Ek Boond Ishq 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 21st November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with mrityunjay in the lobby of the house… He enters taya ji’s room and starts finding the file in the room he gets the file and was leaving but tayaji comes in and see’s him and slaps him tara seea it from far behind… Taja ji says that why did you came where.. Tell me… Did you forget you were brought from an road in this house.. You dont even jnow your family name.,.still you came in now mybroom If a servent has entered I would have ben tolerated but you are an jinx for our family you are not a part of this family…it woukd have been better to get a dog instead of you… You are an spot on our family and says that jayraj yiu are only responsible for this.MJ says dont say anything to baba… Thakur takes MJ away and tara thinks that I have only thought that it will be something small but it turned out soo bad.., Thakur asks has MJ returned Tara is cleaning the dinning table and sees a sad jayraj… Tara sits on the table and says baba I am also waiting for MJ when he will return then only I will eat.., MJ comea back and tara sees him he sits on dinning table and tara comes to serve him the dinner,., Tara makes him remember the bad thinks he have done to her and takes name of everything while serving him and she cries… Tara says in all this I have returned you double of hurt you have given to me.,. In this food my hatred is there… MJ says its ok if you think I dont deserve this food… Now I will only eat food when you will serve me from love not in hatred,.. Taya ji is shown in his room and remember his and MJ argument,,, And says how dare he enter me room…and gets a call that which tells him that MJ was the one finding about his father… MJ and thakur is shown in dark room… In morning everybody is ready to go for Sabha.. But tara ans MJ is at home,,, Everybody leaves.,,, And mithi says bye to themm nanfu also leavea for college… MJ says are you nervous or only acting.., And goea,,, Nandu goes to college with her neighbour (I still sont know hia name) MJ and tara has been in the bedroom.. Mj packs tara’s cloth and tara asks where are we going,,. MJ say I am leaving you to your mothers house and tara says I will not go,.. MJ says you are coming with me and he drags her with him They are in car and tara opens the door but MJ pulls her in but thier car mets with an accident… –

Precape- MJ is running to tara blood oozing out from his head… And tara is laying on the blood covered with blood…

Update Credit to: WingsOfHeart

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