Ek Boond Ishq 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 21st April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
mj’s gang and kalawati reaches the spot where tara is to be given, both are with their gangs, kala comes out of car, guruji comes out and ask did you bring money? kala’s goon fills their bag with money. PRECAP. guruji says remember one thing our people have targeted you and if you try to anything then guns will start. PRECAP. mj opens tara’s ropes tide on her hands, he grabs her hand, tara looks at him, he looks at her. they start moving towards kala, tara feels something with mj’s touch and looks at him, she recall her time spent with mj, their marriage in jungle and looks confused at him, kala comes infront of them, mj forwards his for money, kala gives him bag. kala holds tara’s hand and drags her towards her, tara’s one hand is in mj’s while other in kala’s. mj holds her tightly, she looks at him and recalls their marriage in jail when mj held her hand for pheras, kala drags her and mj leaves her hand. tara keep loking back at mj, kala makes her sit in car and they leave, mj has tears in his. he is broken, guruji says you must be hurt making tara awya, mj says i had no choice, sometime to achieve destination we have to make our partner away/.

Scene 2
adi makes jairaj sit, nimmo says adi loves meethi alot but even they signed divorce papers for you, jairaj says meethi served me even after their divorce, may you be toghter for life, meethi says i pray that i get husband like adi in every life, forgive me i couldnt understand you, adi says forget everything. now we will be toghter, they hug each other, jairaj says i miss mj today, he would be happy to us like this, nimmo looks on.

Scene 3
kala brings tara in villa, nandu says you call my husband stone hearted but he brought you here, tara says you ordered to kill me then why saved me by giving money, kala says my heart got soften, i soften to not kill, you are of no use but like we dont kill mosquito who keep whispering in our ears. nandu says she is of use, she makes such a good food, please make ubtan(face pack) for me, my face is getting pale, tara leaves. nandu says make her servant for these six years, we can take work from her, kala says wow you got servant for free.
tara in kitchen thinks that it feels like i know this leader from before, like he is known to me, why his touch made me recall mj.. bowl falls from her hand, it gets broken, tara looks at glass pieces in ubtan and recalls nandu saying that my face is getting pale, she recalls guruji saying that your family will keep suffering in stable so you have to take revenge, she mixes glass pieces in ubtan. tara comes to nandu with ubatn, nandu ask her to apply, tara is skeptical, nandu ask what happened, she is shivering to apply and thinks that why you are thinking so much you took this decision to make kala week to punish nandu, you have to do it, bowl falls from tara’s hand, nandu says bloody you, were you lost in your memories of your dead husband, get lost from here now.

Scene 4
in nigh, someone comes out of stable, she goes on jungle and meets guruji, he says you shouldnt have come here, everything is happening as her plan but dont come here till we call you, she leaves.
tara comes in her room tensed, tara sees her reflection which says why stopped tara, why you shivered, nandu never thought about you, your husband, she even never thought about her mother, she knew that rudra were making you go to get killed even then she didnt stop you, you have to ruin her face, remember how she betrayed you in jail, you promised leader too, if you not do it this time then he will not you in taking rvenge from kal, get up tara you have to ruin her face, go and do you third work, tara gets up and takes pocket knife from table, she looks angrily. tara comes to nandu’s room, nandu is sitting infront of mirror, tara turns her and attacks her face with knife, nandu shouts and hides her face, tara looks at knife with blood stains and is stunned at what she did.

PRECAP- tara says to guruji that before executing my next move, i have to see face of your leader, she comes to mj and forwards her hand towards the cloth which is on mj’s face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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