Ek Boond Ishq 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
om’s mother ask om to show priest(laddo) the house. laado brings smoke and goes in house to spread it, mj and tara are searching in room, om and laddo are coming there only, tara and mj comes close while searching, mj looks down, tara sees some box on cupboard, mj brings stool, tara stand on it and tries to get the box but falls in mj’s arms, she recalls how mj held her like this earlier, mj puts her down, they share an eye lock, tara finds some letter, she reads, it says that I have booked table for you both, bring bhabhi there, tara says seems like mannat wrote it for om, they find address of place too, mj says maybe we will find some clue there, I will go there, om comes to room and finds it locked from outside, he knocks, mj and tara are shocked inside room, mj ask tara to hide, she hides, mj opens the door, om is stunned to find mj inside room, mj is shocked to see laddo there, om ask what were you doing in my room, mj says listened some sounds, so came here to check, om comes in his room. tara is hiding, om looks around but doesn’t find anything fishy.. mj looks at laddo, laddo does his aarti,om comes to mj and says why did you lock the door, mj says I did that so the person inside should not come out, om ask where is sia? om says she must be getting ready in her room, tara tries to stealthily go from there, she goes, om ask laddo to come and do pooja for janmashtami, they listen some gilr singing bhajan, mj looks inside troom and sees tara missing, mj thinks what laado is doing here, mj , om and laado come downstairs, its tara who is singing bhajan, laado tries to look at her face but couldn’t, tara finishes her bhajan, mother of om says to give aarti to all, tara starts giving it, laado is standing behind her, moter ask tars to give aarti to priest too, mannat says I will give him, mannat comes to laado and says vaibhav didn’t call till yet, I accepted our condition and brought you here, now you fulfil your promise, laado gives some parsad and ask mannat to make sia eat it, mj sees this and says stop, mj takes the parsad, mannat ask whats all this? mj says nothing will go to sia without my inspection, mother says to laado that he is body guard of sia, mj says so I will eat this parsad, mj eats and says now sia can eat it, laado thinks that did he get his memory back or is he my balli? he made me fool before by becoming bablu, if I go from house then he will come to talk to me, mother ask laado what to do with evil of house, laado says I have to do pooja in this house for 15 days but now I have to go to prepare for this, I will come back soon to remove evil from here, mother ask laado to give blessing to sia too, she ask rani to bring sia here, she goes.

Scene 2
nandu looks at vidant’s uniform, she recalls how he asked her to come to his house, nandu wears his uniform, vidant comes there and looks at her hiding, nandu acts like vidant being strict and says nandu come with me else I will take you with hand cuffs, she acts like she gives her hand to vidant, she blushes, vidant comes in room and looks at her, nandu gets tensed to see him. vidant says you were making fun of me, imitating me, nandu says I like to act, I am sorry, I shouldn’t have done that with my husband.. vidant says you used to do robbery, ootherwise you are good, I mean you are good person, nandu says you came soon? vidant says I will go on duty, nandu says ok I will make tea for you, vidant ask her to not burn her finger, nandu shyly smiles.

Scene 3
tara brings water in big plate, she has veil on her face, she sits, om’s mother ask priest to give blessing to her, laddo comes forward, tara sees kalawati in water and is shocked as hell, she recalls kalawati/ rudra.. kalwati gives her blessing, she says be happy sia, always remain tara of everyone’s eyes, tara is in tears, kalawati leaves her foot marks in house, tara is shivering, laado says I will come again sia, don’t worry, rudrakal can overcome evil, tara is stunned, laado goes, tara fearfully looks at her.

PRECAP- laado is leaving om’s house, tara comes there and sees her going, she is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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