Ek Boond Ishq 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
mannat ask balli to stop, balli is about to hit him with hockey when laado comes and says stop, mannat says who is she that her voice stopped mj, laado comes and scolds mj that you weren’t suppose to kill him, mannat comes and says what if died, mj shouts i am not a shopkeeper that you will ask me to beat 2 kilo, 5 kilo. mannat says you don’t have sense to not kill anyone, laado says no, don’t shout, only i can scold him, don’t do that again, if you have any work then call us, my balli is gun, if he gets someone then leave after killing, laado ask balli to come, they goes, mannat looks on.
omkar ask tar to eat, she says no, he throws plate on ground and takes one piece, he cuts his hand and says if you eat then i also know how to make you eat, blood start coming out of his hand, tara is terrified and says i am eating, she starts eating, om says your husband care you, i used to and i will always care for you, tara cries.

Scene 2
mannat comes to laado and says you have to kill sia, laado says don’t joke, mannat says i have given you work, you tell me your demanded money, she says you will not question me and i will not ask your way of killing, mj comes, laado says come tiger, you understand work, i will tell amount after work, mannat shows them a pic, mj sees it and then shows it to laado, laado says why are you making us see your house, she says sia lives on 1st floor, mj says why don’t you give me sia’s pic, she says what if you fail and police get pic of sia from you, laado says balli do full work, mj says she is the same girl who ran that day and you were worried and now asking me to kill, mannat says don’t question, so will you do the work? laado says yes.

Scene 3
om is seeing sia’s pic, he puts his blood on sia’s forehead in pic, he says sia i filled you maang after many days, he recalls flashback how he was fighting with sia and hoe she sad that you are thinking wrong, i cant do this, fb ends, om says to sia’s pic, what was less in my work.
mannat is leaving balli’s house, pari by mistake throws stone at mannat’s car, mannat stops her, pari takes rope in hand says don’t beat me cruelly, mannat looks at her and says will you play with me, pari agrees, they play on street, mj sees them and thinks that she is amazing, one side asking me to kill and other side playing with child, mannat phone rings and she sits in car, she waves bye to pari, mannat sees some x-ray, mannat wipes her tears. om says to tara’s pic that why you did this sia, i loved you a lot but why you did that, he smears her pic with sindoor, mannat comes and ask what are you doing bahi, he says it my love, look i filled her forehead, she says amazing, now come with me, she makes him sit and ask how you got this wound, he says i was trying to make tara eat, mannat is stunned, he says i had no option, mannat says this is ridiculous, for that girl you are doing this, om says i like it when she gets afraid, you should have seen her face, she couldn’t think of leaving this house, mannat says what is she tries to harm herself, he says she will not, you do your work.

Scene 4
mj is massaging laado’s back, mj says i feel awkward, how can i kill women, i never touched a women or child so how i can kill her, we should change plan, laado sys what are you saying, she is giving us demanded money, we will be rich but if you don’t want that my handicapped leg gets fine and our pari go to school then its okay, mj feels guilty, laado says don’t you want our dreams come true, mj says no, i will fulfill all our dreams but don’t ask me to kill a girl, i don’t like it, he leaves, laado throws her crutches and says i know how to get my work done.
tara is sleeping and recalls her accident, she gets up and feels someone outside window, she sees someone with knife in his hand, he starts approaching tara, tara is tensed.

PRECAP- tara throws glass at mannat, she picks one piece of glass and says don’t come near me, i will cut my nerve, i want to go to Bhopal right now, mannat says i also don’t want you to stay here. tara is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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