Ek Boond Ishq 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 1st January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with MJ sleeping on the sofa and Tara walks in and they both look at each other lovingly. Just then a strong gust of wind breezes in making the door to shut loudly behind Tara and her dupatta gets stuck and Tara is getting choked MJ starts shouting out her name and is trying to reach out to her, so is Tara. This turns out to be MJ’s dream but MJ is still shouting out and Tara walks into the room. Tara rushes to him and MJ wakes up from his dream shouting Tara. Tara tries to calm him down.

In Yug’s house Aradhana is sleeping on the bed crying silently Yug comes to check in on them and Aradhana pretends to be asleep. He pulls the blanket closer to her and goes away switching off the light.

Tara wipes the sweat off MJ’s face asking him if he is all right n she is worried for him. MJ catches her hand and asks her if she is ok. Tara says she is fine and she was talking to Mithi but what happened to him? Tara says she will fetch him water but he tells her to let it be and it was just a bad dream. Tara tells however bad a bad dream is, its just a dream and asks him if he is ok and says she will get him milk and MJ asks her to take care. Tara says from childhood she has taken care of herself and asks him not to worry. She tells him that her mother says bad dreams are a result of our inner fears and the solution for it is Hanuman Chalisa and MJ says he doesn’t know it. Tara says its all right making him sleep and adds if you didn’t drive away somebody’s bad dreams by chanting Hanuman Chalisa in life then what did you do? She makes him lie down and chants it for him. MJ stares at Tara stealthily while she says the prayer closing her eyes.

The next day morning Faheem comes there with Santa hats and calls Vasu, Mithi downstairs. Vasu is excited seeing them and Faheem says he saw the whole town celebrating. So he bought it. Tara says y should we celebrate just wearing it and there should be a party. Faheem and Vasu are excited and Mithi says worried as to who will tell Nimmo and Nimmo walks then asking what should be told to me? Tara says they were thinking of celebrating christmas but Nimmo berates them saying they are thinking of a party when there is so much work and Rudra too is coming the next day and she is thinking of partying. Vasu pleads her but Nimmo doesn’t agree and says with finalty that there will be no celebrations and no noise.

MJ is in the barn and he takes out a diary and reads it that says ‘My attempt to think of anything other than you was futile. My every morning was with you and so was every evening’ (Bas yunhi… Tumse pare sochne ki koshish meri nakaam rahi… tumse hi thi har subah meri, tumse hi har shyam rahi) He closes that diary and keeps it in his bag. MJ goes to the drawer and takes out the pearl that Tara had given him back and recollects her words when she handed it to him. MJ says to himself that one day he will make sure she gets her pearl back and is talking to teh pearl. He says shall I tell you a secret and I shall tell it only to you and says even Maria shouldn’t get to know. He says in his mind that the pearl is just yours Tara and tells that my pearl is you Tara and I got it. He says that every moment he fears losing her but till that moment comes he wants to spend every moment like its his last moment and these moments support him to live his life and when he goes to back jail, this will be with him when he dies. Just then Jayraj brings Tara, Mithi and Vasu there and he keeps the pearl in his pocket wiping his tear without anyone’s notice Tara asks Jayraj why he brought them there. He tells all of them that Nimmo hasn’t given permission to celebrate at home but she can’t stop from having it in the barn All are excited. MJ is like christmas in my barn and Tara reminds him its not his but their barn

Aradhana is reading Bunty’s letter and she is missing him. Yug comes there and asks what happened and she says Bunty has sent a letter and talks about Christmas celebrations and decorations in US and she was reminded of the time they all celebrated christmas at home together. Yug says he will make her chat with Bunty via his laptop but Aradhana is still sad and says such moments only remind her of the fact that all happiness just walked out of their lives. Before there was happiness all around and now it tells her that life has brought them at a strange turn and Yug sort of feels bad.

In Shekhavat Villa Mihti, Tara and Vasu come back from shopping and are excited for christmas while Nimmo looks on. Faheem sends Joseph to make preparations for the party at the barn but Nimmo stops him and asks him what is happening. Jayraj comes there and tells her he will tell her and sends Joseph away. He asks her how many orders of hers will they follow and she asks what orders. Jayraj tells her abt celebrating christmas at home and so he asked them to have it in the barn. Nimmo is shocked and asked them why did he say yes to which Jayraj asks her why she said no. Nimmo is angry and Jayraj tells they are kids and let them celebrate and in the meanwhile she can pick a nice suit for a rally organisation meeting Faheem comes there singing wearing Santa hat and while Jayraj takes Nimmo away

In the barn Tara, Mithi and Vasu are wearing Santa hats too and they are decorating the barn. MJ comes there and says he wants to talk to her and Tara says she knows what he wants to say and asks her what. Tara imitates MJ saying I don’t want to celebrate any festival, life is all about staying silent and not partying, laughing or chatting and asks him this is what you wanted to say right?

Vasu is giggling and MJ asks Tara are you done. So Tara asks him were you about to say something else? and MJ nods. She looks embarassed and asks him what it is to which MJ replies he wont say and goes from there Mithi and Vasu chide for upsetting him and asks her to pacify him else he wont come for christmas. MJ is going away and Vasu tries to call out for him but MJ walks away. Tara replies taunting him that as if he would have sung for her if she hadn’t teased him and tells them she isn’t going after him. Vasu suggests they write their wish in a chit and drop it in red Santa socks and maybe their secret Santa will fulfill their wish and Mithi says its a good idea. But Mithi realises they don’t have a christmas tree to hang the socks and Tara says even she felt something is missing and says that without a christmas tree their party is incomplete. As if on cue, MJ walks in with the tree and all are happy. Vasu hugs him and after keeping it down he tells Tara this is what he wanted to say that how will they celebrate christmas without the tree? Tara looks down embarassed and Vasu says they should start decorating the tree. Vasu asks MJ to write his wish and drop it in the sock but MJ isn’t interested but she insists thrusting the sock in his hand and joins Mithi and Tara in decorating the tree while Tara looks at MJ.

In the night, the barn is decorated beautifully for christmas and the three girls are dancing around the bonfire singing carols. Vasu makes MJ wear the hat too and drags him out to party but MJ looks glum. Jayraj, Nimmo and Daima come to the party. All are surprised to see them but Jayraj asks them y are they surprised and even they have come to celebrate. Jayraj wears the hat and Nimmo is throwing a fuss but Jayraj takes it from Vasu and much to her reluctance puts it on her and drags her to dance around bonfire. Vasu calls them aside and tells them about secret Santa game where each one will be given a chit with somebody’s name written on it and whosever chit they get, they are their Secret Santa and nobody will reveal whose Secret Santa they are. Vasu distributes the chits. MriAra are each other’s Secret Santa. Vasu hands MJ a guitar and he plays a tune while the others dance. MriAra are happy to see Jayraj and Nimmo dance. Tara takes out the sock and the rest of them also take their respective socks to know the wish. Jayraj Nimmo cut the cake and everyone feed each other after that. Tara feeds MJ

In Shekhavat villa, Tara thanks and he asks her what he did. Tara says for getting the tree else she couldn’t have celebrated christmas and MJ says as long as he is there she needn’t worry and that none of her parties will be incomplete and Tara asks him what about her life? She says without him her life is incomplete and she wants him to stay with her forever and pleads him not to go back to jail. MJ pretends he didn’t hear her and says he left something behind in the barn and he goes from there. Tara is sad

MJ goes to barn and picks up Tara’s wish from the sock. Her wish is that she wants her mom to accept her again and she wants to hug her and sleep in her lap. Tara too reads MJ’s wish that is that Tara gets back her pearl soon. Tara says her pearl is MJ and now she got him. She doesn’t want him to leave her ever. Here MJ vows to fulfill her wish and he will do whatever he can and her mom will accept her.

Precap – MJ has come to meet Aradhana to request her to accept Tara and she keeps a condition that he has to get seperated from her forever. She doesn’t care if he goes to jail or hell but go away from her life.

Update Credit to: mandy

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