Ek Boond Ishq 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 22nd January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with MJ lamenting over the fact that Radha took the bullet to save him but she never let him realise that. He gets frustrated for not recognising his best friend and seeing the sketch he had made of hers, he vows to find her. Jayraj and Tara come to his room and Jayraj assures him they will find her and MJ says he has only 20 days left and within that time he should find Radha and he will do whatever it takes to find her and he will search for her in every hospital in Bhopal and outside Bhopal and Jayraj reminds him he can’t leave Bhopal (Well how could MJ leave for Indore then? on previous occasions ) MJ thanks his dad and Jayraj leaves from there asking MriAra to take care.

Yug is talking to somebody on the phone enquiring about Radha. He is frustrated over the fact that despite creating a scandal its not helping in finding Radha and just then Aradhana walks in. Yug cuts the call and Aradhana asks him why he is worried. Yug denies it and says God has given him such a face that if he stops smiling for a while people will misunderstand him and just then Nandu walks in huffing and he says on the other hand if she stops smiling she becomes a chandi . Nandu gets angry and is about to fight with him when her mom asks her what happened and she cribs about the autorickshaw wala . Yug tells her he will get her favourite coffee for her and she gets happy

Tara is stacking all the sketches of Radha together and MJ walks in and he collides with Tara and MJ moves to the side allowing her to go. Tara thanks him and MJ tells her sorry. Tara tells him that the reply to thanks isn’t sorry . MJ tells her that though she told him about Radha he didn’t believe her and that’s why he is sorry. Tara tells him its ok and MJ thanks her. Tara asks her now he is thanking her and he tells her that its because of her he knows she is alive. MJ thinks that though Radha is alive it doesn’t rule out the fact that somebody from his family had wronged her and he wonders who it could be (Don’t tell me he doesn’t know yet why he was sentenced to death )

Nandu tells Yug that coffee is yummy and Yug starts laughing and she is miffed at him. Yug points to her nose and she feels her nose but finds nothing and Yug hits her nose ala HDDCS style and Aradhana starts laughing. Nandu starts throwing the pillow at him and Yug pacifies her by making her drink the coffee. Aradhana is staring at them (Well any signs of match making guys )

In the store room where Radha being held captive, its night time and Kala’s henchmen are snoring while Radha is begging for water. She reaches out to the tumbler but its empty and she notices a landline on the table. Struggling she gets up and goes to the table to pick up the landline (Really now? She can barely walk and these goons are right there snoring and if she tries to make a call and she is caught she can be knocked out ) She dials her father but he doesn’t pick and these men begin to stir. She keeps the phone down and walks back to the bed and pretends to sleep and the goons go back to their snoring. Radha is worried on how to reach her dad.

Raghu kaka sees the missed call and tries to call that number back but just then gets MJ’s call. MJ asks him abt daadu and he tells him that daadu is fine but there is no clue about Radha’s whereabouts. MJ tells him they are looking for her and Raghu breaks down saying he had almost lost her but he can’t lose her again. MJ tells him nothing will happen and says we need to be alert all the times and look out for any clues be it phone calls or letter. Kaka tells him that he had just then got a call from an unknown number and MJ takes that number and assures him that he will find out about it. MJ tells him its a landline number and its somewhere around Bhopal.

Kala is trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle and her cronies try to help her but she snaps saying she should let her play. She then wonders how come Radha is alive and how she was rescued and who is her savior? and trying to solve the puzzle but cant piece the last one together.

MJ is at the barn trying to find out about Radha by enquiring and he is frustrated for not getting any clues since he has contacted all hospitals and every possible nursing home but Radha was never taken there and wonders if she was taken outside Bhopal. Just then a private detective hired by MJ comes in and tells him that he followed up on the clues he had given of the rally but he couldn’t find out anything. He tells him that Rudra has made a lot of property in the name of a woman called Kalavati’s without even Jayraj’s knowledge (Finally MJ is getting close to the mystery ) He asks MJ if he knows about Kala and MJ shakes his head in a NO. He gives him papers having details of the property. MJ looks at that paper that has the address along with phone numbers and he recollects the number that kaka had given him and compares it with the list and it matches with one of them MJ thanks him and tells him he will stay in touch.

Kala finally finishes the puzzle and its a picture of a hen with a chick and Kala suddenly realises something. She says one missing piece solved the second puzzle too. One of her cronies ask her what and she says that God has made a special relation of mother father who can go to any length to save them. She says after Radha died nobody knew where Raghu kaka disappeared off to. Girl and father both went away and he couldn’t fathom it. She scatters the puzzle and starts pacing around and says how could she be so blind and it has to be him.
He was the one to save her but where did he hide her all the time and whether he discovered her truth? She tells them to find him but not do anything as its her job to send him to heaven. She says that God always needs good people like him in the heaven and even he will aid in God’s work and starts singing Saathi haath bhadana and gives an evil look.

Aradhana is fussing over Tara and feels bad that when she thinks so much of her she isn’t willing to leave MJ and she can leave her but not MJ. She calls MJ and asks him how he is and he tells her he is fine and knows why she called. He tells her he remembers his promise and before going to jail he needs to finish some important work and the moment it is done, he will leave Tara with her before going to jail. Tara walks in just then and collapses and leans against the wall. Aradhana tells MJ that to get her daughter back she is separating a son from his mother (Don’t worry woman That so called mom is the reason MJ is suffering ) but Tara’s well being is dependent on that and MJ cuts the call. Tara is hurt and tells him that was why he wanted to go back to jail since he had promised her mom. Tara is angry at her mom and MJ tells her she is her mom and loves her. Tara is indignant at that and says that if she did then she wouldn’t hurt her by sending her daughter’s husband to jail. She treated him like a son and now wants to send him behind bars and says what’s happened to her . She cries saying that her mom had never hurt her this much before in life and MJ tells her that its decided he will have to goto jail. If not today then tomorrow he needs to go but her relationship with her mother will last forever and as a mother she wants a good life for her. MJ cries too and wipes his tears and requests her to not to blame her. He tells her to look at him and tells her needs to goto Ramnagar and she asks him why. He tells her he got a clue and Radha might be there. Tara says she will accompany him but MJ refuses saying its dangerous. But Tara tells him he is on parole and he will get into trouble if he leaves Bhopal. MJ says that Jayraj will take special permission for him from court and Tara feels hopeful that even the lawyer would have filed in the new evidence. Jayraj walks in and tells him it didn’t happen and Tara is shocked and he tells her in a worried tone that their case got worse. Jayraj tells MJ that since he accepted that the gun belongs to him it spoilt matters for him and Tara tells him that the lawyer would have filed the evidence and Jayraj tells her that the lawyer was killed before he could do that . MriAra are shocked and MJ asks when and Jayraj tells him the same night police had come looking for Tara. He was hoping that the lawyer would have done it but he was killed. Tara is fuming and says that there is someone who doesn’t want MJ to be proven innocent and MJ says the same person kidnapped Radha. MJ says he has to find out about Radha and he tells Jayraj that he doesn’t care if he breaks the law but he will do it to find Radha.

Precap – Jayraj will tell MriAra that everyone will assume they are in Bhopal but except for him nobody will know of where they are. MJ is worried and asks him what if somebody finds out. Jayraj tells him in Tara style that if he could not take a risk for his son then what did he do and he hugs MriAra.

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