ talks to a man just outside the house…(the new entry of course) the man says knowing that he had an accident he had to come and meet MJ. Tara wonders what is this new mess? And who is this person? MJ assures the guy that he was fine and it was not right for him to be here. The man explains,” I have received some very important information. That will help us in completing our mission. I could not tell you over the phone.”
MJ worried that someone may get to know of it says, “Whatever it is I will meet you later”
The man says that the info can lead us to the root cause.
Mrs Hart our beloved Tara…thinks, Who is this man, there is so much already happening in this house. What is this new story about? Hope MJay doesn’t have a dual face? That I am not yet aware of?”
She hears MJ whisper, “Whatever it is I will talk to you later.” Though the man is very anxious to talk, somehow MJ convinces him to go away.

Precap: Tara finds Nandu and Aditya in a compromising situation. She slaps Nandu left right and center.

Update Credit to: ddFan2012

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