Ek Boond Ishq 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara is terrified seeing someone in her room with knife, she beats him with pillows but he keeps coming near to her, tara runs outside and says save me, om and mannat comes there, tara says to om that he wanrs to kill me, om says how can be anyone in your room, mannat thinks that laado sent mj too fast, not bad, tara ask om to come, they goes and sees room empty, tara searches and says I am not lying, there was someone, I tried to save myself and threw things on him but now things are on their places, tara says believe me, om says its your thought only, calm down, when I am with you, nobody can do anything, he ask her to drink water and try to sleep, he leaves, tara is still tensed.
om calls someone and says you did good work, remember you just have to make her afraid not to hurt her, man says okay, om says to himself that tara should be afraid then she will not run from here.

Scene 2
balli and pari are playing, laado comes and syas I am lioness, she plays with them violently, pari ask what are you doing, laado says balli will tell, if he brings dear(sia) then rabbit(pari) will be saved otherwise.. pari ask balli to agrre with her to save me, balli says potato(balli) will bring dear and will save his rabbit, laados asy bali come here, balli ask pari to go out, she goes, lado gives balli pic of house and smirks.
om says to tara that now you trust me, tara puts hand on his face and says you were right, I was wrong, I trust you, he hugs her, mannat says I am recording your happy moments as all misunderstandings are solved, tara ask mannat to come in video, they all pose like a happy family, its actually the video of sia tara is seeing on laptop, she says this cant happen, its a lie, this video is fake, I am only of mj, mannat comes and ask her to calm down, tara says your bahi sent me love cards what he think that I will believe him, I am tara shikhawat, I have house in Bhopal, maybe your sia was like me, you just take me there then you will see truth, mannat says I cant take you there, you are ill, tara says you have to take me, yesterday, your brother cut his hand to make me meet and now I will cut my hand. tara throws glass at mannat, she picks one piece of glass and says don’t come near me, i will cut my nerve, i want to go to Bhopal right now, mannat says i also don’t want you to stay here. tara is stunned.. mannat says I don’t want you to stay here forcefully, I will talk to om, I will make him agree to take you to Bhopal, tara throws glass piece and thanks mannat, she says you don’t know how much important it is for me to go Bhopal, to my pari and mj, don’t know where are they.

Scene 3
fahim is stalking mj and says whether he is mj or not, if not then why he froze listening to tara’s name but how he changed so much, pari comes to shop where mj is standing and buys toffees, fahim says I cant go to him, he will kill me.
mannat is play with a doll and says call me mama, talk to me, are you angry with me, she cries but then wipes her tears and says I have to do something.
fahim is still stalking mj, he sees pari and shows her teddy bear, pari comes to him, he says you are good girl, whats your name, she says pari, fahim ask who is with you, pari says he is balli, he ask where do you live, she says we live with laado, fahims says I have gifts for your family, lets go to your house. mj finds pari missing and goes in search of her.

Scene 4
tara comes to mannat, mannat wipes her tear and ask sia you here, sorry I mean tara you here, tara says you forgot phone so I came to give it, tara ask are okay, she nods, tara sees sonography reports and ask whose it is.
laado is with her companions, she threatens them, fahim is coming there. pari shows him house, fahim truns and mj is standing there. mj grabs fahim and says where were you taking pari, tell me, laado comes out to see and is stunned to see fahim, she says from where did he came, balli looks at laado and recalls laado saying that fahim did that all, 1st handicapped me then made you loss your memeory then made pari orphan, mj says I will not leave you, he beats fahim, fahim says mj listen to me, fahim ays you are mj, we used to play, let me speak for 2 minutes, mj says listen carefully, I am giving you 2 minutes, speak up, laado is tensed.

PRECAP- tara says to om that I came to says sorry, even after knowing that your wife looks like me and I am tara, you are taking me, today my truth will come out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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