Ek Boond Ishq 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

SCene 1
mother says to tara that this house has evil that’s why your health doesn’t remain good, mj is listening their convo from outside, she ask tara to go out with om for somedays, PRECAP. she tells tara that rudrakal baba has comes, he will leave with us for 15 days, she goes, tara calls mj in and closes the door, PRECAP, mannat knocks on door, tara hides mj and opens the door, mannat says that swami is calling you down, tara says ok I will come, mannat goes from there.
mannat talks to laado and ask what you want, you want to tell om everything? why are you not freeing vaibhav, laado says I wont free him till I am in this house, she turns and ask about sia and om. mother says they must be coming, they see om and tara coming down holding hands of each other, om says why are you holding my hand? she says I am doing this for mother, laado thinks that she is not recognizing me nor she is afraid of me, even then I have to find the whole truth, mj looks at tara holding om’s hand and doesn’t like it, tara looks at rudra, rudra says that why sia has bare forehead, why there is no sindoor on it, he shows sindoor to tara and says this is mandir’s sindoor and ask om to fill it in tara’s forehead, tara is stunned. tara thinks did she have a doubt that I am tara, om says I don’t believe in this all, mother says that’s why all evils are in this house, she ask om to do what baba is saying, om takes the sindoor, tara is shocked, laado thinks that now milk and water will separate, if she tara then she wont let om apply sindoor, om goes towards tara, tara thinks mj do something, I cant let om apply sindoor on my forehead, mj sees pari playing with remote control car and takes the remote, he moves car towards om and om slips, the sindoor falls on floor, om says pari whats all this, if you wanna play then go outside, pari goes, tara says don’t worry, I will apply hubby’s sindoor, she applies sindoor from floor, mother says now you are looking like a wife,laado is frustrated.

Scene 2
tara and mj are in room, tara says thanks, you saved me today, mj starts to leave, tara stops him, mj angrily looks at her, tara ask what happened? he says nothing, tara no, your mood is showing something happened, he says that sindoor thing, it went in your forehead, tara says oh you are jealous? I wanted you to apply it, mj says you were coming down holding om’s hand, tara says I had to as I am pretending as sia infront of mother so I had to hold his hand, she says my mj is jealous, mj says I am not jealous, he is leaving, tara says I love you, mj looks at her, tara gives mj the address of sia’s favorite place, she ask mj to go there today, he says I cant leave you, your security is 1st, tara says nothing will happen and I will manage om here, we will not let anyone know that you are not here, she says its important to know what happened to sia, we have to find what happened to her.

Scene 3
nandu is getting ready, she wears earrings and looks shyly in mirror, vidant sees this hiding, he goes out and rings the bell, nandu happily opens the door, vidant ignores her and doesn’t look at her while she got ready for him, nandu is sad and tries to get his attention, vidant smiles when she is not looking at him, nandu bring water for him and tries to make noise with her bangles but vidant doesn’t look at her, nandu sadly says I will make tea, she is about to leave when vidant stops her. nandu ask what? vidant removes scarf from nandu’s hairs and says you look good with open hairs, nandu broadly smiles, they share an eyelock, she shyly says I will make tea and goes from there, vidant thinks we are on this stage for a while, I should make a move.
tara is thinking that sia and I had accident on same day, so I was brought here purposely or by mistake. om comes there and ask where is your guard. tara says he is praying in his room, om says I don’t give him money for praying, tara says its about just 2 hours, om says what is two hours less, I will take his class today, he goes to mj’s room and is about to open the door but he listens mj’s voice of saying bhajan, he stops opening the door. tara says now you are satisfied, you don’t believe in all this but he does so why to hurt his belief, om says you are taking his side, I just want to tell him to do his duty, tara says he do his duty goodly, he doesn’t get time to take breath, he just asked for 2 hours for pooja so let him do it, om says ok tell him to do the duty after pooja till then you will be with me, tara says ok, inside room the bhajan is playing on player in mj’s voice.

SCene 4
mannat says to laado that you promised to leave vaibhav then why you are not freeing him, laado says your vaibhav will be in my custody till I am here and if you ask me to leave then your vaibhav will leave the world, mannat angrily goes there. laado says I don’t like this swami look. laado says once I solve this sia and tara mystery only then I will leave, I have to do something through which it will be shown either she is tara or sia.

PRECAP- tara ask mj what was information he got from hotel, mj says I showed receptionist the picture of om and sia but she didn’t recognize it but there was one waiter, he got afraid seeing the pic so I grabbed him, flashback shows waiter sayin he will tell mj everything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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