Ek Boond Ishq 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara, nandu and all family members listens to news that kala kidnapped rudra, adi says if kala comes infront I will break her face, nimmo says soon police will catch kala and rudra will comeback home, nimmo says I will pray to god, they goe. tara says to nandu whats all this, rudra kidnapped by kala, they both are same, nandu says its game by leader so that rudra comes out in open, tara says what? nandu says rudra called me and told me that he is hiding so that police can that leader, nandu says don’t tell this to anyone, this leader played game with rudra so that he himself will come out, tara says means rudra has to come out in open if he has to save kala, this leader is clever, nandu says no one can be of kala’s standard, rudra will play such a game that this leader will beg for water, she leaves. tara is tensed and says nandu is right that this rudra had made game his earlier, its not easy to trap him, tara says why I feel something bad is going to happen.

Scene 2
kala is angry that this leader thinks that I will come out in open and will say that kala kidnapped me but nothing will happen, kala will keep hiding, postpone this game of making this bablu mj, I have to hide for sometime. bablu says don’t drag me in this police game, please let me go, I will wear dhoti kurta only, I am going, kala says where are you going, he says to susila. kala says this is 1st time that husband wants to go to his wife. PRECAP. kala’s servant makes mj unconscious, kala sasy good, he has to be here for sometime.
in villa, adi says to tara that mj must be fine wherever he is, meethi gets fahim’s call and he tells her that he and jairaj is coming tomorrow, adi sasy we should tell baba everything, tara says not of use, he didn’t listen earlier, nimmo says he will accept rudra as criminal only if he sees or listens his crime, tara says for that he has to come in this house, nimmo says he will never come in this house, what will we say to nandu, tara says I have one idea through which nandu herself will bring baba here. she tells them.

Scene 3
tara comes to nandu and says you are sitting here and that meethi is serving nimmo as she is ill, go before meethi impresses them, tara blocks her way, nandu puts her in sie and runs, tara laughs. she comes to nimmo and ask her, nimmo says I have fever, nandu says I will serve you, she ask meethi to take side, she doesn’t move so nimmo ask her to let nandu do, nandu sees and says your head is cold, meethi says I was putting wet cloths that’s why, nandu says but its stiil warm so I will put wet cloths, adi comes there and says texi is coming. get ready, nandu ask where are you going? he says we are going back to stable as dad is coming, nimmo says I will stay where jairaj is, adi says I will stay where mom stays, nandu thinks if adi goes then I will loose him, nandu says don’t worry I will bring jairaj here, I will not fear of tara, I will fight for you people, I will bring baba, adi thanks her by putting hand on her hand, meethi says you can thank him by mouth only, tara thinks that nandu you dotn know our plans.

Scene 4
nimmo is getting ready, tara meethi comes and teases her that you have glow on your face, nimmo says I will see him after many days, adi says will nandu able to bring baba, tara says nandu can do anything to make adi stay here. nandu calls and says look who came, tara ask nimmo to lie on bed as baba is coming here only because he thinks you are ill, nimmo sits on bed, jairaj comes there and ask are you fine, she says I will be fine as you came, fahim says we went to stable but get to know that you are having malaria so came here, adi meethi touches his feet. tara is about to touch his feet but baba says why this drama, nandu tell me that you blackmailed adi and nimmo to stay here, looking at your colored clothes I can see that you never loved mj, I think that you kidnapped rudra, rudra cant even kill ant and you are doing this with him, wish I would have never vrought you here, but god is seeing all this, by ill prayers will haunt you, you will never be happy, nimmo says enough don’t say like this, jairaj is shocked and says you are worrying for her, she says I mean don’t make her angry, tara says to nandu that you brought him here but if talks to me like this again then I will throw him, she ask nimmo to make him understand that stay in limits, jaiaraj says who want to stay here, nimmo will be fine and we will go, tara leaves, jairaj says we will leave now, nandu says don’t go, nimmo’s health is not good and if she go there then mosquito can bite her there, not for anyone but stay here for her. jairaj agrees. tara listens this hiding and says sorry I had to do this.

PRECAP- nandu says if kal goes in jail then this property and adi will be mine, tara smirks and says don’t say you will call police and tell them about kala, nandu calls police station.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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