Ek Boond Ishq 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 24th December 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with MJ drying the clothes out and Tara starts teasing saying where are you going and I am here Golu’s papa MJ runs behind her. Tara is playing hide and seek while MJ looks Tara is laughing away heartilu while MJ starts pulling out all clothes trying to search for her Tara is calling MJ calling him Golu’s papa Tara says he has challenged her and he will see how she break his moun vrat while MJ is pissed off Tara says atleast now speak and comes out calling him Golu’s papa MJ tigs hard at one of the rope where clothes are put out for drying making them fall and a dupatta comes flying on him. Tara is smiling at MJ while he looks at her through the dupatta He pulls it off his face and they both share an eye lock but they suddenly became aware of what they are doing

and avert their gaze. Tara tells him that all he put all her efforts to waste and she had washed the clothes since they had got dirty because of rain and then paint but he got them dirty again. She picks up the clothes and tells him his wife cares so much for him that she will wash his clothes the second and asks him to give other clothes if any MJ throws the dupatta at her and walks away while Tara huffs at him.

In Shekhawat villa Mithi gives Jayraj tea and tells him that MJ is still not talking to Tara and donno why he took this decision. Jayraj tells her he is more worried for Tara and tells Mithi he is going to advise MJ and leaves the tea cup back. Mithi asks him to atleast have his tea but Jayraj shakes his head and walks away while Mithi tags along.

Tara is taking the dried clothes off while MJ has kept the water to boil. Tara is grumbling that its about evening but still MJ hasn’t opened his mouth. And she needs to come up with a plan quickly else he will win and she will lose MJ takes water for Maria while Tara just glares at him and keeps the clothes down. She decides to do something big and she notices the fire on which the water is kept for boiling. She picks out a dupatta draking it around her shoulders and walks towards the fire glancing back at MJ now and then. Before placing it on fire she sends a silent plea to God, setting the dupatta on fire. Tara is hell scared and is looking at MJ hoping he will see but MJ is busy with Maria. She starts throwing vessels around hoping to catch MJ’s attention while the dupatta is burning Just then Jayraj and Mithi come there and notice that Tara’s dupatta is on fire and shout her name which catches MJ’s attention finally and rushes towards her calling out her name and throws the dupatta off her and hugs her tightly MJ breaks the hug and shouts at her asking her where was her focus and if she works closing her eyes. Tara is smiling while MJ continues to shout at her. He tells her why doesn’t she go back and why doesn’t she listen to him. Tara replies that if he tells her she can listen and she is happy not because she was saved from the fire but because he couldn’t see her burning Tara had to win but it got a little delayed and thanks him for breaking his moun vrat while MJ has exasperated look on his face Jayraj and Mithi rush there and ask her if she is all right and Tara says as long as she has his blessings and MJ’s support no harm can befall her and Jayraj agrees with her and tells her it will always be there with her. Mithi says all the work is doneand when they are coming to which MJ replies that he wants to stay there for some more time and asks Jayraj to take Tara along with him and Tara silently pleads him to refuse. Jayraj gets the cue and tells him its not good for him to stay alone and its good if somone stays with him and Tara will stay with him. Jayraj says he needs to leave to attend an important meeting for Rudra and he leaves from there. Mithi silently congratulates Tara

In a dark room Raghu kaka’s daughter is trying to walk with the support of the crutches. Raghu kaka comes there and asks her what she is doing supporting her as she is about to fall. He chides her saying that the doctors had said her wounds have just begun to heal now and it will take some more time. The girl replies that she doesn’t have time and before it slips off her fingers she wants to capture it forever in her hand. Before her dreams and hopes also get handicapped she wants to stand up on her legs again. Raghu cites Gita and tells her that Lord Krishna said that before time and more than destiny a man will get nothing to which the girl replies that she herself needs to walk upto time else the purpose for which she is alive will never be fulfilled and kaka asks her to be patient.

The next day morning in the barn, MJ is setting up the fence and Tara greets him. Tara tells him its nice to see him make arrangements for her security Now that he has lost the bet he can atleast tell her good morning. MJ asks him if its a rule and Tara says its not and whether the morning is good for him or not, it is for her since he lost the bet and will answer all her questions. MJ strictly tells her he neither agreed to a bet and nor will he answer her questions. MJ ignores Tara while she follows him around demanding him to respond and asks him what he said. MJ shouts back saying he told her what she heard and if she doesn’t know anything other than talking Tara shushes him and tells him Maria is sleeping and asks him to speak in a low tone and if she wakes up even she will be upset with him He is about to shout when Tara covers his mouth again She reminds him that he lost the bet firstly and secondly she is his wife. So she has every right to question him. And asks him to answer her. When MJ walks away Tara tells him they are bound for life and whats the point if he turns his face away from her. Its much better if he opens his mouth and answers her. But MJ is busy securing the fence. Tara gets annoyed and tells him before he was dumb and now is he deaf and yells at him to which MJ hushes her and reminds her Maria is sleeping. Tara huffs and tells him that he is attacking her with her sword and tells him she wont let him do his work. Just then MJ gets a message from kaka asking him to come over immediately as he is not able to control dadaji. MJ tells Tara he needs to leave on some urgent work and he wont come in the night and asks her to go back home. Tara tells him she has kept karvachaut vrat for him and asks him to come on time. Since she couldn keep it on karvachaut day she is keeping it today. She tells him that until he comes forget eating she wont drink water even. MJ tells her to do what she wants but he is not coming.

Rudra is preparing a speech for his brother’s demise saying a person leaves behind memories but Jayraj’s mind and his deeds are still here. And the manner in which he sacrificed his life to make him win will be remembered and he dedicates his victory to Jayraj And he promises them that he is taking the post of CM just to serve them He will realise his brother’s dream and hails Jai Hind. He starts laughing like a maniac and just then there is a knock on his door and its Jayraj. He beckons him inside. Jayraj tells him he won’t be able to accompany him for election campaign and Rudra is worried and asks him what is so important. Jayraj says at the same time few important clients are coming from Germany and Rudra panics asking him to cancel everything. He says if he doesn’t go then everything will go awry and tells him its essential he is there and he calms himself down. He says its his responsibility to take part in his campaigns in his absence. He says he is going to Delhi for an important meeting and this is the time when he needs him the most and he wont get a better chance to serve the public. He asks him to cancel and says after this its his wish. Jayraj agrees to cancel his meetings and goes away while Rudra sighs in relief.

Mithi comes to meet Tara and asks her why is she being stubborn and keeping a vrat though its not karvachaut. Tara hands her a cup of tea and says so what if there is no karvachaut, her husband is there. The moon is there and the desire to pray for somebody is there She tells Mithi that when Jayraj chose her for MJ she promised him she would do all kinds of pooja, vrat for her husband. She says she will fulfill the duties of a wife and hope he will fulfill the duties of a husband Mithi says she cares for her feelings and she is sure MJ will come back and he will never break her faith

In the hospital doctor is checking dadu and doctor tells him that since he didn’t have food for many days he has become weak and they need to keep him for few more days under observation. MJ says he cant and he is about to say his life is in danger and doctor asks him if everything is ok and just then MJ gets a call. Its Jayraj’s and he asks MJ where he is and MJ says he is out on some work and he wont come back. Jayraj asks him what is so important that he cant come back for sometime and MJ says he will come back and explain and cuts the call and Jayraj is worried for Tara breaking her fast.

Tara tells Mithi is her mother was there she would have taken care of everything and now she needs to do it herself but Mithi assures her she will do what is necessary.

Precap – Jayraj is requesting Tara to break the fast but Tara is stubborn that she won’t till MJ comes back.

Update Credit to: mandy

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