Ek Boond Ishq 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Manat says I was downstairs. Tara says maa ji asked rani to give parsad. She is calling you. she needs ghee which is in closet. Go and give it to her.
Tara goes to balli. he says I was looking for a clue. Tara says of what ? He says if you are tara and I am mj. tara says truth doesn’t need any proof. You can see the proof in my eyes. I am sorry I forgot what we talked earlier. what proof you got ? he is about to take something out of his pocket. His phone rings, pari says you are here I have been looking for you. who will dress me up ? Tara says I will.
Ladoo calls balli. balli asks where were you ? I asked shnkar where are you ? He said you were abroad. Laddo says there is a good news, I don’t need any support not these crutches nor you. I have underwent an operation. He says its really good news. I am coming to meet you. laddo says I will come to you on my own feet.

Scene 2
Vidant gets a call from maa. She asks will you come for poja. He says no I have a long duty. Nandu comes and asks why you lied ? You told me you are free whole day. He says for nothing. She asks why is there no wrist in your hand ? He recalls tara denied saying she is not his sister. He says it was irritating me so I took it off.

Mj comes in for the pooja. Tara says wow pari looks so good. She says I a kana today. Maa says kana is in our house. Open your mouth. tara sasy I can see whole world in your eyes. Pari is not getting it.
Pari asks who was kans ? balli says kans wanted to kill kana. Laddo comes in their parking lot. Balli says he was so dangerous. He wanted to be powerful even if it killed his people.
They all go for the poojja. Tara asks balli won’t you come ? What if someone attacks me? Come with me. Ladoo is coming in the house in a new get up. maa asks who are you ? Laddo says rudra kal. Maa says thank you for coming. Laddo has disguised as a baba. Manat says I called him. omkar asks manat when did you get involved in all this ? she says he is really powerful baba. Omkar says I feel like I have seen him. Manats says he is famous.
Pari says I know you. You look like laddo. Maa says don’t say like that pari. laddo says in heart I will teach her later. I have to find where are my two enemies. It should be last day of tara. Maa asks laddo our daughter in law gets attacked again and again. Laddo says you can’t see the things I can. Now im here everything will be fine.
Balli stares at tara. She says do I look good ? Sing a song for me ? he says who told you that I am looking at you. Tara says is your memory actually lost ? Or you are just pretending. You were this rude even before.
Tara drops her duptta and says pick it up for me. She touches his hand when takes it back. tara says I was thinking if I come stand next to you we will look like radha Krishna. he says we better look for a proof in omkar’s room rather than wasting time.
he says I didn’t want you to go with manat. Tara says why ? You were looking for something in her room ? what are you concealing from me ? Mj says manat tried to get you killed 2 times. tara says why are you saying that ? She is the only one who has been supportive to me, He says I don’t know why would she do that. Maybe we will know after checking omkar’s room.

Scene 3
Nando is in her room. she recalls when she saw vidat’s files. vidant comes and says lets go. She asks where ? He says I thought you would figure out. for the case. Are you coming or should I make you were handcuffs? he says for the sports case. She says I was thinking something else. he asks what / She says I mean you were taking me out somewhere ? He says so if I ask you is there anything to be tensed about ? Nandu leaves saysing I am getting ready.

Laddo says there are evil forces in this house they are very powerful. omkar says what os this maa ? I thought you have called him fro pooja. Maana says don’t be like that. he is so powerful. Maa says keep calm everything will be fine. Laddo says I have to spread my smoke all around this house. We have to purify the environment. omkar says manat you are out of your mind. maa says omakr show him the house.

Precap-Tara is about to see herself in the water but suddenly she see laddo’s shadow.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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