Ek Boond Ishq 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara ask rani to see pari, rani says she is nowhere to be found, I have seen it, tara ask om’s mother that I will come after seeing pari, she goes from there. tara comes in hall and shouts for pari, she finds pari everywhere isn house but pari is nowhere, tara ask rani to bring phone.
in hospital, mj becomes conscious, he recalls how he was taking to operation theatre and how tara said that she is fine and waiting for him and he has to comeback for his tara and pari. mj takes off his oxygen mask.
tara calls om and says pari is lost, we have seen whoel house but she is not here, please come fast, om says what? tara ends calls.
in room, mj takes off wires connected to his hand and gets up, nurse ask what are you doing? mj says I have to go to tara.
tara and rani comes in parking lot, pari is hiding there, she runs from there seeing tara but suddenly om’s car comes infront of her, tara comes to pari and ask her is she fine? pari cries and says I want to go to balli, you said we will go tomorrow so take me now, om ask tara to go inside while he will handle pari. tara says no and takes pari with her, she tries to pacify pari that we will go to balli in morning, pari says I know balli is not fine that’s why omkar had gone to see him, I want to go to balli, om comes in home, pari ask how is balli? om says balli is fit and fine, tara says to pari that we will go to meet balli tomorrow. pari agrees and goes in room with tara, om stands tensed.

Scene 2
mj takes his clothes, nurse says you cant go like this, mj doenst listen, he comes out of this ward and starts walking, he recalls his all moments with tara, he gets his memory back, he recalls their marriage, their moments in stable etc, nurse stops him from going, mj says nobody can stop me from meeting my tara., mj says leave me, nobody can stop me from meeting my tara, he throws wardboys away and starts walking from there.
tara comes to om and ask how is mj? om says so you also think that I am lying? tara says pari didn’t mean that, om says she was silent when I said mj is fine, this means she thinks I am lying, tara says the situation we are in, the definition of truth changes, we don’t have other option than to trust you, om says its nothing like that, I am not lying, mj is fine, he will be conscious till tomorrow, tara says thanks, om says thanks for taking care of mother, om says when tomorrow mj will get fine then.. tara says real exam will start, om says what will you do then? tara says I always fulfill my promise, she leaves from there.
mj is coming in om’s house, tara is coming in hall, mj recalls their moments in house, how tara said that she cant believe her mj is with her, how they celebrated tara’s birthday, how tara said when you will realize your you will lose your senses. tara comes in hall, mj comes in hall too, they smile seeing each other, they start coming close to each other, mj holds tara’s hand, om sees all this from up stairs, mj says to tara that lets go from here, he is about to take her but tara doesn’t move with him, mj looks at tara, tara sternly says I am not tara but I am sia agnihotri, daughter in law of this house, she says leave my hand balli, she jerks away his hand, mj ask what has happened to you tara? tara says I am not tara but sia cant you see, mj says listen to me, you don’t have to do this drama, you don’t have to pretend now as now I remember everything about us, tara says I think you have lost your brain, just go from here, mj says I will leave from here with tara only, I know you are doing all this as you were forced but now you don’t have to be pressurized because your mj is with you now, tara says mj? you used to say that is balli, mj says please you don’t have to live life of lie, come with me, om shouts cant you see, she is saying no to you, om comes there and says a appointed you as sia’s guard, I did your operation and you are misbehaving with my wife, just get lost from here, mj grabs om’s collar and says you must have forced my tara to do all this, I can say that by just seeing your eyes. om takes off mj’s hand from his collar, he says I saved your life and you are doing this, he says to mj that go from here on his feet otherwise I can throw you out of here, he says to mj thank you, mj says you saved my life so I am talking to you, I will leave your house but with my tara, mj says to tara that don’t be afraid of om, I am here with you, I will handle everything, mj ask tara to tell truth for him, tara says I am telling truth only that I am not tara but sia, I don’t know what you are taking about, mj says this is not truth, I know this, please come with me, we will leave for Bhopal as you said that we don’t have house there but somebody will recognize us in Bhopal, tara says why would I say this when I know that I am sia not tara.

Scene 3
om’s mother gets up from herbed, rani comes there and ask her to rest, mother ask why noise is coming, who has come in house? om was shouting too and tara also, rani says tara must be playing with pari, you take rest, I will go to see. mother rests.
mj says to tara that you didn’t say anything looking in my eyes, look in my eyes and say that you don’t love me, that we don’t have any relation, tara looks in mj’s eyes and is about to touch him when om interrupts and says I should call police now, tara gets aware of what she is doing, she jerks mj away and says you were only body guard of mine, listen to me, this is my house and I am sia agnihotri and if you want to find your tara then go out of this house, mj looks at tara and is distraught.

PRECAP- mj is given the locket with half heart from pari, he says other half heart used to be with me in agnohotri house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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