Ek Boond Ishq 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 21st January 2014 Written Update

MJ enters the room, Taara and Raghu Kaka both are shocked seeing MJ here. Kaka asks MJ to forgive him. MJ says he doesn’t have any objection, he hugs Kaka, both are crying.

Taara consoles kaka and asks him not to worry for Radha, as she and MJ will take care of her. She asks “where is Radha?” Kaka says, he has no idea, Radha is lost after the indicent of Rally. He has a doubt if Radha is all right.

One man/woman gives food to Radha but she refuses to take it. Kalavati comes and feed her forcefully.

In Shekhawat Villa, police is asking for Taara. Baba tells them Taara is not at home and she can never do anything like this. Nimmy gets angry as Taara leaves them in this mess. Just then MJ and Taara enter. Taara asks baba what is happening. He says nothing. Police officer shows the bag and asks whether it’s hers. She says yes. They say they got the gun from her bag and they suspect Taara was involved in the attack made in Rally. They go to arrest her. MJ stops them and says that ”Yeh gun meri hai”. Baba asks him not to do so, this will harm his case as he is out in parole. MJ assures him, Police takes MJ with them.

Radha asks kala why they don’t kill her. Kalavati asks her about the person who saves her and and hides her for such a long period. Radha keeps silent. Kalavati gets angry and torture her.

Baba and MJ are in police station. MJ advises them to investigate in the right place. Later he thinks it will not be right time to disclose anything as he doesn’t have much proof against RP. They leaves police station.

Taara, Meethi and Vasu are waiting for MJ. Taara asks Meethi to Call MJ. Nimmy comes there and shouts at her and asks her about the gun. Taara says she has no idea about it. Nimmi alleges Taara that she and MJ plot to kill Jairaj. Just then Jairaj and MJ enter and Jairaj shouts “Nirmala”. He scolds her for doubting Taara and MJ and asks her to be indebted to them. Nimmi leaves.

Taara says to MJ she believes him and he can never let anything wrong happen. She thanks him as he takes the charges upon him and went to poice station. She started crying, MJ wipes her tears* BG-Title song* MriAra eyelock.

MJ is sitting in front of Radha’s pictures and thinking of her. *FB- Radha and Mj doing Masti*
Taara enters the room. MJ says Radha’s name. Taara shocks and takes her step backwards. She sees baba outside the room and asks him about the relation that MJ and Radha used to share.

MJ is still in thought of Radha. *FB- MJ scares Radha when she silently enters dark room. He says he will always know when she is coming. Radha says one day she will come in such a avatar, he won’t recognise her*
MJ says she won as he couldn’t recognize her when she came in front of him.

Baba says to Taara that Radha was MJ’s childhood friend and it was only she who could understand MJ well. Taara promises to Baba that they will find MJ’s close friend and she has understood MJ’s happiness is in that.

Precap: MJ’s man informs him that RP has transferred some property on kalavati’s name and asks him whether he knows her.

Update Credit to: PrincessN

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