Ek Boond Ishq 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 23rd December 2013 Written Update

Tara constantly bug MJ to tell the truth, Mj asks her to leave hi way.. Tara tells that she won’t till she dies.. Mj asks her to die!
Tara feels hurt.. MJ feels that he was too harsh.. but Tara says that she still is there and he can say a sorry …she’d forgive him as she has a big heart (no abso self esteem?)

Then on seeing him in his sadu mode, her eyes fall on the water pipe and voila she thinks of a prank.. the next moment MJ knows is he is being showered with water by his wify..
Tara drenches him from head till toe.. he tries to stop her.. but the wife never listens.. tthen he had to forcibly take the pipe himself and return the favor… he too drenches her with water.. they play like kids with that water.. (expected this kinda scene during

Holi koi nai abhe milgaya)
So moving on Tara in the heat of the moment finds the chance and akss him about that fateful night’s story.. what exactly happened and why and for whom is he taking the blame on to himself.. why as he accepted to stay behind the bars for his life.She knows that he is innocent, hearing this from his wife.. he feels cared..but his promise is more than anything in the world..
MJ tells she would never know about it.. and vows to stay mute by observing a Maunvrath. She fears that this SATIKU would keep his word of keeping the maunvrtah..

Tara too challenges him that she will make him speak by the end of the day.. or else she’d be his slave for life time and would never asks a question to him. But if she wins he should answer every question she’s asks with sincerity.

Jayraj comes home exhausted and asks Fahim chacha to get some water.. he shares Aradhna’s incident with Fahim chacha and worries abt the thing.. Nirmala feels pissed off hearing that Aradhna is not staying in the house they gave them.. she belittles them saying they have taken advantage of Jayraj and now are shrugging off from al the luxuries given to them on just the first jerk given.. SHe says that tey are opportunists and MJ and Tara have already left their house and now Aradhna has added herself in the list.
Jaraj tells Nimmo to stay calm and keep herself in their shoes before speaking things abt them (Nimmo its called ‘Self respect’ which u clearly never got to learn)

Back at UC.. Mj paints the FB wall umm the cement wall which they used to share mesges.. he recalls of his wife’s words.. while she gave tea to him on their first morning together at UC. TAra breaks his train of thoughts and asks if he is thinking if her.. when he busies himself in painting, she diverts his attention by pulling the brush and paint can frm him.. she too wishes to pt the paint on the wall.. when she realizes that he is in no mood to either listen or let her paint.. she tingles him on his chest and tries to punch his solid abs, but she hurts her fist in the attempt of punching his abs.. she tags him as a rock.

Even after her persistent attempts to make him talk he never utters a word.. she then paints him.. and he too returns the favor… he paints her face with the paint in his hand..they have a holi kinda thing going here.. they become kids…

MJ at one point keeps looking at her laughing painted face…as if he recalls something familiar.. this stare of his breaks by a call by Raghu kaka .. he informs MJ that doc is gonna visit dadaji and he need to come there. Tara determines to get the truth of him.

Raghu kaka is with the unknown gal ..the doc treats her leg and gives them a week’s frame for her leg’s recovery.. he tells them to massage the leg along with some exercises she need to practice for the full recovery of her leg. Raghu kaka takes the same doc to treat dadaji.. the gal is left alone.. she tries to walk with the help of the stick.. and swars to settle scores with RP soon..by next week itself.

Jayraj and RP talk elections.. as Jayraj leaves.. RP conspires to kill him and teh shooter calls him to confirm.. RP shoots an empty gun..the gun reads the same ‘K’ on its back.

Aradhna feels as a burden on Yug.. she shares wih NAndu that they can take some loan and set up a chaat bhandar again.. she seeks Nandu’s confirmation if she is gonna run it.. Nandu disgusts to the idea and says she’d never do that.
Yug hears this and assures Aradhna that her son is gonna look after her…as he never got to serve his own mother.

Back at the UC, Tara washes her hubby’s clothes… she hallucinates MJ helping her ..and talking to her.. she asks him why is he talking to her… he says he has give it up.. he akss her to do the clothes nicely..doesn’t even know how to wash the clothes.. then he helps her wahs the clothes by putting some water over the clothes.. she imagines him being playful and throw water on her… her imagination comes to an end by Meethi and Vasu’s visit..
She shares how MJ has out Maunvrath… Meethi and Vasu help her wash the clothes..but VAsu finds MJ’s vest still painted and gives it back to Tara.. VAsu further suggests if she could bring some new clothes from home for them.
Tara gets an idea hearing Vasu’s say and is now hell bent on breaking his silence.

In the desperate attempt to catch her hubby’s attention and break his silence she burns her own dupatta.. Jayraj and Meethi observe Tara’s dupatta burn and shout.. MJ turns around suddenly and runs towards her.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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