Ek Boond Ishq 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
tara thinks to go behind laado, tara says to om’s mother that I am going to my room, she says to mj that I am going to my room, you are free today, you can go anywhere, mj thinks to go to laado and ask her why did she come to house.
laado is leaving agnihotri house, tara comes and sees her going in car, tara stops texi and ask driver to follow the car, tara says today I will not leave this kalawati, it will be last day of her, she thinks to call vidant but then says 1st I should follow her, she thinks that mj must be with pari. laado comes her house, tara is shocked to see laado in cheap clothes, tara says so rudra is living in this city like this, she says why is laado going to mj’s house, laado comes in home and servant to bring water, tara sees all this from window, mj comes to laado and ask whats all this drama laado? tara is stunned to see mj with kalwati.
vidant comes out from bath room in towel only, he says where is my uniform, he sees nandu pressing it, nandu sees him bare body and shouts. he hides behind bed, nandu says I will press your clothes, vidant says its gone, nandu turns to see uniform burned with iron, vidant says its ok I will wear another uniform
mj says to laado why did you come to that house, whats you plan, laado says whya re you so much angry, she gives him water to drink, mj throws it, mj says I am asking you something laado, laado says I asked you one thing also, the girl which called you as mrityunjay, is she sia agnihotri, mj thinks why is she asking this, is she want to hurt sia, mj says no, the girl was someone else, this girl is om’s wife, tara thinks why mj is lying and why s he calling kala as laado, mj ask laado why did she come to om’s house, laado says I am not interested in telling you, mj says ok don’t come there ever else.. laado says else what? are you threatening me? she thinks to cool down and find if he got his memory back, laado says actually police is behind me so I came to om’s house as its a safe place, mj says remember, I am doing this job for pari and if because of you my job goes away then I wont forget you, mj says one more thing sia is my responsibility so don’t try to hurt her, her shield is your balli, he says I am leaving now, tara thinks to leave from here before mj sees her, she leaves, laado stops mj and ask him to sit, she says I wanna tell you something, she says there Is some contract, you have to kill someone, he used to be my friend but became my enemy, I killed his whole family but he is alive, you have to kill him, mj says I have left all this dirty things, I am doing honest job, laado says ok tiger will do this, she calls tiger and ask him to write the name, she says its jairaj to be killed, mj says why are you doing all this, he says why are you destroying families, he says think if this man has a son then he will find you one day and will do that with that you wont be able to breath but wont die, god is seeing all this so leave this, mj leaves, laado says this means his memory hasn’t comeback.

Scene 2
vidant orders his officers to check all cars on check point, nandu comes with tea and spills it on his papers that has kalawati’s details, he says I did not see criminal’s pic, I have to bring file again from Bhopal, he says I am going out, stay in house and do not roam.
tara comes back to om’s house and recalls all kala’s misdoing, all her cruel acts and how she killed whole family, tara thinks who did this happen, how kala became laado? how mj became so close to her, he said that he is her balli, how did she became so close to mj, I have to find her drama.
vidant comes in house, nandu says I want some powder for cleaning kitchen, kitchen is very dirty, vidant says sia used to do this but now.. nandu says I will do this, vidant says don’t make me spoilt, when you will leave.. nandu says you want me to leave? vidant says no, nandu says so you want me stay here? vidant says you can stay till when you want, he leaves, nandu says I want to stay in your house for whole life but I want you to say this to me, I want you to ask me to stay in your house for whole life and I am waiting for that day only.

Scene 3
tara says to mj that she want to show him something, she shows him pictures of rudra pratap and says he was a politician of Bhopal and was killer of your family, she then shows him kalawati’s pic and ask him to recognize, he says this is laado and she raised pari and me as we are orphans, tara says oh she told you this story, tara says to mj that this laado used to hide from world being kalawati and now she is roaming around being laado, she says this is the same kalawati who killed your whole family, you separated us, she tried to kill you too, mj says enough, I will not listen all this rubbish, he says she raised me like her son, she gave shelter to pari, I wont listen all this against her, mj says laado can be bad but she cant be my enemy.

PRECAP- om’s mother says that sia and om used to go to sunshine resort, you both used to like it a lot, tara say to mj that we can find clue about sia there, mj agree.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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