Ek Boond Ishq 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
kala says to tara that we have to cast evil eye from you today only, she says to tara that don’t worry, I will not let anything happen to you, tomorrow after ganpati visarjan, I will give you new life, mother ask to save sia from evil, kala ask mj to go and bring ganesh murti, tara says he cant go, he is my guard, kala says nothing will happen to you, you are infront of me, let balli go and bring murti, you have to sit in puja, mj blabbers that I don’t know what drama you are playing but remember if anything happen to sia then I wont leave you, I will bring murti. kala ask him to go, mj leaves from there, kala smirks.

Scene 2
mj is in market, he says its good, laado sent me out, I have work. Mj is waiting. Laddo is doing some mantra. Tara says why is mj out. He must be in trouble. Manat says in heart what is laddo getting by doing all. Tara calls mj but his phone is off. Suddenly the fire is intense. Laddo says there is some trouble coming for sia’s husband. Tara is worried. His husband’s life is in danger the husband who is his guard. She has been saving his life and only you can save him. Tara says in heart he’s trying to tell to save mj. Maa says tell us what to do. Laddo says she’ll save her husband. Manat says save him with pooja you can do anything. Laddo says in this condition only wife can save him. Maa says lets go to om’s office you’ll stay with him. Manat says i’ll go too. Laddo says lets go. Mj is looking for the waiter’s house. He asks different people where he lives. A man tells him his house. Tara is on the way with all of them. Tara wonders how can she get out of there. She says If i leave omkar ma ji will know i’m not sia. She takes out her phone to call mj. Mj is standing outside the house. Doors are locked.

Scene 3
kala recalls how she took mj’s phone from his pocket, tara thinks that please god, do something, save mj, I don’t know what mj is thinking. tara says to mother that you go to hospital, I will bring vidant with me, his police station is near, kala says she is right, let her bring her brother, he ask tara to go before it gets late. mother ask driver to go with sia, kala says no, you both go to om, I will go with sia, mannat says I will go with sia, kala says no, you should be with your mother, I will go with sia, she comes out from car, mannat and mother leaves.
vidant comesback to home, he doesn’t find nandu, he does the pooja, vidant says to lord that I thought nandu is small robber but she robbed my heart, nandu listens all this, he says I fasted for nandu and she was forcing me to eat, I did this fast for nandu, please send my prayers to her.
tara is in auto, she calls on mj’s number but doesn’t get through, she thinks where mj can be.

Scene 4
mj is on street and sees his phone missing from pocket, he ask address of the shop which kala told him, the shop keeper tells him that it is near railway station, mj goes towards there, after mj is gone, shop keeper calls kalal and says your work is done, kala says now girl will come too, send her to other direction.
nandu comes to vidant and ask for whom you fasted today? you know I am fasting too, vidant ask for whom? nandu says the one whose very precious thing I have robbed but he is a robber too what if he wears uniform, vidant smiles as he understands that its him, vidant comes close to nandu, nandu shyly hugs him, she thinks that I did not know that lord will accept my prayer but please don’t cast my past’s shadow on this life, vidant says get ready, we will go out and have dinner, nandu goes to change.
the auto breaksdown, tara comes out of auto and starts searching for shop where mj went, other side laado is getting ready, laado dresses like kala.

PRECAP- kala is pointing gun at tara, she says to tara that I am feeling sad that I have to send you up without your lover, she fires at tara.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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